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December 4, 2015

The Kremlin to lose weight

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The Kremlin is the most popular diet today. She is the Atkins diet, she astronauts diet, she’s low carbohydrate diet. She came to Russia from the West by US nutritionists.
main idea
The basic idea of ​​the Kremlin diet is completely contrary to all the world’s diets. Since its slogan reads: “Eat plenty of meat, and the belly goes down!”. The creators of the diet claim that the proteins can be eaten in unlimited quantities, whereas carbohydrates minimized. Due to the lack of carbohydrates, our body will have to burn fat, to supply energy. As a result, we pohudeem.
Table Kremlin diet
For the Kremlin diet, the table has been specially designed points (points), which indicates the number of points for each product. So to maintain weight, our daily ration must not exceed 60 points. In case of excess, we will gain weight. For weight loss, it is necessary to watch, that our diet does not exceed 20-40 points.
Foods high in carbohydrates
Beware of potato dishes, fruits and vegetables. Bread, rice, juice also contain too many carbohydrates. Sugar is particularly dangerous, since it clean carbohydrates.

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Note: If you are sick with chronic diseases of the heart, stomach and blood vessels, before the application of the Kremlin diet, you should always consult a doctor. Also, it is not recommended to put on the diet of children and pregnant women

January 4, 2015

Buckwheat diet for weight loss – what are the options.

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buckwheat diet

Traditional buckwheat diet is difficult to endure, but you can lose up to 10 kg. excess weight, but the buckwheat diet with dried fruits will solve this problem.

Buckwheat diet – the need for women

Talk about buckwheat diet to begin with, that buckwheat – a very useful, healthy, one might even say a unique product. It is used buckwheat diet Tibetan monks during meditation and purification stations. We often underrated in Europe buckwheat worth much more expensive the rest of cereals, buckwheat diet is recommended in diseases of the cardiovascular system.

In the East, buckwheat diet generally recognized the need for a woman – it is good not only for weight loss, it is believed that the buckwheat diet best creams and masks makes hair shiny, nails and teeth strong, and the skin smooth and soft.

Another important fact in favor of buckwheat diet – buckwheat always natural, it is almost the only product that could not be GMO.

Buckwheat diet for weight loss – what are the options.

1. Classical buckwheat diet. That is, during the day you do not eat anything except buckwheat, cooked with water. Dietary norm – 1 cup buckwheat, this volume should be eaten throughout the day in small portions. But it is not strict – if not enough for you, do even the same batch. This is the strictest option, but at the same time and most effective. You can drink in any number of green tea without sugar, pure non-carbonated water, in the afternoon allowed a glass of juice.

2. The second option – a combination of buckwheat diet kefir (to 1 cup buckwheat you can add half a liter of yogurt). To learn how to properly combine these two products, we can read below in a special unit “Buckwheat and kefir diet – is it possible to connect?”

3. The macrobiotic diet on buckwheat balls. Most women work and abide by the rules of many of buckwheat diet it is very problematic. For them, and come up with this diet on buckwheat balls. They can be prepared in the morning, to carry during the day and eat when there is hunger. All details see below.

4. Another option that arabio.ru considers the most promising – a combination of buckwheat diet with dried fruits. These two products complement each other and allow you to extend the diet. On the day you can eat the same 1-2 cups of buckwheat and 150 gr. dried fruits.

5. Buckwheat diet with avocado – that this tandem has recently become actively used in nutrition – with the addition of avocado buckwheat diet gained extra flavor, vitamins, trace elements and with virtually no adding calories. This looks like buckwheat diet – buckwheat grupu best samples until half, mix 3 tablespoons of buckwheat with half an avocado (fruit cut from half to get the pulp) and eat at any time of the day as a main course, and only for dinner is mandatory. If it is absolutely tasteless, can be added directly into the dish of apple vinegar or lemon juice, but only slightly, because they stimulate the appetite. Drinking water may be one half hour before a meal and after the same time and after.

Buckwheat diet – recipes, how to cook buckwheat

Cooking recipe for buckwheat buckwheat diet for weight loss is elementary – take a glass of buckwheat, fill it with boiling water and let the night stands, that’s all the cooking. If this amount of food for the whole day not enough for you, then do the morning another portion. An important requirement of buckwheat diet – the use of the product without salt, sugar, butter, buckwheat in its purest form. Undoubtedly, such a diet is effective and will soon bear fruit.

