Exercise for weight loss stomach

Follow these simple exercises for weight loss belly every day, spending a few minutes , and the result will please you in a few weeks. No need to get ready for the holidays , anniversaries or beach season , be in the form of always , because it's time to be much smaller than it looks . And to help you with these simple exercises for weight loss :
Start with the fact that your feet slightly wider than shoulder width . Hands on waist , knees slightly bent. On the exhale, bend down the left side, helping himself with his right hand - straighten it over his head , parallel to the floor . The muscles on his left side compressed, stretched out on the right most . Stand as 20 seconds , slowly return to the starting position. The same goes in the opposite direction . Exercise is done by three approaches .

Lie on your back , let your hands are free, providing you with support. The legs bend at the knees and put them to one side . On the exhale, lift your legs , not straightening the knees. Should form a right angle between the front of the thigh and abdomen. Put your feet on the other side. Do ten repetitions of this exercise . Relax a little , changing the type of load . Twist "bicycle " a couple of minutes and take another two approaches . The main thing is not to hurry, all the exercises are performed slowly and with pleasure.
How to lose weight in the stomach area , without giving up the delicious food ? Of course , by increasing physical activity. It is therefore a perfect addition to our complex slimming exercises are the following :
Assume the position as if you want to start push-ups . Hands flat on the floor , body straight, belly down . Begin to bend the right leg , the knee is directed to the opposite shoulder . Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat the same with the left leg. Importantly , the priest must be a single line of his body , beware of slack . Do 15 times for three sets . If you feel that you have a hard , stop , do more tomorrow .

Now put the legs bent at the knees in front of him . Lift the hips until the thighs and the body will not be in the same plane, should get a straight line. Hold this position and then return back . Do this exercise 10 times on two approaches . You can alternate approaches to the previous exercise , it will enhance the effect.
Lose weight in the stomach can be no extra effort. Perform these exercises every day, while watching TV , for example. Maybe after some time you will have enough of the load , and want to fix other problem areas . After all, we all know that there is no limit , but you have already started the path to it , read these simple tips .

Exercise for Fast Weight Loss

Physical exercise for fast weight loss , of course, require a relatively high intensity , and, of course , the connection of additional measures : body wraps , massage. If you exercise for weight loss do regularly and in parallel with these measures , the unwanted fat disappear quickly and permanently.

Exercises for losing weight fast will require you to purchase certain equipment . Often, these goals are recommended fitball , jump rope , step, hula-hoops or hoop. In this article we will focus on fitball , so as to attribute this sports there are simple and most effective exercises for weight loss. And they are especially advantageous for those ladies that are sedentary and, therefore, probably have a back problem . So fitbol reduces the load on the spine , even if you train in a fairly vigorous pace.

Sit on the ball and start to swing on it, as it were spring . After a couple of minutes to make it to this movement need to quickly and intensively add straightened at the elbows , making a rhythmic clapping above his head. Perform another two minutes . After that, put his hands on her waist , and continuing to spring , turn the body turns to the right and to the left.
Lie on your back , put your feet on the ball. Put your hands behind your head. Rhythmically lift the body without helping himself with his hands . Short curling toward the knees follow by 25 times in three sets .
Now put your feet on fitball , and begin to lift up the ass , pushing his foot into the ball. Do this exercise 25 times on two approaches .
Lie back on the ball, knees bent at a right angle to the body. Begin to roll the ball from under the buttocks to a blade . Do 10-15 times , and perelyagte stomach on fitball . Straight arms rest against the floor , the body remains straight . Take turns doing kick their feet back . Your knees do not bend . Perform 25 swings on each leg , 2 approach. A little " walk around " with his hands , rolling the ball from the chest to the hips.
Importantly, do not forget , for quick weight loss to exercise regularly and better if you do it will be instead of a large meal .

Effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides

How to lose weight in the stomach and sides ? Devote to our recommendations only a few minutes a day, and this issue will never be the concern you . Effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides do not require a Herculean effort and a lot of time . A little patience , and the result will not be noticeable to you.

Everyday efforts will result. The main thing is to remember to do the simple and effective exercises .
So, as soon woke up , smile a new day , relax . The maximum pull your belly, making the exhale , pull the muscles in that position , exhale and relax as smooth as possible . Of course , do not hold your breath until blackout , all the exercises must be comfortable to perform .
Do not get out of bed , put your feet up , bending at the knees, and a few minutes to do the movements , mimicking riding a bike. After that, bent knees , try to corner was straight, not turning torso, put your right, then carry to the left. And so it 10-15 times.

Standing in front of the mirror before leaving the house about it , " eight" hips for 3-5 minutes in a fairly vigorous pace. This exercise can be done when cooking , watching TV.
And in the evening he came home , take a few minutes of exercise .

First, lie on your side , do 20-25 straight leg swings . Repeat the process on the other foot . Dalle - press . Lying on your back, bend your knees , head of RCTs . Short movements , lifting his head , as though pulling elbow to the opposite knee. Make turns in both directions. 30 times for three sets .
Then stand up straight and do the mahi straight legs . First Right : 15 and back right , and then left the same. And the complete set of slopes . Hands behind your head , slowly but surely bend to the right and to the left by 25 times for three sets .

How to quickly lose weight by 5 kg

For fast weight loss is recommended to combine diet and exercise. How to quickly lose weight by 5 kg ? Combine the two methods !
As an effective diet should choose the following : for five days to give up all but the baked apples , yogurt and vegetable soup without salt. In the soup can be put broccoli, carrots , spinach , onions. Kefir can drink up to two liters , apples and soup - in unlimited amounts , the main rule , do not eat after 18.00 . Of course, it is quite difficult , but the result is worth it.

After this diet , even if pounds are gone , do not forget within the next week to indulge in starchy foods, sweet and alcohol. Also it is necessary to forget even for a few days, fried, smoked and salted . Pounds that you dropped , could return very quickly, so it's best not to eat after 18.00 . And if you really want to eat , think about yogurt and apples - they satisfy your hunger and help you stay beautiful and graceful .

In addition to diet , you need to move more. Very good for weight loss helps swimming and aqua - aerobics . In the water you quietly spend a lot more calories , and work at swimming almost all muscle groups. Moreover, the cosmetic effect of elastic skin , nice and smooth , its color is achieved in parallel and with no effort.
Houses can be practiced stretching, doing abdominal exercises , Mahi hands and feet. The main thing - to run regularly .
After the extra pounds are gone, do not forget to keep yourself in shape . Classes in the pool have a positive impact not only on weight but also on health , immunity. Enough to visit , such as aqua aerobics only once a week, and you probably will not have in the future seek to extra diets.

10 Diet Products
This diet suggests that within a week you can only have ten products, using no more than three pounds of food per day. In this case, it is necessary to have each of these ten products, even if some of them you do not like, because the food must be balanced.

Required dietary supplement products can be sweet onion, garlic, lemon juice, dill, parsley, a tablespoon of olive oil a day, a teaspoon of honey a day, a slice of black bread, and any number of green tea.

10 Diet products comprises:

Chicken breast or turkey, lean boiled fish
Fat yogurt is not more than two percent
boiled eggs
braised eggplant
Kohlrabi, cauliflower or cabbage or
Apples, carrots, oranges or grapefruits
Unsalted mushrooms.
These products have all the minerals and vitamins that are needed by the body, so stick to this diet can be more than a week. During the week you can lose up to three pounds.

Diet and phases of the moon
Everything in the world obeys the laws of the moon, and the impact it has on people. Changing the phases of the moon causes changes in the body - is redistributed water and minerals , changes the metabolism. Therefore, depending on the signs of nail clippers and hair and moon are the real soil. During a full moon , when the tide , the water in the body shifts into the cells from the intercellular space , and during new moon begins tides and the water moves from the cells to the tissues. Diet and phases of the moon can enhance these processes to clean and wash the body , helps to break down fats and remove toxins .

With the full moon to eat a diet that is based on the consumption of large amounts of fluid , which gives the possibility to display any excess from the body, the new moon is necessary to use a liquid and vegetables that help rid the body of excess water and toxins , as well as promote the breakdown of fat . Typically , the diet on phases of the moon - a single , but it helps to change eating habits , shake the body and normalize digestion. It can be carried out in continuous mode - up to six days, or in short - 1.5 days before the new moon , or a day before the full moon.

Diet for a full moon

24 - hour diet . Start a diet is on the eve of the full moon. Throughout the day you need to consume only liquids - water or juice, preferably fresh , seasonal fruits and vegetables. Within 24 hours of such a diet can lose weight by 0.25-1 pounds, get rid of the swelling and cleanse the body .

Six days. This diet includes a full day of refusing food . For three days before and two days later you can eat only cooked mushrooms and pineapple. Food taken four times a day. Pineapples are diuretic, moreover, they hinder the absorption of fat. Mushrooms should boil and season with a little olive oil and spices. In such a diet have options , for example, can one day have boiled vegetables , the other - raw, then a day of fasting and pineapple and mushrooms day. During this time, you can get rid of one to three extra pounds and cleanse the body of toxins.

Diet for a New Moon

36 hours. Diet begins at 18 pm on the eve of the new moon and continues until six in the morning the day after the new moon. The diet should include vegetable soups and broths , which are boiled potatoes , bell peppers , beans , carrots , roots . Food should take four to five times a day. Vegetable broths have a diuretic effect, but those who are bored to eat some vegetables every day can dilute the soup broth of meat, fish or poultry . This diet allows you to actively wash the body , get rid of five hundred grams of extra weight , but only if you eat soups , you can lose weight per kilogram .

Six-day diet . For three days and two days after the new moon can only eat vegetables - raw or cooked . More than six days to sit on such a diet is not recommended. During this time can be removed from one to three extra pounds, depending on the duration of the diet .

All short diets transferred is difficult , both physically and psychologically. While they rebuilt the metabolism and weight goes quickly. But it is very important not to go back to the eating of otherwise discarded weight instantly returned . Diet for 3 days ( three day diet ), low calorie , so this time it should not lead an active lifestyle. Of course, it is not easy to sustain , but then everything will look with admiration at your figure . Four days before the start of the diet can eat normally, but not overeating . Although a diet low in calories , it is balanced enough so easily tolerated .

The first day

Breakfast: unsweetened tea or coffee, two tablespoons of peanut butter or jam , a slice of bread. Lunch : half a grapefruit. Lunch: a cup of cooked green beans , one hundred grams on a dry pan fried chicken without skin and fat , a glass of boiled beets , diet bread. Dinner: a small apple .

The second day

Breakfast: unsweetened tea or coffee , one egg and one slice of bread. Lunch: a cup of cooked broccoli, two sausages , half cup of carrots, one small loaf diet . Dinner: two prunes and tea.

