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December 6, 2014

What prevents us from losing weight

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What prevents us from losing weight

BARRIER ONE: THEORY unscientific
Around the theme of traditional weight loss there are many misconceptions – for example, the statement that you need to eat according to their blood group or that it is necessary to carry out systemic clearance of the organism from “slags”
and so on. n. From the scientific point of view, all these ideas are not justified and only delay our progress toward harmony.

SECOND BARRIER: scary, as much horror!
Many people think that losing weight – it’s always a struggle, always half-starved state. Weight Loss – is hard work, it is a daily jogging in the morning, training up a sweat … This principle is based diets most modern and most motor regimes, and suggested even professionals. These ideas give rise to the fear of losing weight, so we constantly postpone the beginning of “new life.” That is, we enter into the very same 95% who do not do anything.
Besides, if we plan to “Monday”
take for themselves (for life giving up just delicious!), then the whole next week we will have a well, very much, for future use. But go week after week, and our “Monday” does not come all …
In tactics to lose weight = tormented there are a number of defects, which sooner or later will get out and spoil the whole thing, even if the person overcome fear and a will. All the time he will “tighten the screws”, believing that it is more difficult than the better. He will constantly balancing on the verge of portability, so the result is sure to fail.

If weight loss is based on the wrong tactics, then each subsequent kilogram robs us of more power than the previous one. The body resists violence – reduced energy consumption, increased appetite, bad mood. And then there comes a time when the weight stops falling, despite all our efforts and unbearable life … That is, the vast majority of “painful slimming” the result will be much more modest effort.

Besides, to maintain the achieved weight usually involves torment – even somewhat smaller, but still … And we do not want to suffer a lifetime of hunger and unrealized gastronomic desires in the midst of a general full life! We are back to the old diet and physical inactivity – and then recover. Many, by the way, during this secondary weight gain lulls that now they know the right way to “quick fix.” It is clear that with these thoughts, “fatter” even faster.

BARRIER FIFTH: diet pills
It is important to understand that a person who has chosen the tactics of torment, gain weight because of this very tactic! But, unfortunately, most of us think so: they lost weight thanks to a wonderful method, but get better because of the lack of will, because of its “worthlessness”, “vicious”, “bad luck” …
Example: many of us, trying not to eat after 6 pm and jumping up to 9 hours already, as a result begin to think that they are sick bulimia, or their psychological dependence on food, or metabolic disorder … beginning to turn to doctors and pharmacists in search treatment. And if there is demand, there will be a supply. And worldwide pharmacy shelves are full of anti-obesity agents. Hence also the rapid flowering of coding, as well as psychotherapeutic techniques built on resentment and self-loathing.
The number of tools and methods is growing, but the situation does not change. Probably because of all the techniques to implement a ban and suffering.
The matter is further complicated by the fact that such tactics are extremely painful lot. One did not help – we want to resort to the other. While they all pereprobuesh … And as someone certain methods do sometimes help, each method is formed a circle of fans.
Thus, the system of prohibitions is flawed, and we need to give it up. A time to recognize it, armed with a very simple and reliable criterion. Before you try to imagine something new, ask yourself, would you do it if I had not planned to lose weight? If not, then any torment there are assumed. And we do not even particularly care what it is. Be whether to eliminate all carbohydrates, fats, or all, or sweet, or exercise till you drop … All is one – after some time there will be a breakdown.

And what can this traditional vicious tactics to oppose?
A comprehensive three-pronged approach “Lose Weight correctly”:
– Small dietary restrictions that make it rather wellness than unloading;
– Motor mode, aimed not at the maximum power consumption, and to increase the vitality and efficiency;
– A set of measures designed to improve mood and enhance your daily life.
Our main principle – reasonable sufficiency pohudatelnye action. And the only problem is that our tactics is that it can not just go and rewrite from the book, like any diet. She needs to learn, because this is the “set of best effort” for everybody. The fact that for some time as for the other may be excessive or insufficient.

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