Unfortunately, buckwheat diet, there are two caveats to which we would like to draw your attention. First – it is called, is bored, so on the third day it is, well, absolutely do not want. For someone that’s a plus, someone who suffer from hunger, a burden. The second point relates to the fact that the diet buckwheat presence severely restricts food salts and sugars that are also necessary for proper metabolism. Therefore, when a tough buckwheat diet people complain of malaise, headache, lethargy, unwillingness to work. How to get out of this situation? Here are solutions to buckwheat diet that nutritionists offer …

Putting buckwheat diet and yogurt

Can buckwheat diet combined with yogurt – it is a question asked nutritionists very often. Maybe we’ll both. First, the most popular way – connect two diets, buckwheat and kefir, that is added to the daily menu liter of low fat yogurt. So you expand your diet diet. This method is more for those who can not tolerate hunger. However, for reasons of clarity, if you really want to lose weight correctly, you should not interfere with products like something to eat buckwheat and drink kefir. This is a classic example of a bench malnutrition, from which no benefit. If you really want to buckwheat diet brought to you by the result, separate the buckwheat and kefir from each other at intervals of an hour and a half.

And another tip – if buckwheat pure body quite well, is not accepted, take into service a good unsalted soy sauce – it will add some zest to porridge. Just do not overdo it in order to avoid heartburn. Can use buckwheat diet and lemon juice, a little apple cider vinegar, but they can stimulate the appetite, so be careful.

Macrobiotic diet on buckwheat balls

This option buckwheat diet is very suitable for busy people. So, in the morning on the water cook buckwheat, about 200-250 grams, and give a little cool to the state Mnemonic stuffing. Next in grater three medium-sized carrots and finely finely cut one Bulgarian pepper. All products combine, add a tablespoon of lemon juice, all mixed thoroughly and sculpt from the mixture balls with a diameter as the ruble coin. Then skaladyvaem them in a rigid box of food grade plastic and take it with you to work.

Use this buckwheat diet must be so – you start to feel hunger, take two – three balls, put them in your mouth, but do not chew, and wait until they melted under the influence of saliva. Then buckwheat diet allows them to swallow, hunger should disappear within 5-7 minutes, then you can drink a glass of water. The recommended duration of the diet – 3 days.

Buckwheat diet with dried fruit – perfect for weight loss!

Buckwheat diet with dried fruits

Apathy, fatigue – a consequence of the lack of sugar in the body. Unfortunately, often buckwheat diet “Glory” is a symptom of this. In this case, you will be dried fruit, which can be added and buckwheat, and used separately, and they will give strength and appetite shot down. Do not know what to choose – see the material which dried fruits help to lose weight (announcement under Article). Buckwheat diet with dried fruits – dried apricots, prunes, raisins – I think the most balanced for the body and at the same time very productive, weight goes well. Just do not try to replace the buckwheat diet diet with dried fruit, where buckwheat is as extra food – are two different things, with buckwheat diet 6-7 berries dried apricots a day is enough, and be sure to chew it well, to a state of pulp, so the feeling of hunger goes away faster.

Buckwheat diet for weight loss or fasting day

Nutritionists advise – buckwheat diet, when you use it for weight loss, should not become a shock to the body, however, like any other diet. For a start, try using buckwheat diet as a fasting day. Look at your feelings, it was possible or not to lose weight. If everything is OK, then buckwheat diet can be used by you for a longer period of time.

That’s all the advice on buckwheat diet. Despite the simplicity again, I note that in the Greek diet is considered one of the best – just a few days see the result, and the full course (2 weeks) for sure will make you rethink your wardrobe to smaller sizes.

The principles of the Japanese diet for weight loss

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The Japanese diet

The Japanese diet today is an example of food culture – see reviews of people for whom the Japanese diet for weight loss became the basis of a slim figure and good health.

The Japanese diet

The Japanese diet has built itself so many contradictory opinions that became one of the most talked about on the internet methods of losing weight. Let’s unvarnished advertising and try to understand what is the Japanese diet for weight loss, which is so actively discussed at the forum devoted to diet and weight loss. Hence the task of articles shall sound like this:

What is the Japanese diet, Japanese diet is better than the other, is it possible to lose weight in the Japanese diet, and if so, how to apply it correctly and give feedback what the Japanese diet, those who practice it.

The Japanese diet prolongs youth

The Japanese diet helps prolong youth

Despite the fact that the Japanese diet is of interest to us, first of all, to lose weight, we want to focus on another very important parameter, it – it is proved that the Japanese technique of power prolongs youth. This is especially important if you have already exceeded thirty years abroad, when the metabolic processes in the body begin to slow down, and you need to use all the power to turn back the aging. Here the Japanese diet, unlike other methods of weight loss, it looks clear leader, helping to not only lose weight, but also to normalize the functioning of the body, speed up metabolism, remove toxins, restore the function of internal organs pishevaritelnoy, cardiovascular and excretory systems. But to get all this, you have to choose the authentic Japanese diet, and not its imitation or fake.