The third day

Breakfast: unsweetened tea or coffee , a slice of cheese , five crackers. Lunch : a small apple. Lunch: a cup of cooked beets, half a cup of tuna or chicken, which is necessary to prepare the same way as the first day , a cup of cauliflower , diet bread.

Milk tea per day can only get rid of five hundred grams to two kilograms of weight. But milk tea not only helps to lose weight - it cleanses the blood and liver , normalizes metabolism. Fasting day it is best to arrange a day off. Contraindications to such a diet is almost no - it will not work unless those who have individual intolerance of milk.

Milk tea increases the useful properties of milk and tea , and at the same time neutralize their harmful qualities. In particular, the tea helps digest milk more easily , making it more resistant to those who have a disease of the gastrointestinal tract. In turn, milk softening action alkaloid contained in tea and caffeine, tannin tea reduces the susceptibility of the gastric mucosa to exposure fermented milk. Tea with milk - a great preventive measure , especially for those who suffer from diseases of the heart and kidneys, it has a beneficial effect in the exhaustion of the nervous system degeneration . Milk and tea together form a very healthy drink , rich in vitamins and stimulating substances .

There are several ways of preparing milk tea. You can brew regular tea - a teaspoon of tea leaves per hundred grams of water , and in five minutes to mix it with the same amount of milk. And you can heat up a gallon of milk at first to seventy degrees and add two to three teaspoons of green tea, infuse for half an hour and then drain.

It is advisable to use green tea, but it is possible and black, as well as tea with berry and fruit flavors . Still, green tea, or mix it with black more efficient and healthy beverage . Perfectly valid Chinese green tea. You can also take tea with some additional effect , for example, pu-erh , which reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. Green tea weight of useful organic compounds and trace elements that have a restorative and healing effect on the body. It is best to milk tea to add low -fat milk or low-fat as diet designed for weight loss and cleansing , so the extra fat is completely useless .

Milk tea can be drunk both hot and cold. On the day it should be consumed about half a liter, at any time , but a greater effect can be achieved by drinking a glass every two hours. Besides milk tea to drink mineral or plain water - up to two liters , as the drink is a diuretic and choleretic properties . Such a diet would be a good helper in the diet .


The coconut diet is acquiring great popularity all over the world. And this is no accident. Coconut - a valuable dietary product that contains a lot of vitamins and minerals with a low content of calories.

Coconut contains vitamin E and vitamin C , glucose , fructose , cellulose, iron, phosphorus , calcium , magnesium, potassium, etc. But slimming particularly valuable coconut milk containing coconut oil. Coconut oil is composed of fatty acids , the most important of which is lauric acid helps fight obesity .

Another important property of coconut oil - is its ability to significantly improve the elasticity of the skin and improve its appearance. According to some studies the elasticity of the skin is increased by 43 %, and this is especially important when losing weight fast .

In addition to the coconut in the coconut diet includes green tea , cheese and white rice. White rice saturates the body with carbohydrates and gently envelops the walls of the stomach , protecting it from the effects of acid released by the duty chewing coconut. Cottage cheese provides calcium in the body and milk protein . Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that fights well with hunger and helps the body eliminate toxins .

Menu coconut diet is quite strict , but to experience the feeling of hunger is hardly necessary. Coconut milk is very nutritious and satisfying , and the flesh of coconut, due to high content of dietary fiber, for a long time gives a feeling of satiety and fullness . In addition, coconut meat accounts for a very long time to chew , which greatly stimulates digestion and causes the body to work intensively and burn calories own .

The coconut diet is designed for 4 days and allows you to remove 3-6 pounds overweight . Here's the menu , designed for 4 days coconut diet:

1 day. Breakfast: 2 tablespoons of cooked white rice , 10 minutes half a coconut , coconut milk. Lunch: 100 g. Cottage cheese , 1 cup of green tea. Dinner: 4 tablespoons of cooked white rice , 10 minutes half coconut

Day 2 . Breakfast: 2 tablespoons of cooked white rice , 10 minutes half a coconut , coconut milk , 1 cup of green tea. Lunch: 150 g. Cottage cheese. Dinner: 2 tablespoons of cooked white rice , 10 minutes half the coconut, 1 cup of green tea.

3 day. Breakfast: 3 tablespoons of cooked white rice , 10 minutes half a coconut , coconut milk. Lunch: 2 cups of green tea. Dinner: 2 tablespoons of cooked white rice , 10 minutes half a coconut, 40 g. cottage cheese.

4 day. Breakfast: 2 tablespoons of cooked white rice , 10 minutes half a coconut , coconut milk. Lunch : half a coconut. Dinner: 100 grams. Cottage cheese.

Additionally, you can drink clean water, allowed to drink on day 2 cups of coconut milk if hunger is particularly strong.

Lose weight with pleasure, then the result will not be long in coming !

professionals Diets
As of today there are many different diets that have proven effective . This fast diet , and of mono and copyrights diets and diets designed to correct the problem areas , and a diet of professionals.

As all of this variety to choose the most effective diet? After all, what helped your friend to lose weight does not necessarily help to achieve the same effect you. And how to keep the result , and not gain extra pounds ?

There are several ways to select the most productive diet :
The first of them - perhaps the most common - is the advice of friends or relatives who have already tried some kind of diet for themselves and achieved positive results. But, as we have said, in this method, there is one major drawback: there is no guarantee that your body will take on a momentum diet the same effect.

The second way - to study forums where there are fans of a variety of diets. The advantage of this method is the availability of detailed reports slimming who share the results. The disadvantage is the same as in the method number one - this will act to diet on your body ?

There is a third way - to get a diet dietician . This is perhaps the most reliable way , as a nutritionist consultation and will appoint the individual and the right diet for you , and the power supply system .

In this section you will find the advice of leading experts and professionals in nutrition.

Dear women, you are the most beautiful creatures on the planet! And we must always remember that. Be confident and do not be discouraged once . All people are completely different , and preference is given to all too many ways.

But there is , of course, and small exceptions , it is the women who are unhappy with their appearance , their figure and do not pleased with themselves . That's not right ! You are the best in the world!

Here are a few tips that may well help to bring the figure up. But remember , it all depends on you and your desires. Miracles do not happen, everywhere you need to put your efforts.
Very interesting article about the motivation for weight loss you can read here ...

You always have to remember that:

dietaNi one protein diet will not make your body standard of beauty , if you do not engage in fiz.uprazhneniyami .

no diet can guarantee that you will lose weight effectively and permanently. If you get thin fast , then faster return lost lbs. Need to lose weight slowly and losing weight in the Japanese diet, watch your diet .

You need to drink a lot of water , tea, especially green and sweet juices .

you need to eat 5 times a day at regular intervals , and it is advisable not to eat after 19.00 hours.

sour cream and mayonnaise desirable to eliminate from the diet of buckwheat diet and eat yogurt or kefir , eat less fried foods , it is best eaten boiled , baked or steamed .

in any case not to visit on an empty stomach is a grocery store , you can buy the nasties . And of course , you can not starve , do not let your body do stocks .

And most importantly love yourself for who you are.

lose weight without dieting .
Lose Weight Without dietKazhdy who have tried to lose weight and dieted tried all the hardships and privations. It is very difficult to sustain a mono diet , in which a sense of loss of mood, lack of energy and eternal hunger.

And everyone who wants to throw a couple of some extra pounds wondered how to lose weight without dieting ?
And nutritionists suggested some non-standard ways of losing weight .

Lose weight without dieting

The first method : immediately fall in love . It is known that the feeling of love engenders in us the body of an explosion of emotion. The level of adrenaline, reduced levels of the hormone serotonin , dopamine is an increase in the hormone - the so-called hormone of happiness.

Decreased appetite due to the test of love. The release of hormones in the body normalizes digestion , does not accumulate extra pounds, burn stored fat and lose weight without dieting is obtained .
One of the very effective methods of losing weight without dieting is called acupuncture for weight loss. Eastern medicine for its non-traditional methods are often superior to our conventional methods . Diet , physical . exercise , a variety of teas and supplements for weight loss only spoil and harm to our body . But acupuncture is rooted in the distant past , and still remains one of the most popular treatments in the east.

How to lose weight without dieting
The course " How to lose weight without dieting "
The second method : Need a good laugh . After a minute of fun destroys the body for up to six calories. Smiles and laughter doubles the heart rate, are the abdominal muscles and diaphragm , grows the need of oxygen in the body. If you count the calories in the chocolate bar , then two o'clock fun to help get rid of the calories derived from eating chocolate. And laughter really makes us beautiful and storoynee and helps to lose weight without dieting .

Lose weight without dieting .


The third method : Sniff pleasant smells and flavors. It is very help to lose weight smell of black pepper and ginger root . If you are overcome by anxiety , you will smell of peppermint , lemon balm and valerian . Bad mood eliminate lavender, basil , bergamot and fir scent. It will help get rid of the feeling of hunger and reduce appetite aromas of grapefruit , violet and vanilla. In order to normalize metabolism and help digestion ginger and citrus scents

Lose weight without dieting will help small utensils .

The fourth method : buy or take a rule is of little dishes . In a small portion of the plate seems more normal and we can fool our stomach. Use small appliances, forks and spoons. They are very uncomfortable and there is a feeling of fullness comes first . It is important to remember that the warm light colors in the color plates stimulate appetite .

Effective methods of losing weight.

The fifth method : drink plenty of yogurt, low-fat of course. In fact, it is very useful than you think. And kefir diet do not develop a goiter, as some other diets .

Lose weight without dieting .

The sixth method : Buy a new veschi.I not the deshevye.Motivatsiya look good and commitment to the task to help lose weight without diet.Budete strive for this goal is the most reliable way to uspehu.A appear in public in a new thing , good sitting on your thinner TV is great motivation .

Effective methods of losing weight.

The seventh method : lazte not without reason in the refrigerator , and do not cook too much edy.Prekrasno discourages snack hung on the refrigerator door mirror.
The methods of losing weight.

Lose Weight Without dietVosmoy method : adjust their dyhanie.Est such breathing exercises tszyay -phen , which helps to tighten the abdominal muscles and normalize metabolic processes in organizme.Uznavayte about this breathing technique and exercise for the sake of their future beautiful body.
Lose weight without dieting

The ninth method : a very useful full vysypatsya.Gormonalnoe disorder that leads to obesity is lack of sleep causes .

Weight Loss methods

The tenth way : it is very useful to give up salt, which holds in our body vodu.Ona expressed as swelling of feet and headed pribavlivaet extra few pounds .
Here are some simple ways to help you lose weight without diet and be beautiful and graceful , and most importantly healthy.