What is the real Japanese diet

The Japanese diet food rules

Just say about why the Japanese diet around the vast network is so much controversy. The thing is that the vast majority of articles bearing the name of the Japanese diet, directly to the Japanese diet has nothing to do. She came up with no one knows where and who knows who, and Japan called for advertising – rightly so, because the menu residents of Japan is one of the most healthy and useful in the world. Thus, there is a name, and under it is not known that. Because of this, people who are trying to alleged Japanese diet, it quickly become frustrated and begin to write on the Japanese diet criticisms, not knowing what this Japanese diet, they never practiced. So let’s fix this error and find out what is the real Japanese diet, lose weight all at the MDM.

So, this Japanese diet consists of foods that can effectively lose weight and do not cause hunger. This fish, vegetables, rice, fruits, legumes, and of course, green tea. Traditional Japanese food, of course, more diverse, but we are not talking about the menu at all, but about the Japanese diet just to lose weight.

5 basic principles of the Japanese diet

The principles of the Japanese diet for weight loss

Minimum heat treatment. Products that can not, in principle handle should be consumed raw.
Fresh products. The Japanese diet finds it impossible to eat anything cooked yesterday or, especially, two or more days ago. Therefore, if you want to get from the Japanese diet maximum effect, do not prepare food in advance.
Small portions. Eat a little, but more often than usual – says the Japanese diet. Thus, we do not overeat, and at the same time do not feel hunger.
More contrast in food. The Japanese diet is believed that one day diet should differ significantly from each other, in this case, the body does not have time to “tune in to the product,” and forced to lose weight permanently, that the Japanese diet is required.
Plenty of fluids. Without large amounts of fluid to establish active weight loss and metabolism is impossible in the Japanese diet, nor in any other. Therefore, the Japanese diet recommends eating a fair amount of green tea (1 liter) and pure water (1 liter) daily.
Japanese diet menu

Let’s see the Japanese diet menu that will allow us to effectively cleanse the body and lose weight without hunger. Japanese diet menu is designed to 7 (one course) or 13 (two repetition rate) days, where the last day of exits from the diet.

The Japanese diet menu 1 day1 day Japanese diet traditionally fish. This day should eat boiled fish. Alternatively, fish can be replaced seafood, shrimps same. The approximate rate for the Japanese diet – 300 gr. fish of the day, which can be eaten fresh herbs (parsley, spinach), tomatoes, olives. Nuances of eating fish and seafood can be found in topic fish diet.

The Japanese diet menu 2 day2 day – vegetable. Vegetables in the Japanese diet used exclusively in fresh form, as it preserves antioxidants. You can use broccoli, carrots, turnips, cucumbers, celery, asparagus. If you make a salad, use for filling a minimum of soy sauce or vegetable oil, and, moreover, give up the salt.

The Japanese diet menu 3 day3 day – rice. It does not contain cholesterol and perfectly cleanses the body. Boil the rice in a saucepan Statement (300 g), divide it into 4-5 portions and eat during the day. Learn more about cooking rice can be found in topic rice diet, it is in the block just below the announcements section.

The Japanese diet menu 4 day4 day – fruit. First of all, pay attention to apples, oranges, grapefruit. Again, remember that the Japanese diet raw food diet recognizes only the product – any fruit salad with yogurt, which are so fond of our women. Standard – 4-5 fruits a day.

The Japanese diet menu 5 day5 day – beans. Legumes, especially soybeans – an indispensable part of the menu of Japanese and Japanese diet. Now in stores you can buy a variety of soy products – try it, you will surely enjoy. Beans are best to use dark than light. Combine beans with cucumbers, bell peppers, broccoli, spinach, celery, asparagus.

The Japanese diet menu 6 day6 day – soup. Soups in the diet of the Japanese occupied the place of honor, they are useful and nutritious. Important – referred to in the Japanese diet soups are talking about, not the broth. The question is in one paragraph not to disclose, so what can be used in soups losing weight and how to cook them, we are told in a special material soups for weight loss.

The Japanese diet menu 7 day7 day – those who go for 13 days of the Japanese diet, again start all over again, that is repeated one day, the other exits from the diet. Day release Japanese diet pays great attention – this is the moment of transition from a limited diet menu to a normal diet. Abrupt change of dishes may adversely affect the condition of the stomach, so the transition should be as soft. The Japanese diet is advised to take the last day of small portions of a variety of foods and eat them, separating the 3-4 hours, for example, in the morning to eat fish, soup for lunch, in the afternoon snack apple, and in the evening – vegetable salad.

The Japanese diet and green tea

Green tea – one of the pillars of the Japanese diet. It is necessary to drink every day at least four cups, hot or cold, with no sugar. It is better if you drink it between meals – it will not only quench your thirst, but also the feeling of hunger, while contributing to burn fat and reduce cholesterol. Try to replace it with water or, especially, the sweet juices should not be – the Japanese believe that this will reduce the effectiveness of the diet. Although, if you add to green tea clean water, at least a liter of diet will be even more successful, especially if the first pint of water you drink in the morning, as soon arise.

How many in the Japanese diet

People often ask – what size portions Japanese diet is considered correct. Answer. Japanese people have created a diet though and practical, but not enough to calculate it in calories or grams. Therefore, depending on how much you want to lose weight, they are asked to choose a certain part of the volume of your usual portion. If you try the Japanese diet for the first time, then take as a basis for first two-thirds of your normal portions, then, if you feel comfortable, can reduce to half.

How to lose weight on a diet of blood group.

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Blood group diet

After numerous TV shows dedicated to blood groups, blood group diet gained great fame, almost catching up in popularity Kremlin diet.

Blood group diet

What attracts blood group diet so many followers? First of all, the fact that the blood group diet does not limit the amount of food you eat, blood group diet does not require counting calories, be sure that almost all the other diets. In addition, the blood group diet in general is trying to absolve themselves of the term “diet” and in many ways rightly declares itself as a healthy diet, a person can easily stick a long time.

The popularity of diet on blood group.

It should be noted that the factor blood group has recently become popular in itself, it began to consider and astrologers, doctors and even family counselors. If we talk directly about the diet of blood group, it is based on a very simple principle – a man with a certain blood type should eat what people ate at a time when the blood came. Thus the very nature of man has told that the food for him at this stage of development is most favorable, and now more and more clinical studies confirm this theory. It is noted, for example, that the blood group diet improves not only improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism, but also greatly enhances immunity; there is a description of a few cases where this has contributed to the elimination diet allergies. In addition, the blood group diet should give a person more energy to make it more efficient and powerful.

Blood groups and human nutrition.

Let’s look at the different blood groups, on which is built on the idea of blood group diet. Four of them, and they appeared at different times, at a time when radically change the way of life and, accordingly, its power. It is at this fundemente running blood group diet. Initially, all the people was only the first group of blood, and people mostly eat meat. Later, when people have mastered farming, began to lead a more peaceful way of life, they gradually began to move away from meat, eating lots of plant foods, and that farmers have had a second blood group. Diet, Nutrition third group of blood due to two important concepts – the active migration of the population and the domestication of animals, it is the third group of blood began to consume milk. The fourth group of blood is believed to mean the end of the mixing period, migration and second and third groups.

Blood group diet

How to lose weight on a diet of blood group.

Briefly on that, does the blood group diet opportunity to lose weight, because most diets are used for this purpose. The answer is yes, and, as we have already noted, in the use of the products according to blood group weight loss, weight reset is not due to the limitation of power, hard prohibiting diets, strenuous exercise or pressure on the nervous system (hypnosis, stress), and with the most correct the point of view of human life by, ie normalization of food, improve health, enhance metabolism, good job cleaning and excretory systems. By drinking the blood group diet the body itself, without napomnimany and effort on the part, he gets rid of unnecessary toxins, excess fat. Thus, at least for sounds concept diet blood. Of course, it takes time to power on a diet of blood restructure the work of the body, so to lose weight fast, for 2 weeks or month, how many women want, is unlikely to succeed. This diet is more suitable for those who want to lose weight is not a holiday or beach season, but really, there were problems with your health and figure, though not to lose weight fast, but the quality and forever.

There are still moments that are important to understanding weight loss diet for blood group. It is hardly necessary to be worn with a diet on blood like a chicken with egg, because it is a system, but not an axiom. Over the millennia, mankind has come a long way, changed the products that we eat. Therefore, the blood group diet, we recommend to consider as a guide, as a hint. If your body is on for some reason can not tolerate the recommended products or, on the contrary, feels good in the use of anything from the list of undesirable, it is not necessary to radically break their usual table, because it is written in the recommendations of the diet. The main thing in the diet by blood group, like any other, to give you this food, which would be the most udovletovoryalo your needs, and there would be no forbidden fruit.

More details about that blood group diet recommends you personally, what it warns, you can find out by selecting the link with an indication of their blood group. In addition, we strongly recommend that you look at the bottom of the page reviews women who know from personal experience, how to lose weight on a diet for blood group and what problems you may encounter on your way.

6 petals as diet weight loss method

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Diet 6 petals

Diet 6 petals – the original and fun technique where you draw the flower will be a clear indicator of the success of your diet 6 petal.

Diet 6 petals

6 petals as diet weight loss method

Diet 6 petals – is the case when the main means of expression is not the content of the diet, namely form, because 6 petal diet is based on the long familiar to everyone losing weight the principle of alternation of different fasting days. Here is important visibility factor – you need to draw a flower with six petals and sign it six days a diet somewhere paste it (judging by the responses of women, the majority chooses fridge))), and when the day passes, you come off lepestochek, write on it their the results of these reviews 6 petal day diet. Turns and game time, and practical use.