Breakfast for weight loss is very important in the process of weight loss. But you all know how difficult it is early in the morning to get to eat a morsel of food . Sometimes you drink a cup of coffee and go running to work, appetite and per gram was observed. Or work oversleep and lunch time is not .
And doctors warn that without a full breakfast for our body has oh so pitifully.

Breakfast is very useful for weight loss high blood pressure .

If you have low blood pressure, the breakfast should be approached with great responsibility. Be sure to eat in the morning. Nutritionists recommend such people to breakfast cereals and milk products dark varieties : barley , buckwheat and oats . With a small piece of butter . If you do not like grits , you can ham and eggs and a cup of coffee.

Breakfast for weight loss and metabolism.

After waking up , even if you have no desire to eat breakfast , your body will still expect you it needs carbohydrates and proteins for energy. And if you do not eat , the body will start to save, and use what 's left with the evening meal . And as a result will not be good mood , energy, and effort. If you regularly skip breakfast, and may develop viral gastrointestinal illness, the pressure drops . Quickly begin to lose strength and may develop meteosensitivity . And those extra pounds begin to accumulate faster than those people who used to have breakfast in the morning.
Nutritionists say - breakfast is important for weight loss and weight gain that occurs in those individuals who exhibit a metabolic disorder . And the rejection of the breakfast meal or defective , it is a disorder of metabolism.

Five tips to why you need a breakfast for weight loss.

Breakfast for pohudeniyaChtoby increase their chances of effectively lose weight nutritionists advise very tightly breakfast. The fact is that in the early morning immediately after waking up - much slower metabolism . The first meal can speed it up.
If you do not eat , the metabolism spin up only for dinner. In consequence, all the calories eaten at lunch did not turn into energy , and fat deposition .
If you do not eat breakfast, you're sure to dinner hungry and not be able to control the volume sedennogo for lunch , and most likely will move . But after two hours of the day the body metabolizes very poorly received calories , and can be left in the form of unprocessed deposits. It is not a gift of all diets prescribe a good breakfast.

Breakfast for Weight Loss
During sleep the body got used up all the calories in the evening and he needs new revenues food for energy . And if he does not get , he will not wake up from sleep, all processes are slow and fatigue will come very soon.
Nutritionists advise breakfast to lose weight from about six to nine-thirty . At this time, the body produces enzymes which regulate the metabolism and improves digestibility received calories.

If you regularly eat breakfast , will strengthen the memory and it becomes easier to focus on current affairs. Indeed, during the breakfast good for slimming the body supplies the brain with nutrients .

Breakfast for weight loss will help with morning tune in Tekushev case , quietly think things through , to take important decisions, and most importantly, to raise the mood for the whole day. After all, in the morning we prepare diet foods that are rich in endorphins and serotonin. A beneficial effect on our well-being. These are foods like - cheese, buckwheat, oatmeal , cheese and salmon.

Eggs for breakfast to lose weight.

Nutritionists , scientists from the United States have found that for breakfast to lose weight it is best to eat the eggs. After all, they contain all the essential vitamins and minerals. In most legkousvayaemoy form. And proved that taking eggs for breakfast helps weight loss. Scrambled eggs for breakfast reduces caloric intake for the day by about 15 %. And lets keep the energy in the body throughout the day. After the eggs are assimilated by our body is almost 100 % , and do not leave toxins.

Hello dear user . We want to bring to your attention one of the possible answers to the question , how can I lose weight in a week? . This question is very difficult to answer unequivocally . After all the answers as to lose weight this week abound. We only tell you one of the options , and it will
liquid diet .
liquid dietaOrganizm person for 85 % of water and fluid intake will only benefit us . In the liquid state may be required to obtain a sufficient amount of body substances , vitamins and minerals. Not necessarily chew and choke buckwheat crackers without salt diet to be effective.
Indeed, in the chicken broth of nutrients is not less than in the vegetable salad. And in the case with a raspberry or currant Pobol vitamins than cabbage or zucchini .

Weight loss this week with the help of a liquid diet ensures a loss of 5 kg

Let us examine what the pros have a liquid diet . A main advantage is a consequence of the fact that we consume a lot of water , our stomach is full and will not feel hungry. All we've done so , then drank a cup of water or tea when very hungry , and there is no time . The stomach is filled and empty feeling in the stomach disappears. And in our case, using a liquid diet , we will not drink plain water , and rich broth , berry fruit drinks , milk, yogurt , and fresh vegetable juices and carrot puree .

Such a diet of liquid diet was approved by dieticians and has long been used in the treatment of obesity. We do not mean you personally, but it is sick people who are overweight are so high that causes serious health problems.

A very useful element in the fiber of vegetable broth , such as cabbage , carrot or squash , promotes weight loss and good work of the stomach, and because this diet is so effective for weight loss .

In a liquid diet full of vitamins in the berries and juices.

In the meat broth is desired body protein important in the recovering of such cells. Of yogurt , we will obtain useful lactic acid bacteria is very essential in the digestive process .

Vegetables we will be given during the week slimming vegetable fats needed by the body . And the energy of the body will be taken from the fat reserves that it made "for later ." The result is that we will lose those extra pounds.

But there is another side to the liquid diet. Unnecessarily we will not get out of the food substances necessary for energy - the body will be a little weakened , because it will pull their resources. And you can during the application of a liquid diet to feel the whole body a slight discomfort , slight fatigue . Maybe a bad mood or pull to sleep.

dietaIspolzovat liquid liquid diet is not more than a week , and repeat if desired, not earlier than one month . During this time, the body will make up the loss of essential substances lost through the use of a liquid diet . After all, when dietary we will not get all the necessary elements to complete the work of our body.
Even in so we hated fats, is a small fraction of the elements essential for our body. Not for nothing called the right food -grade. All the elements a little and then we order. After a week of weight loss , nutrition, necessarily apply . And if you do not reach the lost weight back .

But these cons weight loss per week is more than cover the loss , the result of five kilograms. After all, this is our goal. And for this we will use a liquid diet .

Sample menu for the day:

In the morning , nourishing fish broth , you can legenky salad with vegetables , yogurt necessary.

Snacks to use all of the different liquid - tea , mineral water , juices . Without limitation.

For lunch mandatory nourishing broth , preferably veal . Cabbage and carrot salad you can eat as much as you want.
Want something sweet , seshte honey or orange.

All citrus fruits are welcome - kiwi , tangerines . Can apples , but not on an empty stomach.

In the evening, mashed potatoes with carrots , vegetable soup , yogurt, cabbage can chew .

Dinner no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

Enjoy a liquid diet for weight loss

MINI diet for 2-3 days :

1.Tri days eating only fruits and vegetables, but as much as you ugodno.Ezhednevno drink 1.5 liters of water or green tea with lemon.
2 . Three to four days for breakfast , boiled yaytso.Cherez three o'clock 150g tvoroga.Esche in three hours and 50 g syra.Cherez 3:00 200 g chicken grudki.Posle each receive a glass of green chaya.Provereno - hunger was not tortured .
3.Pyat days we eat a steamed buckwheat masla.Pit without salt and low-fat yogurt, boiled water and green tea.
4.First two days of one percent yogurt with boiled risom.Potom 2 days steam chicken diet with the same yogurt .
And day three apples and yogurt

NOT tea coffee sugar salt
1 cup carrot juice
two potatoes in their skins without salt
green tea with lemon juice

one boiled potato
lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers can
coffee without sugar

Steamed vegetables (carrots , cabbage) green tea
at bedtime
a cup of tea without sugar
Diet is designed for a week
6.Raschitana 10 days
Breakfast of toast with two low-fat cheese , a cup of coffee with sweetener
snack - boiled egg
Lunch - 200g cooked chicken breast or piece of fish cooked on a pair
snack -100- 150g of hard cheese
dinner , a glass of low-fat yogurt , a sandwich with a slice of cheese
Like any diet try to drink plenty of fluids , green tea or mineral water
Mini potato diet for three days
You can lose up to a kilogram a day
Breakfast: a cup of yogurt .
Lunch: 250 g of mashed potatoes on the water.
Dinner: salad of boiled potatoes ( 300g potato " in uniform," hard-boiled egg , salt , olive oil).
Before going to bed : yogurt
This mini meat diet is designed for seven days and guarantees loss of weight by 5 kg

For breakfast , coffee with sweetener , cheese 50g
dinner , egg, 150g of cooked meat or steamed , cheese 25g
snack , cup of coffee or tea
Dinner- 150g of meat , vegetables with olive oil

And so seven consecutive days
Mini diet is nothing more than a handling dni.Kak you probably know fasting days are almost all produktah.Razgruzochnye days on apples , bananas on , on yogurt , on buckwheat , on the water, on porridge , with milk on green tea and so dalee.Tolko mini diets mean duration of 5.3 days and fasting days to two or three days in nedelyu.I they exist to secure the main favorite diet to not return a lost wt when applied periodically to include in their fasting days basic diet , you can improve your health and control your weight , avoiding the extra pounds in your body .
mini mini dietyInteresnye diet of bananas :
Breakfast: 2 tea banana.Zeleny
Lunch: a small plate light soup
Afternoon snack : a banana , a cup of green tea.
Dinner: 3 teaspoons of honey, 1 banana , yogurt or cottage cheese.
Not more than 12 days.
Another mini diet of bananas
On day 3 : one day drinking 3-4 cups of milk with a low fat and 4 banana no longer than 3 days

How not off the diet?
as not off the dietyVse who has ever sat on a buckwheat diet and could not hold on a limited diet, and wonder why this is happening? Maybe I'm not strong enough , can I have no willpower ? - You ask yourself torn from finishing their diet and pounds of candy.

How not off the diet?

Sometimes we choose our slimming well, very rigid diet , which is limited almost the entire diet is a minimum so as not to stretch the legs of starvation.

Sometimes we want to lose weight just like that, nothing to do, or you start a diet when there is no time to follow the diet , and eventually stall for dinner with a diet and overeating at night.

Sometimes as you choose protein diet irresponsibly , ignoring the signals of the body in front of such a severe test.
How not to break away from the diet.


The most important thing is to find the cause of it for themselves, and learn not to break away from the diet.

Consider a few of the most common causes of falls diet.

1. You do not realize that on a rigid favorite diet, dietary restriction leads to poor health , body wasting and mood. You 're not quite ready to starvation , and you think it's easy. Are you sure you buckwheat for breakfast, then for lunch and before going to bed , too, buckwheat, will leave you in good shape and ready to do household chores .
Are you ready to break away from the diet when such symptoms occur : hunger becomes unbearable , begins to show fatigue and apathy . A familiar enough in the fridge and tasty food , just take it and enjoy the Hot cake with mayonnaise .