But do not take diet 6 petals as funny jokes – six petal diet is under a quite serious dietary study. In terms of nutrition, diet 6 petals is a symbiosis of the six mono-diet for one day each. Their alternation also has a very important role because adheres to the principle of contrast, which does not allow the body to get used to certain products and thus reduce the quality and speed of weight loss. This is one of the biggest advantages of diet 6 petals. In addition, this approach allows virtually negate the problem of hunger – judging by your responses, the number of products allowed in the diet 6 petals, is enough to meet the food.

Well, let’s start – take a sheet of thick paper, pen or marker, draw a flower with six petals, cut out and pasted to the place where it will be permanently visible. And yet we tell you about the features of each day in the diet of six petals.

Diet menu 6 petals

Let’s look at the menu diet 6 petals – see how the process of losing weight is based on the 6 petal diet.

Diet 6 petals rybaPervy day diet 6 petals provides that in your menu will be boiled or baked fish, 300-500 grams. day. The salt should be used to a minimum, it is desirable to exclude, spices and herbs to add fish allowed. Drink the first day of the diet petals – green tea without sugar, mineral water without gas.

Vegetable diet on day 6 lepestkovVtoroy day menu 6 petal diet should be exclusively vegetable. The choice at your discretion, but especially recommended broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers. Can make salads and fill a small amount of vegetable oil. There blender – make vegetable juices.

Diet 6 petals chicken denTrety day in the diet 6 petals – chicken. In principle, you can use any part of the chicken, but it is better buy a pound of chicken breast, a day will suffice. It can braise, boil, bake, using spices and herbs. Drinks – as the first day.

Day 4 to 6 petals diet – porridge fourth day 6 petal diet we eat porridge cooked in water. Desirable options – oatmeal, buckwheat, rice. Do not add oil. Allowed as bran, germinated seeds. Drink water, green tea, can make kvass.

Cottage cheese diet lepestkovTvorog 6, which built the fifth day petal diet should compensate for the lack of calcium and other minerals. Fat content – up to 5%, the recommended amount – 400-500gr. If you wish, you can add natural yogurt (without sugar!), Low-fat milk, yogurt.

Fruits in the diet 6-petalled finally diet 6 petals on the last day to pamper yourself allows fruits, up to a kilogram a day. This is primarily grapefruit, apples and kiwi fruit, you can eat them separately, can be mixed in a blender and make fresh juice.

Six days have passed, all torn petals, six petals diet is over. How do you feel? If everything is in order, do yourself a little break, and then draw a new flower and forth to the heights of beauty and harmony.

Fasting days for weight loss

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Fasting days for weight loss

If you are looking for an easy way to lose weight, then holding fasting days once a week – this is for you! The most important thing – to choose the option handling of the day that suits you.

Fasting days for weight loss

Apple fasting day

Pros apple fasting day. The British claim that eating an apple every day, you can save money on doctors. Can you imagine what the economy of the whole “apple” of the day! And all because a lot of apples stimulants metabolism – vitamins C, B1, B2, P, E, carotene, potassium, iron, organic acids and fiber, which cleanses the body.

Cons apple fasting day. In diseases of the digestive tract apples can cause aggravation. This is especially true of problems with high acidity of the stomach, in which absolutely contraindicated sour apples.

Menu for apple fasting day. You will need 1.5 kg of fresh or baked apples, divided into 5-6 receptions. One third of them is better to eat in the liver form during such processing apples produced more pectin – one of the best adsorbents. Still, experts advise drinking 5 cups of apple juice or compote without sugar.

Kefir discharge day

Pros kefir fasting day. Fasting day on kefir transferred quite easily, besides, you can see how you carry monodiets in case if you decide to spend them. Besides kefir inhibits putrefaction in the intestine, promotes the excretion of metabolic end products. It activates digestion, eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the stomach, improves the complexion and removes allergy. Kefir is almost completely absorbed by the body within an hour.

Cons kefir fasting day. There is a category of people who can not tolerate dairy products. For them, holding kefir day can turn into a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, and excessive flatulence.

Menu on the day of discharge. You will need 1.5 liters of nonfat yogurt (yogurt, acidophilus), which should be divided into 5-6 servings. It is very important to choose the “right” yogurt. It is not necessary to drink kefir today (see date of manufacture on the packaging), as in the first day after manufacturing it increases gassing and can cause diarrhea. Drink the same stand in the refrigerator for more than 3 days, contributes to constipation.

Fasting day with yogurt

Pros yogurt fasting day. Fasting day on yogurt has the same mass of positive qualities that kefir, but it is certainly more delicious. This makes yogurt fasting day one of the hits among similar methods of losing weight. Of course, you need to choose natural yogurt with a little shelf life and low fat content, but it is absolutely not a problem today in any store a wide selection of quality yogurt.