What should be done so as not to break away from the diet: necessarily lie down , relax , have a drink of water , try to sleep , or go to the kitchen, do not look at food , try something to do .
How not off the diet?

Nutritionists advise heavy Japanese diet to use as the beginning of a comprehensive weight loss. Maximum desirable to protect themselves from the various concerns and matters during the period of application diet. It is best to go on vacation and do not distracted by things related to cooking food.

If you do not have time to leave, then it is better to use a diet, is not much different from your usual diet.

How not off the diet?

as not off the diety2 . Do you have a difficult time in life. Rolled problems in his personal life or at work. Very often women start to lose weight, when parted in a man. After all, you are told from an early age the truth that slender girls in his personal life is always all right, it is easier to find a mate . And you begin to chew on cabbage leaf , hoping that will go away with the weight and problems.

Are you ready to break away from the diet when it is feeling tired , you feel like a squeezed lemon, and despair weighs on you mentally.

What should I do to keep off the diet : move all the important things for later, try to do some thing enjoyable for you , forget about their problems . Remember one important rule -sweet not solve all the troubles .

How not off the diet?

Begin to lose weight when in life and relationships all is quiet . When there is an incentive to please a man .
- you are drawn to the sweet when you are tired ? Eat a spoonful of honey with nuts , or slightly bitter dark chocolate .
- you love to jam stress? You can certainly chew to calm himself , but not pies and cabbage leaf or apple.
, can not stand the diet ? Eat every three hours , but very little , fractional .

3 . You saw a new collection and choose to update your wardrobe, but he looked at himself in the mirror, horrified at the sight of your hips. And we decided to urgently take the protein diet . And it is not no long-term , and in the quickest and most promising to throw as many as 15 pounds in two weeks .

Are you ready to break away from the diet when they start to climb thought : to take lunch to work has forgotten , and in a nearby cafe brought fresh pastries.
How not to break away from the diet: losing weight before a strong need to go to the doctor to get tested , to check the hormonal balance . Otherwise, it may develop a lack of vitamins , poor performance of the stomach , kidneys and liver.

How not to break away from the diet : it is very important to plan on the clock as you eat throughout the day. Where do you buy lunch , and what it will be caloric . What snacks you eat , and how often. Planning is very important in the process of losing weight. And the result was not long in coming , and the question as not off the diet will no longer disturb you .

Favorite diet for 7 days.

Here you can find information about diet that has gained recognition readers , and became the favorite .
Diet "Favorite " got its name from the fact that a huge number of fans. It allows women and girls in a short time to get rid of the hated extra pounds , while not suffering from the painful feeling of hunger. In favor of such a diet , and says the variety of foods that can be included in the daily menu .
diet favorite

Duration favorite diet is 7 days, and the result is really motivating - you can say goodbye to 8-10 pounds of excess weight. Availability , efficiency, cleansing the body , a guarantee that the weight will not come back thrown back - the main advantages of a diet "Favorite ".

Consider the basic tenets of this beloved diet. As already mentioned, stick to the system power supply should be about a week. On the first day , the girls seeking to lose weight should only drink , it can be any fluid in any quantity . It is better to drink yogurt , tea and broth.

The next day after drinking should be spent on vegetables. In any amount you can feast on cucumbers, carrots, onions, tomatoes, peppers , cabbage (very desirable ), etc.

On the third day favorite diet again have to lean on the liquid. It is similar to the first day .
The fourth day of the diet "Favorite " is devoted to the fruit. They can be used again in any quantity and composition, especially leaning hard on grapefruits , kiwis , apples and oranges.

On the fifth day of the diet favorite women should eat protein , in particular, yogurt , boiled eggs and chicken meat .

On the sixth day again have to drink plenty of fluids , and ends with a favorite diet , on the seventh day. Breakfast should be a couple of boiled eggs and a glass of tea. For lunch - any fruit . At lunch - a portion of rice or buckwheat and a cup of broth. Afternoon snack should be fruit. In the evening, you can satisfy your hunger salad.
Diet favorite perfectly ideal for the summer time when the full variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Diet favorite reviews received very flattering . Too many women try it , repeated over and over again on this diet.
Diet favorite results showed incredible . 7 days can lose at least 8 kg .

Clear the body quickly
Years of nutrition , hobby addictions and a complete disregard of the health care leads to the fact that our body to its limits .

Sooner or later this will lead to the emergence of disease, and then to move them into the category of chronic . Restore the body is possible if the time to do it cleansing .

Cleansing the body - it's a variety of methods for restoration of the internal organs , their release from the cleaning organizmshlakov and toxins. Typically , the body begins to signal that the normal functioning compromised.

Can talk about that frequent constipation , headaches , bloating , heartburn , nausea and indigestion, as well as such external signs as poor skin, hair and nails.

" Slagging " of the body can be affected and the nervous system : a person feels a constant annoyance , trouble sleeping , which often leads to depression .

Cleansing the body is best done under the supervision of a physician , who will pick up an individual program of nutrition and cleansing procedures . Before you start cleaning diet specialist will recommend to hand over the necessary list of tests that will identify existing pathology in the work of an organ .

Cleansing the body requires special diet , in which you need to use only freshly prepared meals , cereal, plenty of vegetables and fruits, which are an indispensable source of fiber for the body.

Healthy eating - this is the first step on the way to cleanse the body . In order to effectively toxins excreted from the body , it is necessary to comply with the correct drinking regime and drink at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid per day, unless , of course, for this there is no medical contraindications .

More stringent method of cleansing the body is fasting . His conduct can not only relieve the work of the body , but is the prevention of atherosclerosis, because it reduces fat deposits on the walls of blood vessels.

During fasting improves the overall condition of the body . An important condition of fasting is to use enemas to relieve the body of accumulated degradation products , preventing their toxic effects on the body.

The next stage of the program of cleansing the body - is the restoration of the bowel . The intestine plays an important role not only in the process of digestion and the functioning of the body , it also affects the immune system.

Frequent constipation , no normal peristalsis lead to the fact that it accumulate along the stool , which in turn interfere with normal absorption of nutrients from food intake .

Modern procedure of bowel cleansing - colon hydrotherapy , allows you to remove this vitally important body undigested food , mucus , existing parasites , dead skin cells, etc.

After a few treatments will allow normal peristalsis , and a special bio - cocktail that is used on the latest procedures , avoids dysbiosis and restore the natural gut flora .

The third step in the purification of the body - is the cleansing of the liver, which is produced by certain herbal infusions , special medications , or simply oil.

But do not forget that before the cleansing of the liver , make sure no you have gallstones , because the presence of large stones in the gall bladder can lead to blockage of the bile ducts in the liver during treatment , which can lead to very serious consequences.

That is why you should consult a doctor before using any cleaning method.

Cleansing the body - it is an opportunity to restore its normal functions , improve the function of internal organs and overall health, greatly improving the quality of human life.

But we should not engage in self- cleaning , and all performed procedures done only after consulting your doctor. This is to avoid unwanted side effects and make the most effective cleansing of the body .

decade breakthrough
Calories calories strife
It turned out that not all the same , whether a person eats mostly low-fat or fatty foods. At the same calorie fattier diets are much less nutritious . While the diets of low-fat protein foods and slozhnouglevodnyh saturate at a much longer time.

Isocaloric low-fat diet
The large number of independent studies have shown that low-fat diets and very good tolerability results in a smooth reduction in the average weight of 4-6 kg for 3 months. These diets do not require prohibitions Dietetics . Decade proryvapodscheta calories or refraining from dinner . Our patients can observe them without loss of quality of life as long as desired. Building a diet with jet lag accumulation - consumption of fat ( pulse principle of building ) . It was found that during certain periods of life the human body prefers to spend reserves , and in the other to accumulate . There are daily, monthly , seasonal biorhythms cleavage - accumulation of fat. So maximal activity zhiromobilizuyuschih systems in the first half of the day , in the spring and summer , while in the afternoon , in the fall and winter it is minimal . In women of childbearing age there is a clear monthly biorhythm : predominance of fat splitting processes the first phase of the cycle.

With jet lag we proposed a so -called pulse diet consisting of two power modes , handling and supportive . Discharge mode is executed in the periods when the process is dominated by the splitting of fat, and support in times when the body is more inclined to restock . Application of pulsed diets with satisfactory tolerability allow significantly increased efficiency, a more pronounced reduction of weight in a shorter period of time .

dietary modification
It turned out that the feeling of satiety that occurs after eating certain foods affect in one way or another to the frequency of subsequent meals , structure, and caloric intake . For example , the use of protein (but not greasy ) snacks can somewhat reduce the appetite and calorie content, whereas the consumption of sweets and alcohol soon followed by increases calorie food. On the basis of this phenomenon was developed by a class of products ( shakes for weight loss ) in which the effect of reducing appetite is expressed in most. Thus, according to our data , the use of a cocktail before meals allows for faster saturation , reduce appetite , increase satisfaction with food and get lowering of the daily caloric intake to 30 % of the original .

The principle of mutual reinforcement
We drew attention to the fact that our eating behavior does not matter . It depends on my mood , motivation , life goals , the state of muscle tone , and many other things. On the background of a good positive , active attitude, against the background of walking and body toning exercises rather refers to stocks . This reduces the need for food , appetite, and much easier to diet . With such synergies to our patients can lose weight pretty quickly when using simple and even enjoyable in terms of performance schemes : a slight modification in diet towards reducing the fat content of the diet , walking and toning exercises , adequate restful sleep and active attitude. All of the above was the basis of our method , which can be called "combined three-pronged approach ." In a few words , this adjustment to diet tonic motor activity, emotional state correction (if necessary ) so as to achieve mutual reinforcement and thus ensure our patient quality of life , a sense of satisfaction of food, comfort and long-term maintenance of weight loss achieved weight. We have consistently opposed the use of rigid dietary patterns , congested bans on certain products banned for dinner ( the infamous rule of " do not eat after 6! "). Such standards are performing poorly , cause depression psycho- emotional state, accompanied by a reduction in energy consumption , and often lead to failures . About any synergies with this approach , of course, can not speak.

Our outlook
I think some time will be spent on completing details of new dietary approaches to make them more effective. And probably a lot of the time we have to spend to bring this method directly to users. Painfully alive in the minds of most that is necessary for the success of the enterprise to permanently give up a large group of foods not to eat anything after 6 grueling exercise, and so on. To solve this problem it would be best to organize a network of women's clubs in the camp , health clubs , united by the idea of healthy weight loss, self-improvement, to improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Seven Truths About Weight Loss
1. There are , after six - you can !
No matter what time of day you eat. What really matters - it's the amount of food , its composition and physical activity throughout the day. These factors affect the recruitment , loss or maintaining your current weight . But if you decide to have a snack before going to bed , then the consequences in the form of well- assimilated calories will not keep you waiting.

2 . "Bad " calories do not exist

You may have heard that there are foods that help to lose weight because they are difficult to digest. The body , they say, is spending so much effort on the process of digestion, it burns a lot of calories accumulated .

Seven Truths about losing vesaPod brand " food with no calories " for many years all over the world losing weight imposed citrus and celery. The problem is that this is not the case. The amount of calories the body burns during digestion , microscopically compared to the calories contained in the food itself .

3 . "Liquid calories " have the meanings

If you 're on a diet , which involves counting calories , you will surely add up the figures carefully after each meal . And do you think the calories that are in drinks ? Do you remember that to calories , eaten at dinner, we must add a cup of coffee , a cocktail or a can of soda?

If you think that the calories in liquids do not, you are sorely mistaken . Take, for example , a soda . Any sweet pop in calories " pull" to 500-1000 kcal, despite all the useful supplements, vitamins and other antioxidants, promised by the manufacturer. Standard glass of latte - 500 ml - pull a 260 kcal , and the standard serving of cocktail " Margarita" - 500 kcal .

In addition, the brain is unable to adequately assess the amount of calories in a liquid ( in this case it is quite easy to do it to solid food ) . So no stoplights peacefully sipping soda or sweet coffee with milk , he will not send.

If your diet allows you to consume no more than 1200-1500 calories a day , better take them in the form of food , not drink. Drink water , green tea and other low-calorie beverages .

4 . Dessert can turn into dinner

Do not put yourself in the frame and do not deny yourself from time to time at the pleasure of eating a delicious cake or pastry . Once a week, allow yourself to "break away" . For example , let the holiday neposlkshaniya for you will be Sunday .. Go to a restaurant , and allow yourself to eat a high-calorie dessert. However, even such a " gap " will have at lunchtime . And during dinner will have to deny yourself .

5 . Diet drinks contribute to weight gain

Scientists still are at a loss , but the fact remains - fans dietary gazirovok get fat faster and stronger than those who drink regular , soda is high in calories , or do not drink at all. Rather, the point of artificial sweeteners , which is rich diet soda .

6. In cold weather, lose weight faster

The fact that the accumulated excess winter zhirok actually not true. Rather, the added weight , but not because of the weather and cold temperatures, changed metabolism, but because of the fact that in the winter we are moving less . A cold temperatures only increase metabolism : as a result we warm up.

7. Diets Actually Work

The phrase " diets do not work ," says now is not just lazy. In fact , you can go to the bookstore to choose a book of any diet and begin to strictly follow it. We assure you, you start to lose weight .

The problem is that as long as the chosen diet does not coincide with your lifestyle , you will not be able to follow through and be sure to frustrate and weight inevitably creep up again . You need a diet with which you could live the rest of his life . If you're used to eating breakfast sandwiches, you will not want a low-carb diet .

If you can not stand rigorous counting calories , but you can follow certain rules - is possible. It is worth thinking about the Atkins diet . If you like olive oil , your choice - the Mediterranean diet . If you actually intend to lose weight, you first need to figure out their own habits.

Bonn soup Diet
500 g cabbage , 170 g carrots , 170 grams of celery , 150 grams of white onion heads , 150 grams of green onions , 300 g cauliflower , 300 g of ground tomatoes , 20 g of fresh garlic, grated 0.2 liters of peeled tomatoes , 0.1 of olive oil , 1.5 liter Diet Bonn supchikomvody , 2 vegetable stock cubes , 1 tsp crushed coriander , 1 tsp ground cumin , 1 tsp curry powder , 2 dried red pepper pods , 2 bay leaves , 1 tsp soy sauce , a little St.. ginger , parsley , cilantro .

Sliced ​​thin onion rings ( along with the green ) lightly fried in olive oil. Season with curry powder , cumin , garlic, and cook over low heat. Then add the diced carrots and celery , and shredded cabbage , separated into florets cauliflower and diced tomatoes . All cover with water . Add coriander , cubes , bay leaf, chopped peppers and other spices from the recipe. The soup cook until the vegetables are cooked .

During the diet prohibited for drinking alcohol .
It is recommended to drink a lot - at least 3 liters of mineral water per day. Allowed unsweetened tea.

The soup can be extended with the following products :

Day 1 : all varieties of fruit, except bananas .
Day 2 : green vegetables. At dinner - a boiled potato with butter.
3rd day : fruit and vegetables, but no potatoes.
Day 4 : three bananas and low-fat milk.
Day 5 : a portion of chicken breast or fish, 6 tomatoes .
Day 6 : steak with green salad .
Day 7 : natural rice with vegetables.

If you believe the words of top models , then take this soup diet you can lose per week up to 5 kg . So enjoy your hudeniya !

How to lose weight without self-torture ?
Many women ask the question: is it possible to lose weight without dieting ? After all, any diet - it is always self-restraint and discomfort that can significantly darken life . Losing weight without dieting is indeed possible , that it will only take a much longer time , you will need to comply with more conditions , but the result will be kept much longer than after any diet.

So, you need to lose weight without self-torture , restrictions and other unpleasant sensations ?

First , review your diet . No need to give up your favorite meals and foods to lose weight How to lose weight without samoistyazaniyanuzhno only use them correctly. Weight loss is possible with full meals , snacking between meals , and even without exception, sweet and starchy foods . We just need to know what and when to eat to lose weight. So , slow carbohydrates (cereals , pasta , bread) to eat for breakfast , that is, in the first half of the day - this will give you a burst of energy in the morning, but not to end up on the waist in the form of extra inches . Quick carbohydrates (vegetables , fruits , salads, sweet) it is possible to eat for lunch. But the protein (meat , fish, seafood) is the best for dinner : the body at this time, it is best to absorb it , and promotes weight loss (unless, of course, is in the form of a light dinner of boiled meat and vegetable salad instead of greasy fries with bread ) .

Secondly, in order to lose weight, you need to have a fast enough metabolism. The mistake is the opinion of many women, if they are not the whole day there , but during dinner " come off " in full - it can promote weight loss. On the contrary , the body that has long been hungry, any food perceives as a "reserve" , which should be set aside for a "rainy day." Naturally, in the form of fat . In the end, you just can not lose weight, but , on the contrary , only gaining weight . To avoid this , train yourself to ingest food . It is better to eat five times a day, but little by little than one or two, but abundant . An organism that does not feel hunger, and do not store excess fat , and metabolism is greatly accelerated .

And thirdly, if you want to lose weight without dieting , you can not do without exercise. Join a fitness club , start jogging in the morning , walk the dog a little longer . Even the basic refusal of the elevator in favor of the stairs a couple of months will make your figure more taut. Refuse transport - go on foot , especially in spring and summer. The body , which is experiencing physical stress , more willing devotes all his extra weight , and you feel yourself start much better.

Is it possible to lose weight without dieting ? You can, if you follow these three recommendations are not complex . Live happily and lose weight at the same time - very simply , is only the first step in the right direction.

Love simple diet
Eat dinner at pan appetizing golden , crispy , potatoes. It seems to be tasty - not otorveshsya . Who are you in 15 minutes after that? Yes, just a sack, lying on the couch !

Your energy is paralyzed - potato reigns over you . In the evening all the other joys to you forgotten. The same effect is achieved with the help of other fried , fatty and heavy meals.

Love dietaV that men forget the evening of his wives , blame themselves caring woman. They somehow believe that if you do not feed her husband to fill, it will be angry and aggressive. Nightly feast combined with libations .

Ostensibly to improve appetite . And what is the result? By the age of forty, a spouse - face bloated , ugly belly. He wistfully recalls the nights of his youth , overflying as one wonderful moment .

The fact is that sex and food is delivered by the power of pleasure surprisingly equal. Both - pleasure . But if sex is no substitute for food , the food makes this a great success. That's right - a hearty meal , compensate their sexual dissatisfaction single women .

Feeling full choke the longing for love. A hearty dinner fat tires, all the power goes to the digestion of food . Single women just fall into a vicious circle. Stout , they begin to be ashamed of your body , avoid men.

Well, a hearty meal, this huge load on the body, they mute the desire of the flesh and acquire new fat folds . You must be able to overcome itself .

Although , in the end, women still easier. They can pull themselves together , starve yourself , just hungry , quickly dropping completeness. And how to be a family man? Indeed, in his food , he often entirely dependent on his wife.

In the kitchen, she reigns , indulging the tastes of a spouse, and even your own. And, unfortunately , not every woman realizes that her hands and her husband's health is , and his virility , but in general - the happiness of family life.

Struggle with overeating to keep a woman. She should know how to cook so that my husband did not feel hunger, but at the same time not tyazhelel and not relaxing on the food in her eyes.

Five "golden" tips , to help you return your health, and with it, the peace and tranquility in the family :

Cook the dish with a smile. Believe it or not, but the mood in which the food is cooked , and then transferred to those who eat it . Are you angry yet cleaned , cooked potatoes ? Wait for a table of scandal. And if you like it, then knead the dough, cut vegetables , cook soups in a kind and gentle mood , wanting to bring joy to someone buying.

Immediately discard the salt. In fact it is easy to do : a few days of torment - and you 'll understand what the natural taste of food . If it is hard to give up salt immediately , dissolve a tablespoon of salt in one liter of hot water and spray the solution of these ready-made meals .

Do not use bone broths . No country in the world does not boil bone broths , because they contain unhealthy fats .

Try smaller fry . It is best to cook over low heat, covered in their own juices . Even better pancakes and muffins oven under cover, they are not to be brown.

" Intermission " is represented by the following: research scientists have shown that the continuous heating of the product do not need to - just heat it to a temperature of 100 degrees , cover and turn the heat off .

Thus, we insist that dish , that is tormented - exactly as was done in the Russian oven. This method does not break down proteins and emulsified fats . 20 minutes later - 30 pan - into the fire again . Bring to a boil - and again 20 minutes ' intermission ', after which the dish is ready .

The harm of diets. Lose Weight without harm
At the moment there are more than 28,000 dieting. Diets crammed with all the literature , which is read by women - magazines , a newspaper , pamphlets , women detectives and love stories . Approximately two thirds of our population every year starting a new diet . Demand creates supply , diet becomes more and more, but let's think about it , is there a sense from these 28,000 diets ?

We can say clearly and unequivocally - no, no sense of them do not.

I note that it is not a medical diets , specially developed and recommended for medical practices, and the so -called trendy diets that promise a perfect figure for the month or getting rid of all diseases. Such diets are numerous: spectacle , protein , vegetables , cheese , wine , Hollywood , ballet , etc.