Cons yogurt fasting day. As yogurt, this product may be individual digestive problems. But if you buy a good natural yoghurt without flavor enhancers and other additives, the question comes off by itself.

Menu on the day of discharge. If you want to spend on this product fasting day, buy 3 cup of yogurt and 2 green apples. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will have yogurt, and in the intervals can eat apples. Thus, you’ll get from the discharge of the day not only lose weight, but also very pleasant taste emotions.

Curd discharge day

Pros curd discharge day. Judging by the reviews that come to our office, curd discharge day is one of the most popular in the world of weight loss. A large amount of protein, firstly eliminates the feeling of hunger, and secondly, it is burned fat rather than muscle. But remember – use during the unloading of the day completely fat-free product can not be, because it violates the metabolism, the best fat in fasting day – 1.5-1.8%.

Disadvantages of the day curd discharge such as in the case of yogurt – poor tolerance of dairy products, especially for women after 35 years. They’d better spend their fasting day on granulated cottage cheese or fruit to supplement his / dried fruit.

Menu on the day of discharge. 400 grams of cottage cheese divided into 5 parts, approximately 80 grams. each, and eat it every 2-3 hours with a quarter of an apple. For half an hour before a meal you should drink 2 glasses of pure water, so that the body actively cleared.

Meat discharge day

Pros meat fasting day. Such discharge day belongs to the category of “well-fed”, so there is no hunger, and the effect is the same. Improves metabolism, increases the activity of enzymes that break down fat. In addition, it is a good opportunity to replenish protein and iron, which are particularly well absorbed from meat in the absence of carbohydrates. Meat fasting day should be for those who eventually want to go on a diet such as protein or the Kremlin diet – basically they just built on the meat.

Cons meat fasting day. “Meat” fasting day is contraindicated in people with kidney disease. Also, care should be taken to choose the “meat” menu handling of the day for those who have liver problems and blood vessels.

Menu on the day of discharge. You will need 400 grams of lean boiled beef or chicken breast (without salt). Meat, divide into 5 equal portions and eat during the day with garnish: cucumbers, tomatoes and white cabbage (100 g).

Buckwheat or rice fasting day

Pros fasting day. Buckwheat provides nutritious meals and lots of minerals. See details in the material buckwheat diet, learn a lot. A combination of yogurt with buckwheat – a real brush for the intestines, which gently and at the same time effectively get rid of stagnant metabolic products that significantly improve peristalsis. Rice is perfectly bring the body of excess water, cleanse the lymphatic system, get rid of toxins.

Cons fasting day. With this menu, they are almost there. Only those who have the problem of constipation, it is better to prefer buckwheat instead of rice menu.

Menu on the day of discharge. 1 cup buckwheat fill the night 2 cups boiling water, wrap up and leave until morning (salt, spices and fat do not need to add!). Also prepare a liter of 1% yogurt. Buckwheat should be eaten in three stages, drinking yogurt.

Rice fasting day. Cup rice pour a glass of boiling water and boil for a minute, drain and cook the rice in 2 cups of water until tender. Eat in three steps.

Of course, that’s not all options are fasting day. Recently began actively promoted fasting days at various teas, such as fasting day on ginger tea or tea with milk. Thus, the range of applications is constantly increasing fasting days, and you can choose the system more closely match your body. Try also to change the fasting days, see which one will show the best results, coupled with the effect of weight loss.

Through fasting day for the stomach all the rules, you will not only lose weight, quickly lose excess weight, but also to improve health. And for people with poor health who want to lose weight properly, fasting days should be an alternative diets.

If a fasting day you particularly like, look in the diets with which this product can be combined for quick weight loss

Mindset for Weight Loss

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In the struggle for harmony we can not always afford regular visits to the gym or fitness center, and there will come to the aid of exercises for weight loss at home. To get the desired result in the classroom at home, follow the advice of professionals – they will prompt you to exercise for weight loss the most useful.

Mindset for Weight Loss

Your exercise for weight loss will largely depend on how you decide to self-discipline. This is an important factor in employment. They must be regular and positive attitude, at least 3 times per week, and duration of 40 minutes. You should exercise like that change you for the better. Exercise for weight loss need to be taken with joy and make them happy – every coach will tell you that if you do so, weight loss occurs as if by magic. Conversely, if you perceive workouts for weight loss as hard labor, the results will be minimal.