The peculiarity of these diets is that they are designed for a short period of time, so I would have called them short diet as opposed to long-term changes in diet for life ( I would call it a long diet ) . Meanwhile, it is the change of diet, nutrition for life and is the only reliable way to old age maintain a slim figure. It is such a method , by the way , I apply in my slimming treatment , designed for one year. For the year dietary habits can be completely redone so that the weight problems never arise.

Huge minus short diets that are based on the severe restriction in some kinds of food for a period of time. Therefore, only a man with uncommon will manage to overcome itself , survive until the end of the whole diet after diet and not fall. Basically the same meal that brings people used short diet almost always end in vain.

Spectacled diet , referred in the letter refers to the so -called harsh or strict low-carb diet . Such diets that exclude carbohydrates , driving the water. Practice, such a diet to quickly lose weight and happy , thinking that getting rid of fat. But it is not. Fat goes very slowly , but very quickly after the diet is dialed . And, as a rule, weight gaining greater than it was before. This is a common feature of short diets. During these diets body is rebuilt on a hard diet, the metabolism slows down to 10-30 % , start to burn calories more slowly. After serving on a diet put time and throwing off some weight , the person comes back to the old habits. But the body does not have time to adjust to a new way and still slowly burns calories , which leads to a sharp increase in body weight.

That is why , on the basis of studies of the National Institute of Health United States 98 % of people sitting on a diet , after the termination of their weight gain above the original .

Moreover , studies have shown too drastic attempts to lose weight , practiced by young girls only increase the chances that over time, these girls are very raspolneyut . People who do not make an attempt to go on a diet , never gaining as much excess weight as it comes from those who occasionally indulges in the new diets.

We need to clearly understand that a diet - it's a one way ticket . If you sat on a diet , you do not have to go with it , that's for life. Therefore, it is necessary to choose such a diet , which can and should be followed for a lifetime. But it already and will not diet , but a change in eating habits .

And those who sit on the short diet , and then it throws lurks another unpleasant fact. Royal College of Physicians of London have shown that the fat that accumulates after you once again throw the diet is more dangerous than the original . Professor T.Sonders notes : If you have time and again go on a diet and throw it , then the distribution of body fat you have changed. Newly recruited fat is stored primarily in the abdominal cavity , near the internal organs, and not between the muscles and the skin on the sides and thighs. This accumulation of fat is very dangerous - fat easily seeps from there to the liver and bloodstream , causing a sharp rise in the level of low density lipoproteins in the blood. And this, as we know - a direct path to atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes .

Of course, there are girls who are ready to do anything for the sake of a beautiful figure and a tough start to a low-calorie diet. Well, they go to the very end - only in 1999 from anorexia caused by rigid diets of life has left more than 18,000 young British women aged 16 to 35 years.

The UK authorities did not look at it through his fingers and placed under the control of televising thin models . At the legislative level, there was a decision that the ratio of lean and full of girls on television should be at least 50 to 50. Or more in favor of full girls . That is, Government of the United Kingdom has found a way to influence the media and as a consequence to the immature minds of the young ladies - thin models began to show on TV is much less.

There is another factor against short rigid diets.

Since glucose - the main source of nutrition for the brain , then the people sitting on these diets are broken thought processes . Director of the American Hospital Supply ( Houston ) Dr. Dzh.Foreyt writes: Trendy diets , completely eliminating carbohydrates or based on one type of food , such as grapefruit and watermelon , on the third day can cause impaired concentration and ability to think clearly.

The brain is deprived of glucose in the form of make-up can go on strike , a person may appear nervous and mental disorders, as they say , " goes the roof ." This is not just a word, for example , one of my classmate 15 years ago became interested in yoga and became a self-made feed for some textbooks yoga , where he preached some completely wild positions and food restriction - while no serious literature on yoga was not. Comrade worked on these books for about a year , after which he was placed in a mental hospital , because He became panicky afraid to leave the house . Then it periodically and was in hospital , but nothing helped , but eventually the fear of going out of the house , added the fear of heights , and he lived on the fourth floor of a five story building . Parents were forced to change the apartment for a private home and get out of town . What's with him now I do not know, but that rigid diets can lead to such a tragic outcome, I think it necessary to inform the readers of my newsletter .

British psychologists tested 60 healthy women is to focus , memory and reaction speed . There have been two tests - the first test of the women underwent a strict diet after the second test - after a hearty meal. The test results after the diet were 20-30 % less than the results after they had eaten to satiety . This allowed us to an interesting conclusion - the body perceives as stress diet . But to stress the body is able to adapt and each time he resists getting stronger and stronger. That is why those who have repeatedly tried to diet in order to lose weight over time alert to that, over time using the same diet every time it gets harder and harder to lose weight. Therefore, do not look for a diet with them, you do not improve , only worsen the situation. Forget the word diet , and make to your diet , only those changes that you can stick with for life.

Tips on how to easily transfer your diet
All those who have already achieved success in losing weight , have a set of observations , which are shared with those who have decided to step down this road - purchase or return a good figure . These tips - from all kinds of people . Among them are movie stars and show business , ordinary readers of women's magazines , doctors .

1. Never lose control of themselves , do not make the problem or the tragedy of their extra pounds. Be aware - you can lose weight , and just do it . If something does not work right away , try another , analyze errors, but do not put on a cross , cut off phrases like "I have a family full of all " or "I have no willpower ." The success of the program does not depend on the manner of determining factors. It mainly depends on your intelligence and constructive approach.

2 . Set a realistic goal that can be formulated on the basis of information gleaned from a book, be honest with yourself and do not promise yourself that your higher power.

3 . Can hang on the kitchen refrigerator - note reminder that you are going to lose weight in style and phrasing that make you not to open the fridge once again . You can put back his most unattractive photograph and a copy of it - in the bathroom, so that every time proud of their achievements . Unfortunately , this is not always possible, because sometimes it causes an inappropriate response from other family members. Then, wearing a dressing gown photo in his pocket . Or as an option - an encouraging note , for example: "Before the days of vacation left ... ".

4 . Buy a tight swimsuit (just do not overdo it .)

5 . Do not purchase products in store , so you do not have to eat them (so that they are not lost ) .

6. Going to the grocery store , eat, and carry a list of products that
you need. You can even take a limited amount of money .

7. Before going to bed do jogging in a free, slow pace so that at each step of your body " shaking ", thus replacing massage .

8. Pouring cold water or use a contrast shower promote weight loss , as the energy in this case will go to the warming of the body.

9. If you want to eat - just lie back , relax , or take a bath, because, perhaps , your desire to eat - it's not so much the desire of your body as your habit .

10 . Eat slowly and chew food and enjoying its aroma. Never eat in front of TV , computer or reading a book .

11. Actively use aromatherapy to suppress appetite.

12. Use small plates for serving.

13. Instead of vegetable oil, we are used to fill salads , make salad dressing and use it - you'll reduce calorie salads and main dishes .

14. Butter, if you can not do without it , stir with excipients to produce mixtures for sandwiches , which are much lower in calories than butter . You can add the eggs , dill , parsley , canned fish , mushrooms , carrots - it is not only beneficial and economically, but also very tasty! Such a great substitute for breakfast sandwich .

15. Drink iced water , even better - acidified . Warming the ice - it's the calories burned , and the sour taste of speeds up metabolism and dulls the appetite. Small wonder that in the past, " the young ladies acetic drinking water to seem more interesting ." By the way, apple cider vinegar is best .

16. If you can not without sweets , eat honey instead of sugar . As sweet as marmalade fit .

17. If there was a bad taste in your mouth , brush your teeth or chew parsley take your time there .

18. If you find it difficult without bread , and dry crackers . And let them be small.

19. Coffee reduces appetite and accelerates metabolism , as well as green tea.

20. It is often difficult to sleep on an empty stomach. Help herbal tea with honey.

21. Possible for the night to drink milk with honey, yogurt or kefir .

22. Good music can replace dinner or afternoon tea.

23. During the day, chew gum when you want to have it dulls the appetite.

24. Spicy food speeds up the metabolism, but keep in mind - and it stimulates the appetite .

25. Sunlight or solarium also accelerate metabolism - use it!

26. If you are on means , buy a home trainer or even a massage ,
install it , and you will be sorry if it is idle .

27. Find something to do outside of work that you carried away .

28. Fall in love - a tool can be considered one of the best!

How much should a woman weigh ?
How much should a woman weigh ? Why do we stout ? Why does the diet " durneet " chest ? What is the maximum weight you can lose in one month without sacrificing health? It would seem that the answers to these questions are known even to the infant, but experience shows that sometimes we do not know about yourself the most basic things .

How much should a woman weigh ?
There are several methods for calculating the ideal weight. The first , now , according to doctors and women , out of date , was proposed a century ago by the French physician Paul Brock . The formula is simple - the growth in centimeters and subtract 100 turns right this increase weight in kilograms. However, this form does not take into account individual differences in body ( long legs , ample bone, athletic build ) . Later he was offered the index BMI. It is defined by the following formula: weight (in kilograms ) divided into height (in meters ) squared . Consequently, the growth of 1.7 and weighs 70 kg BMI index is 24.2 . Ideal characteristics for men 20-25 , women 19-24 .

Why do we stout ?
For two reasons . In most cases, the excess weight occurs as a result of energy imbalance . That is, when energy intake exceeds its consumption ( eat a lot - move a little ) . As a result, excess accumulates in the body as fat . The second important reason is our family . This inheritance , and family traditions . As a rule , the maximum genetic relationship observed between the weight of mother and daughter. To a lesser extent - between the weight of mother and son and minimal dependence - between the weight of a father and his children. But more important than heredity vaccinated child nutrition and diet . If a baby is born will zakarmlivat from morning to evening pies - salads - sandwiches , growing up, he will continue to eat all kinds of food for five or six times a day. We lose unwanted kilograms in the same sequence as they accumulate them?
Tragically , everything is just the opposite. Alan Bolton , known in Australia for a health specialist sports, argues that the extra weight accumulates on the hips and pelvic area in the first place , and " out " - in the latter. Doctors believe that the full hips and buttocks play a protective , insulating role during pregnancy, so the hormone estrogen concentrates fat in this area . And therefore , getting rid of fat in the lower part of the body more difficult. Besides the fact that our body is engaged in spontaneous accumulation of fat to protect the child , about the conception of which you have not thought of , he still helps Mother Nature . Last endowed women is almost twice the amount of body fat than men, who all off and lose weight more easily . The abundance of fat, according to the idea of Nature, should help a woman give birth and bring up the child.

Why does the diet " durneet " chest ? And only if the diet ?
It is no secret that when your weight comes in perfect shape - the legs are slim , hip fit into 44 romantic and touching hands acquire elegance - get terrible chest - saggy, lifeless. Doctors explain that breast ligaments are similar to rubber bandages , they are inherently resilient and easy to stretch and shrink , but eventually weaken. But not only have a detrimental effect of diet on the chest. Running also increases the wear and tear of the breast tissue . As shown by a study of a company that produces bras , breast size 3-4 when running
jumps at every jolt to 8 cm What is not going to benefit. So it makes sense to stock up on good playing sports bra .