Exercise for Weight Loss at home – that will need:

– Disassembled dumbbells, weight can be changed in the range of 3-16 kg.
– Narrow with a spring upholstered bench.
– Special mat on the floor to practice.
– A convenient form of “breathing” natural fabric.
– Comfortable sports shoes.
All sorts of exercises, including exercises for weight loss in a home, should begin with a warm-up. The purpose of the warm-up – warm up your muscles, get them to work, otherwise you may be injured and instead of losing weight will be a long time to heal her. Start exercise for weight loss with a five-minute run or walk in place, raising your knees, then follow the slopes – left, right, forward, backward, with the maximum speed for 3 minutes on each side. Complete home workout exercise at hand – for 5-7 minutes, rotate the shoulders, elbows, hands, imitate swimming breaststroke and crawl. Believe me, these simple exercises to lose weight does not mean less than the complex itself.

Basic exercises for weight loss

The first exercise for weight loss, helps to “reset the volume” on the inside of the thighs and buttocks. Squat 20 times for 1 approach, placing hands on the waist and legs apart at shoulder width. Deep squat, breathe in. Getting up to the starting position, exhale. Keep your back straight and do not bend. Later, increase the load to 3 approaches with a short break to the minute. A couple of weeks start squats with dumbbells.

The second exercise for weight loss and slimming the hips should be carried out attacks on one foot: a long step with the right foot, breath, lower the knee of the left leg to the floor. Going back to the original position, do a slow exhale. Hands should be at waist, legs rotate. Start with 15 exercises on one approach, then increase to 30 for 1 hike of 3.

The third exercise, not only for weight loss, but also improve the shape of breasts. When a person loses weight, lose weight and muscles that support the breasts, and you need to add them to power. Lie back on the bench, on a breath dissolve hands with dumbbells in hand, on the exhale pinch over the breast. First – 12 exercises 1 approach; later – up to 3 approaches. Gradually increase the weight of the dumbbell.

The fourth exercise for weight loss is good because it removes the extra inches in the waist, helping to tighten the lower abdominal muscles. Lie on your back on the mat, hands, grasp the heavy immovable object (sofa, wall bars). Bend your knees. Exhaling, lift them high above his head. Do breath, lowering the legs to the starting position.

The fifth exercise for weight loss, which everyone knows – work with the press. Fixing feet, bend your knees. Upper abdominal muscles you strengthen, shaking news. During exhalation, you have to bend and lower the head, and during inspiration to go to back to the floor. Like the previous exercise is performed for the maximum possible number of times you 1 approach. Later need to improve results and increase the number of approaches to 3.

The sixth exercise for weight loss – the famous gymnastic hoop. It not only burns fat around the waist and buttocks, but also improves metabolism, which is important for weight loss, and helps to eliminate cellulite. Minimum time – 10 minutes per session, and exercise for weight loss hoop must be continuous. Fell hoop – lifted and twisted again, without rest or stop.

Of course, it’s not all exercises that will help you lose weight, but they can be your base for the first lesson, then you already own will choose a kind of exercises that will allow you to lose weight in the desired areas of the body – hips, buttocks, waist, legs.

To exercise for weight loss were the most effective, it is necessary to adjust the power, if possible, eliminating flour, fat and sweet. Otherwise what is the point to burn fat through exercise, if you immediately add it for food. Dinner should be light, and in the daily ration must be raw vegetables and fruits. Enter your weekly mode if you do not diet, then at least one fasting day, and the result is a home set of exercises you will feel at 4-6 th week of regular classes.

bath slimming

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Soda baths are used for weight loss in the home and in the sanatorium conditions – Today we will tell you how to use baking soda for weight loss, give recipes soda baths for weight loss and advise you what to combine with soda bath to achieve the maximum effect of weight loss.

How do the soda bath slimming

It turns out that the most common baking soda can help a person lose weight if he will use it in soda baths. Soda bath for weight loss have been known for a long time, and their healing properties has repeatedly found confirmation in a review, doctors and nutritionists. It was found that soda, especially when combined with some salt and essential oils, promotes a very sharp surge in metabolic processes in the body, not only in the bath with baking soda for weight loss, but also during the next hours. Thus, soda baths slimming lead not only to burn fat, but also to the powerful cleansing of toxins. That is, you deal a double blow to the extra pounds. And despite the fact that baking soda is used in baths for weight loss does not cause a healthy person any serious allergic reactions, it is fair to assume soda baths one of the most effective means of weight loss home.

Soda bath for weight loss – recipe

Despite the fact that the Internet offers a wide variety of recipes soda baths for weight loss, it is hardly worth trying them all, because, in fact, the recipe bath with baking soda alone, and everything else – often fudge, not confirmed by any reviews. So, for the preparation of soda bath slimming must be added to a bath filled with 300 grams of ordinary baking soda and 500 grams of sea salt. The most comfortable temperature of water, which will allow you to take a bath during this period, 36-39 degrees, meaning you will not be cold nor hot. However, diluted baking soda and salt and can be in a high temperature bath and then allowed to cool to give the desired degrees and then start the process of weight loss. Take a bath with baking soda for weight loss need a day for 20-25 minutes, with 10 procedures. After taking a bath need only to get wet body with a towel and it is desirable to lie under a warm blanket for 1-2 hours, or, alternatively, to take a bath with diet soda at bedtime.