What is the maximum weight you can lose in one month without sacrificing health?
" Dumping " can be no more than two pounds. That you were not advised of advertisements ("For the week - 5 kg" ) , recent studies suggest that in order to prevent the return of the need to give up on overly restrictive diets to lose excess weight. First, any diet is associated with limitations that cause depression , but if a woman terrified that she just can not lose weight. Second, dropped too quickly pounds quickly and come back as soon as you stop dieting .

Is it useful , " fasting "?
It is believed that the first began to practice fasting as a healthy diet , the ancient Indian yoga. Claim that Pythagoras was starving for 40 days and
demanded the same from his students. In the twentieth century American scientist Paul Bragg developed the idea of fasting in his world-famous book "The Miracle of Fasting ." Fasting is not only out overweight, burn excess fat, but, most significantly , cleared the entire body. All excretory systems work on the release of toxins. Only through the light output of more than 150 harmful substances. In addition , the body is not getting the nutrients are forced to live at the expense of its own tissues , and , above all , it eats the sick, degenerated cells .
Fasting helps in certain chronic diseases. And it is nice that after fasting days when you drink only water , the next morning your skin , proving that the body healthier and upgraded , it looks as if you spent at least a week in the salon.

What is the separation of power ?
This diet is based on the false notion that you can not have both a protein , carbohydrate , and fat-containing foods, because proteins are incompatible with carbohydrates , and are compatible with live foods . If all the same to take them together, it makes absolute majority of the world's population , then , according to supporters of separate food products will not be able to digest properly and will rot in the stomach, poisoning the body . Therefore, these substances should be eaten by separately and at different times of the day . For example , in the afternoon to give preference to meat, fish or poultry (proteins ), and in the evening - potatoes , bread and vegetables (carbohydrates ) . However, the true protein or carbohydrate foods do not exist in nature. The same meat contains protein and fats and nuts - directly and fats , and proteins and carbohydrates. Furthermore, the nutrients are digested in different parts of the intestine , so that nothing wrong with them can not occur.

Will vegetarianism us safely lose weight?
Vegetarianism means catering exclusively vegetarian diet . And " true vegetarians " refuse even from eggs that , regardless of whether or not fertilized , are the building blocks for the future of chickens , and abstain from milk and dairy products , which are obtained from live cattle and goats.

However, the complete exclusion from the diet of nutritious meat products is bad for health, because the body needs daily intake from food -grade protein , which contains nothing essential amino acids .

What is a fruit day and why is it needed ?
Without becoming a strict adherent of vegetarianism is very useful once a week or ten days to arrange a fruit day . Firstly, in these days
the body gets less calories. Second, the fruit have diuretic , reducing the amount of water in the body, and a well- controlled bowels. The day you can eat one - half a kilogram of fruit.
People suffering from low blood pressure is recommended during the day fruit drink black coffee as fruit diet helps to reduce the pressure.

Whether during sex burns a lot of kilojoules ?
Must disappoint you - relying solely on sex, you will never bring myself back to normal. A person weighing 70 kg, with the active having sex burns per minute only 18-20 kJ . However, sex, bringing with it a weight loss , has a very beneficial effect on the female body . It regulates the hormonal
Balance: in our body get male hormones necessary for normal hormonal balance, which is responsible for the regular and painless menstruation, improves our cardiovascular system , lowers cholesterol. In addition , sex heals immune system and reduces stress.

Diet mistakes. How to avoid it?
Or what to do to abstain from the usual food does not turn into a continuous stress, and dropped pounds came back with the excess ? To go on a diet , get ready to " tighten the belt" both literally and figuratively . This is the unwritten rule . As practice shows, this willingness - usually so hot at the beginning and the choice of graphics power - decreases in direct proportion to the number of days spent on the diet. Not surprisingly, at the end of " time" so you can often hear phrases like : " Do u have ... I can not look at this chicken ( cabbage , etc.) " It is sad that many do not even ask: what went wrong? Why promise easy weight loss has become a voluntary torture ? As explained by the " healthy ... " Nutritionist Inna Polishchuk , the answer must be sought not so much in the diet , as in the human body slimming . She talked about the six most common mistakes and errors dietchikov .

1. "I want to fast and a lot ! "

It is believed that the sooner people start dropping pounds during the diet , the greater the effect of it . This is not true . Too rapid weight loss is dangerous for the body. First, the return to a regular diet, instead dropped 7.5 kg, you can quickly dial all 10 . And secondly , it is realistic to provoke severe intoxication. The fact that all are fraught with rapid weight loss is not so much " hated " fat as vital water and electrolytes active cell mass. Not enough fluid , is a violation cleaning and excretory functions of the organs . There - all signs of poisoning: nausea , headache , fatigue, sagging skin. So, as they say, slow and steady wins - will continue .

Council . A reasonable weight loss process - a loss of 300-400 g of fat per week and no more than 500-800 grams total weight.

2 . "My fat - only a cosmetic defect"

According to a nutritionist , almost no one takes overweight and obesity as a serious illness. And yet , without regard to the form and degree of obesity obese people who want to find an effective scheme of clinical nutrition , just do not do . As without the help of a specialist .

There are several forms of obesity :

- When visceral - fat is stored mainly in the abdominal area. The more delayed , the more violations on the part of the gastrointestinal tract. This, in turn, of the abuse of hormone production , contributing to the normal digestion and metabolism that occurs in chronic overeating . This - the most dangerous type of obesity , as it - one of the causes of myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis and Alzheimer's disease.

- Obesity , in which the "stock" is postponed for the legs, buttocks, on the sides, usually indicates a violation of the ovaries in women and testes in men. The deficit of the hormones estrogen and testosterone , which produce these bodies , hurts the overall well-being - a person experiences stress, there are some menopausal symptoms: sweating, heart palpitations , panic attacks unmotivated , jumps in blood pressure .

- If any of the thyroid gland and reducing the amount of hormones produced by it , there is a general decline in metabolism. Man eats little , but his body does not use even a small amount of energy, and sends a " bins ." Fats occupy not only fiber but organs: liver , pancreas , blood vessels etc. This provokes metabolic syndrome , hypertension , abnormal liver function ( hepatic steatosis ) , sclerosis of the pancreas , the defeat of vessels of the legs , and many other diseases.

Council . If there is a suspicion of obesity and metabolic disease , in any case, do not go on a diet , subtract the net or women's magazine . Please see a doctor!

3 . Trace element is not terrible mess

Rapid weight loss leads to an imbalance in the body macronutrient (especially sodium and potassium ) , trace elements and vitamins. In addition, due to the " cool diet " in human blood increases the amount of uric acid and so-called ketone bodies , which are formed by cleavage of protein. Because of the shortage of antioxidants the body does not have time to oxidize lipids, blood vessels and tissues are affected , then the person suffers from intoxication and violation of the organs.

Council . Again slowly grow thin . During the diet , take antioxidants and catecholamines : they contain green tea, foods rich in vitamin C , fruits and vegetables that are red and orange coloring .

4 . " Depression, I will not give in "

All diets ( vegetarian , sports , Japanese , Hollywood , blood group , etc.) - these are templates designed to reduce the amount of food intake and calories. Therefore, they provide a quick slimming effect , which can be good for the figure , but it harms the body , not only in the physical plane. As we have said , a person loses weight at the expense of spare capacity , his body is suffering stress, respectively, decreases the production of endorphins ( hormone of happiness ) . Willy-nilly , and the nose hang . Moreover , the fact that you have to limit yourself to food choices - Today I ate for breakfast one egg, one apelsinchik and crackers for lunch , and then eat it ... and a step to the side - hurt the psyche . Most diets exclude the possibility of banquet tables . And if during dieting you suddenly have invited ? Of course, one would have to sacrifice something ! In addition , a strict regime in which , even if you really want to, you can not allow yourself at least a sweet little piece of candy just is not good and is fraught with depression. But to receive the joy of eating , especially for people who are overweight - a thing is as important as , for example, for those who like to talk communication .

Council . If you decide to engage in a serious , instead of the diet (that is temporary dietary restrictions ) , go to the rational diet . It may be only a dietician .

5 . " Hunger pereterplyu "

You should not deceive ourselves . If you sat on a diet in which after every meal feel hungry - this diet is not for you! In addition, it is well known that the proper weight loss should be comprehensive and include exercise. So when choosing a power scheme from the menu and it is important to provide for the possible energy consumption . Agree, if a person , for example , worked out in the gym or swim in the pool, he has the appetite is not the one that after reading the book, lying on the couch . Proper diet weight loss in such cases involves eating more carbohydrates , that is, their rich fruits and vegetables, dairy products , which give the saturation and normalize protein balance .

Council . In addition to these nuances competent nutritionist at cooking your power scheme must take into account many other factors : age , sexual activity, hormonal status , the level of resistance to infection and stress , etc. to paint the required amount of antioxidants , vitamins and trace elements.

6. " Food intolerance - on immunity "

It happens that in self- selected diets , which are dominated by a certain product , people randomly , we can say at random , run into a serious problem. Namely - food intolerance . Eat, say, eggs or cabbage for three days in a row, such dietchiki start complaining of a headache, constipation , depression, severe fatigue , insomnia, skin rashes and other unpleasant manifestations . And it is very good if they immediately turn to a qualified doctor - a hidden problem less. But if you write off these ailments for some petty reasons , only further drive themselves to an allergic condition , undermining the metabolism and immune system.

Council . Get on a diet only after the necessary examination by a doctor. The food at the same time should be tasty and varied . If our board veal you ate boiled yesterday , today zamarinuete , for example, pomegranate juice , and cook tomorrow in Irish look like such a meal will be as appetizing and not get bored.

By the way ...

Secrets nutritionist Inna POLISHCHUK

- In preparing the scheme of clinical nutrition I consider even the genetic characteristics of a person . If this is the Georgians , for example, take into account that he used to eat bell peppers , tomatoes , nuts . If Ukrainians - in the scheme is dominated by Slavic food: potatoes, carrots , bacon . It seems to be the ideal in quality food you eat Japanese seafood that is , not everyone is suitable . It needs to be included in the diet , but do not supply a basis . Ukrainians also can not eat soy oil , as Americans, olive oil and truffles, as the Italians . We need corn , rapeseed and, of course , sunflower oil, but the right - the first pressing .