Slimming bath with baking soda and essential oils

You can often find information that soda bath slimming essential oils are added. Here it should be noted that this method is also used for baths with soda, but not so much for weight loss, how to improve the quality of the skin and get rid of cellulite, ie data soda baths are a few other areas. If the same problem you have, you can slightly change course and use different baths in a day, one day clean with baking soda and salt, the second – with oils. Do not worry, you’ll lose weight in both cases. Moreover, soda bath for weight loss significantly tighten the skin, making it soft, velvety, relieve inflammation and soothe. Best of all, according to arabio.ru, helping citrus oils – lemon, sweet orange, grapefruit and bergamot – add ten drops just before taking a bath for weight loss.

lose 5 and 10 lbs. for a week or 10 days

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How to Lose Weight

As home lose 5 and 10 lbs. for a week or 10 days – hundreds of articles on the topic of weight loss and feedback from our readers, who managed to lose weight at home easily and quickly.

How to Lose Weight

Theories about how to lose weight at home at 5 or 10 kg, five or 10 days, a huge number, but some of them actually help you lose weight. Ask this question, we conducted surveys for almost a year among our readers who checked on his experience as you can lose 5 or 10 kg, will be enough for this timing like 5 days a week, 10 days. In their review, among the hundreds of materials on weight loss, we chose those with advice, recipes, menus, help women achieve a result, lose weight, lose weight.

Those who want to lose weight fast in a week or, say, 10 days to lose 5 or 10 kg, is easy to find in our section of harsh methods that require serious dietary restrictions. For those who want to lose weight at home, though not fast, but easy, no return weight, we advise you to pay attention to the gentle way in which you will lose weight without feeling hungry and internal stress.

How to lose weight in a week at home

Whether and how to lose weight in a week of 2.3, 5, 10 kg – such questions often asked by women in our forums, and today we will answer them with confidence – lose weight in a week at home is not only possible, but really. The authors of the magazine carried out their own experiments, trying to lose weight in a week, and achieved excellent results – the numbers 5 and 10 kg. not invented, they saw with their own eyes the scales, not only participating in the experiment, but also a little envious colleagues. On the basis of all our stories of weight loss, we have compiled for you a set of measures that accurately help you lose weight in a week – it needs only to pull yourself together, do not be lazy, and all you must succeed, because we have lost weight in a week, even those who, it would seem, and lose weight, there is no place (imagine there are).

How to lose weight system ROUNDUP AT HOME consists of 4 parts, which are carried out, attention, at the same time, only then you will get a guaranteed result. This is a favorite diet soda bath, a technique to retract the abdomen and exercise.

How to Lose Weight

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How to Lose Weight

As home lose 5 and 10 lbs. for a week or 10 days – hundreds of articles on the topic of weight loss and feedback from our readers, who managed to lose weight at home easily and quickly.

How to Lose Weight

Theories about how to lose weight at home at 5 or 10 kg, five or 10 days, a huge number, but some of them actually help you lose weight. Ask this question, we conducted surveys for almost a year among our readers who checked on his experience as you can lose 5 or 10 kg, will be enough for this timing like 5 days a week, 10 days. In their review, among the hundreds of materials on weight loss, we chose those with advice, recipes, menus, help women achieve a result, lose weight, lose weight.

Those who want to lose weight fast in a week or, say, 10 days to lose 5 or 10 kg, is easy to find in our section of harsh methods that require serious dietary restrictions. For those who want to lose weight at home, though not fast, but easy, no return weight, we advise you to pay attention to the gentle way in which you will lose weight without feeling hungry and internal stress.

How to lose weight in a week at home

Whether and how to lose weight in a week of 2.3, 5, 10 kg – such questions often asked by women in our forums, and today we will answer them with confidence – lose weight in a week at home is not only possible, but really. The authors of the magazine carried out their own experiments, trying to lose weight in a week, and achieved excellent results – the numbers 5 and 10 kg. not invented, they saw with their own eyes the scales, not only participating in the experiment, but also a little envious colleagues. On the basis of all our stories of weight loss, we have compiled for you a set of measures that accurately help you lose weight in a week – it needs only to pull yourself together, do not be lazy, and all you must succeed, because we have lost weight in a week, even those who, it would seem, and lose weight, there is no place (imagine there are).

How to lose weight system ROUNDUP AT HOME consists of 4 parts, which are carried out, attention, at the same time, only then you will get a guaranteed result. This is a favorite diet soda bath, a technique to retract the abdomen and exercise.

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