- One of the main tasks of a nutritionist - to learn the secrets of the patient's food intake and self- scheduling . Including snacks . You can not catch food whenever you want . It is better to carry in your purse or pocket nuts , some dried fruit, but not spontaneously buy a pie that your eyes are fried in boiling oil many times overdone .

- I recommend to control the amount of servings. Let there be a fair portion , and a large plate , as in the restaurant , beautifully decorated : some greens , a slice of veal sauce . Do not forget that from the beautifully prepared food (and this psychological moment ) , we get more saturation , even eating less.

- It is important to learn to evaluate the properties of the products and to understand the inscriptions on the packaging. Celebrate himself kalorazh , the amount of preservatives and emulsifiers , whether in the product of genetically modified foods , etc. - please note that the foods that we eat affect our character. When a person eats meat , he becomes more aggressive when the cabbage and vegetables - he has a sense of dissatisfaction. Those who eat dairy products, often feel self-pity and faithfulness . And fans of the sweet usually a lack of communication and self-love.


What inspection shall appoint a dietitian (criterion - low)

- Analysis of urine for protein and sugar ( shown as filtered kidney) .

- Complete blood count (hemoglobin , white blood cells ) .

- Analysis of blood biochemistry (bilirubin, creatinine) , electrolytes , hormones .

- Analysis of blood sugar, with increasing or decreasing ( glyukozurichesky profile). After all the blood shows all the signs of metabolic disorders : lipid , protein , carbohydrate , vitamins, minerals and electrolytes .

Diet for popcorn
One of the latest fad diets is " popkornovy diet ." It is similar to many other diets that produce some healthy snacks and try to build an entire diet based on them. Examples: Diet " Cabbage Soup " diet " Peanut Butter" and diet " ice cream ." Most of these diets has been created to cover the filling and magazines that adorn the windows of supermarkets.

The name " popkornovy diet " suggests that losing weight is eating only popcorn, but it includes regular consumption of healthy foods along with " popkornovy " snacking . It is assumed that a low-fat diet with plenty of vegetables . Such a diet , combined with exercise, is likely to lead to weight loss if you follow it all the time , with popcorn whether or not.

Popkornovy diet will quickly become too strict . Featureless flavor popcorn without butter and salt can make it challenging compliance. A large amount of corn in the diet can overload the digestive tract , in addition, corn - a common allergen causing breathing problems, hives , and gastrointestinal disorders .

When considering any diet is necessary to ask the question - whether it is effective in the long term ? If the answer is no, then abide by it - just a waste of time, energy, and health. Eat right and exercise daily, and you will find a truly wonderful weight loss plan

8 things that interfere with losing weight
They contain no calories , protein, fat or carbohydrates, but nevertheless are methodically and systematically undermining the fight against our harmony .

1. Big beautiful plates
Why ? " Do not leave a piece doesh immediately ", "In the last spoonful of the most power" - no wonder they say that beliefs from childhood the most persistent . And if the plate is large, we will automatically increase the dose , and then stoically , though not without its pleasures eat up . What to do? Leave nehudeyuschih plates for guests, and cast himself in the sweet stew and pour the soup into small bowls . Some nutritionists advise more and have all these microportions teaspoons . After all, the body often need much less food than we give him , and psychologically to eat a whole , even if a small plate of salad or steamed vegetables pleasant. If the attachment to a big plate of deep and ineradicable , use them according to the rules of healthy eating. Fill half of the plate non-starchy vegetables : cabbage, carrots , broccoli, zucchini , cucumbers , etc. , one of the remaining quarters empty - protein food : chicken, meat, seafood , the second - in the form of a side dish of buckwheat, pasta or boiled potatoes or a slice of whole-wheat bread .

2 . TV in the kitchen
Why ? According to scientists , lovers combine bread and show a 23% higher risk of developing obesity . Truth is on the surface - when we are distracted sitcom or talk show , then do not watch the amount of food and eat a lot more . Who , tell me, would ever think devour a bucket of popcorn with a liter of cola somewhere other than cinema ? Also, when we eat and watch TV at the same time , the brain does not fix the saturation moment and requires a supplement. The most " delicious " are considered melodrama , horror and crime news . Recent remind us of the dangers , the vanity of all things, and make de-stress with sandwiches and cookies in the kitchen that is always at hand . What to do? Not only the banning of " teletrapezu ", but also to remove from the table a vase with candy , nuts , seeds and other snacks psevdolegkie . Or at least select the appropriate repertoire - the least dangerous to the shapes are considered the transfer of the nature and travel .

3 . Cooking sites and blogs
Why ? Typically, we review them in the evening , choosing what to cook for lunch , dinner or for the arrival of guests at the weekend. And, of course , all these photos lamb in honey-mustard sauce , Tartu, dips , canapés and kishey fueled appetite. The body requires food immediately and as much as possible . In the course are sandwiches, drying nuts for the future of the cake , and in severe cases - soup and meatballs, laid up for tomorrow . What to do? Immediately go to the website dedicated diet and kefir one percent , or open the folder with the most unfortunate your photos on the subject " Remove the 5 kg immediately! ". In general, the food at the computer even more senseless and merciless than the front of the TV , so do not be tempted to " just have a cup of tea " during the reading of friend- tape.

4 . Too gown
Why ? Try to eat too much cake , being in evening dress , tight jeans and tank top , and you will feel the blatant inaccuracy of his act . Loose pants with an elastic band and a hoodie sweater- more loyal to them we feel free , lightweight, and slim and shamelessly exceed the standards of calories. What to do? Of course , home clothes should first be comfortable and beautiful . But it is a good idea if the truncated free t-shirt will remind the ideal press, and the elastic pants subtly emphasize the hips . By the way , according to psychologists , home stuff in skin-tight and bright colors choose self-confident people , who are used to the excitement . Maybe try to change the cause and effect?

5 . "Wrong ," home appliances
Why ? Once we have it , then you need to use it, and use a deep fat fryer , bread maker or toaster useful to figure a way is difficult. As for freshly baked bread , it is generally a test for a strong spirit , because its smell - one of the strongest appetite stimulants , that's why every large supermarket considers it a matter of honor to open his own bakery , so that shoppers spend more money on products. What to do? Fryer - definitely changed for dumbbells, skipping rope and hula-hoops , a toaster and bread machine to use only in the morning , for a useful whole wheat bread and toast out of it though.

6. Appetizing smells
Why ? If the smell of bread , everything is obvious and expected, then other , more insidious aromas awaken it is sudden. These include most of the flavors of spices , coffee and strawberry. What to do? Please aromatherapy for the benefit of the figure , choosing the appetite-suppressing smells of grapefruit , mint and vanilla. The latter, paradoxically, also reduces cravings for sweets.

7. Aggravating gluttony color
Why ? Scientists have found that the color of the dishes or kitchen interior affects the amount eaten . Hardest awaken the appetite red and yellow, and if we just want to have a snack , then preference is on the side of white. What to do? Choose the most " unappetising " colors - blue ( cook soup recipe Bridget Jones optional), and blue . And if the attack happened at night binge eating , do not turn on the lights in the kitchen : electric light , according to scientists , it awakens the appetite. Even in the dark, experimental mouse ate in two times less than in the light . Or maybe they just were not able to find food ?

8. classical music
Why ? Pundits from England found that under Vivaldi , Mozart , Beethoven and Bach people eat more than usual . Well, that did not sell at the conservatory chips and popcorn !

Methods for obtaining a thin figure
These methods calculated a group of German doctors who have tried to summarize the experience of traditional medicine and modern science . As a result , ten were identified friendly methods to normalize or accelerate metabolism in obese people.

1. Cold water.

She had a " burn " calories received in our bodies . The only thing that hinders the widespread introduction of cold douches - is excessive timidity of those who want to embark on the path of getting rid of extra pounds. Although fear is, in principle , there is nothing. The main increase while taking a cold shower gradually , carefully listening to the feelings of his own body . Take a shower or pour need for a certain time-tested pattern: the right foot - left foot - right hand - left hand - abdomen - chest - back .

2 . Dry brush .

This facility is available to every weight loss . Mechanical rubbing with a dry brush of medium hardness - it's just one of the types of massage that activates fat metabolism. Be rubbed vigorously , but with a weak pressure several times a day. Rubbing the same sequence as that in cold shower.

3 . Pineapple.

Feeling full is faster if the food is well digested. Pineapple contains bromelain enzyme which cleaves animal protein , so that he is absorbed in the gastro -intestinal tract with little or no residue. So, if a hearty meal before you eat a couple of slices of fresh pineapple , the saturation effect occurs much earlier than usual. And this means that you will eat less food than usual .

4 . Barley.

In Germany, " barley water" ( Gersten Wasser ) has long been known , but only recently it was proved that it is well- activates the metabolic processes in the body. A high content of " barley water " Potassium helps us to quickly get rid of toxins . " Barley Water" is prepared as follows: 200 g of seeds germinated barley poured into 1 liter of water and bring to a boil in a pot with the lid closed. Then remove from heat, and infused for half an hour. After that infusion drained, strain through a fine sieve , and allowed to cool . Drink one glass daily .

5 . Jerusalem artichokes .

Contained in the Jerusalem artichoke ( artichoke ) bioactive substances facilitate the digestion of fats and helps the body to find a balance between hunger and satiety . Jerusalem artichokes are also called "brake appetite ." In addition, artichoke beneficial effect on the intestinal peristalsis , which helps with constipation , which nourished people suffer more than others.

6. Vinegar.

Curative effect only natural fruit vinegar , and the most useful is made ​​from whole apples . Here's the recipe " for weight loss medicine " : 2 tablespoons of natural vinegar mix in a glass of room temperature water and add 2 teaspoons of honey. Drinking on an empty stomach before breakfast.

7. Nettles .

The ability to reduce the weight of the nettle has been recognized by scientists in the 50- ies of the last century. Nettles can be used in any kind - soup, salad , broth , juice - but the most valuable supplier of vitamins and minerals are the young shoots of nettles .

8. Dry wine .

Natural dry red wine (glass before dinner and a glass before dinner ) slows down the flow of carbohydrates into the blood and prolong the time of digestion in the stomach. As a result , excessive appetite is suppressed .

9. Whey .

Weight loss promotes eating of low-fat dairy products. But the advantage of serum is that there is no need to limit yourself to only milk diet. Enough for a few weeks to drink a glass before a meal serum that will not only increase your metabolism , but will also provide the bowel clean out the toxins .

10 . Mastication .

Moreover , careful ! The faster a person is eating , swallowing chunks of food almost without chewing , the greater the amount he eats it . After all, the stomach begins to signal the central nervous system, the saturation of only 15-20 minutes after the food arrived it . Thorough chewing also allows abundant wet food with saliva , which helps food pass more quickly through the digestive tract , thus incurring more complete biochemical degradation.