What prevents us from losing weight

What prevents us from losing weight

BARRIER ONE: THEORY unscientific
Around the theme of traditional weight loss there are many misconceptions – for example, the statement that you need to eat according to their blood group or that it is necessary to carry out systemic clearance of the organism from “slags”
and so on. n. From the scientific point of view, all these ideas are not justified and only delay our progress toward harmony.

SECOND BARRIER: scary, as much horror!
Many people think that losing weight – it’s always a struggle, always half-starved state. Weight Loss – is hard work, it is a daily jogging in the morning, training up a sweat … This principle is based diets most modern and most motor regimes, and suggested even professionals. These ideas give rise to the fear of losing weight, so we constantly postpone the beginning of “new life.” That is, we enter into the very same 95% who do not do anything.
Besides, if we plan to “Monday”
take for themselves (for life giving up just delicious!), then the whole next week we will have a well, very much, for future use. But go week after week, and our “Monday” does not come all …
In tactics to lose weight = tormented there are a number of defects, which sooner or later will get out and spoil the whole thing, even if the person overcome fear and a will. All the time he will “tighten the screws”, believing that it is more difficult than the better. He will constantly balancing on the verge of portability, so the result is sure to fail.

If weight loss is based on the wrong tactics, then each subsequent kilogram robs us of more power than the previous one. The body resists violence – reduced energy consumption, increased appetite, bad mood. And then there comes a time when the weight stops falling, despite all our efforts and unbearable life … That is, the vast majority of “painful slimming” the result will be much more modest effort.

Besides, to maintain the achieved weight usually involves torment – even somewhat smaller, but still … And we do not want to suffer a lifetime of hunger and unrealized gastronomic desires in the midst of a general full life! We are back to the old diet and physical inactivity – and then recover. Many, by the way, during this secondary weight gain lulls that now they know the right way to “quick fix.” It is clear that with these thoughts, “fatter” even faster.

BARRIER FIFTH: diet pills
It is important to understand that a person who has chosen the tactics of torment, gain weight because of this very tactic! But, unfortunately, most of us think so: they lost weight thanks to a wonderful method, but get better because of the lack of will, because of its “worthlessness”, “vicious”, “bad luck” …
Example: many of us, trying not to eat after 6 pm and jumping up to 9 hours already, as a result begin to think that they are sick bulimia, or their psychological dependence on food, or metabolic disorder … beginning to turn to doctors and pharmacists in search treatment. And if there is demand, there will be a supply. And worldwide pharmacy shelves are full of anti-obesity agents. Hence also the rapid flowering of coding, as well as psychotherapeutic techniques built on resentment and self-loathing.
The number of tools and methods is growing, but the situation does not change. Probably because of all the techniques to implement a ban and suffering.
The matter is further complicated by the fact that such tactics are extremely painful lot. One did not help – we want to resort to the other. While they all pereprobuesh … And as someone certain methods do sometimes help, each method is formed a circle of fans.
Thus, the system of prohibitions is flawed, and we need to give it up. A time to recognize it, armed with a very simple and reliable criterion. Before you try to imagine something new, ask yourself, would you do it if I had not planned to lose weight? If not, then any torment there are assumed. And we do not even particularly care what it is. Be whether to eliminate all carbohydrates, fats, or all, or sweet, or exercise till you drop … All is one – after some time there will be a breakdown.

And what can this traditional vicious tactics to oppose?
A comprehensive three-pronged approach “Lose Weight correctly”:
– Small dietary restrictions that make it rather wellness than unloading;
– Motor mode, aimed not at the maximum power consumption, and to increase the vitality and efficiency;
– A set of measures designed to improve mood and enhance your daily life.
Our main principle – reasonable sufficiency pohudatelnye action. And the only problem is that our tactics is that it can not just go and rewrite from the book, like any diet. She needs to learn, because this is the “set of best effort” for everybody. The fact that for some time as for the other may be excessive or insufficient.

Can not be tolerated Dine

Can not be tolerated Dine
Some people think that dinner – the first victim to be brought slender waist. Others insist that from dinners do not get fat, but on the contrary. So who is right?

Masculinity and hungry
Sacramental “give dinner to the enemy” is perceived by many as a direct call to action. The most persistent is not simply refuse dinners, and generally do not eat after 6 pm, moving through life with a bottle of kefir 0.5%, sipping from it whenever hunger. Then they write on forums and blogs is something about the size 44 pants that finally buttoned them and immediately recognized that the pants pants, but sometimes in the middle of the night they have to rush to the nearest “McDonald’s”. Because driven constraints to handle the body requires satisfaction! Fans of early dinners believe that weary themselves for good reason. How justified are these hopes?

1. Metabolism is most intense during the day, in the afternoon he dies. Accordingly, the “eaten” calories are deposited in the evening on the sides. Not dinner – cheated thrifty body.
2. Refusing to his dinner, we, in fact, just skip one meal and thus reduce the amount of calories daily. If this still manage to fall asleep quickly, the pangs of hunger, you can just … sleep. However, there is a chance that will not be able to sleep all others: the deceived stomach is used to loudly express their dissatisfaction.
3. Skipping dinner, we become much more active at breakfast. Most likely will not have to forcibly cram a muesli, cheese and choke awake coyly sip coffee with the words “Oh, I do not understand how you must be swallowed to zaaavtrakat …”. No, your appetite will be so brutal that in one sitting, you get smarter pan fried eggs, porridge and even fish from the refrigerator soup left over from yesterday. Incidentally, many nutritionists advise to accustom yourself to a hearty breakfast. And missed dinner – just a tool that will help us in this.

1. There are very few people who have the rejection of the dinner given without difficulty. For the most part it larks that early and wake up early in the fall. They somehow just can not easily eat after six, because fall asleep to the top of “Time”.
2. The long break between meals fraught with problems with the stomach and intestines. In some diseases, such as an ulcer or gastritis, predisposition to stone formation in the gall bladder refusal to dinner – all nonsense.
3. If you eat the whole day on the run, somehow, and then another, and without leaving the dinner itself, in the long term it can lead not only to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals (and it is – a prerequisite for the development of a variety of diseases), but and weight gain! Because the body, confused constant lack of food, metabolism slows down and every calorie uhvachennuyu tends to turn into hard currency – that is fat. And for what then, one wonders, are suffering?

Full and contented
While some people are fighting with dinner, others their welcome. And it is not that they do not have enemies, and no one to feed the evening dose chop or fried potatoes with bacon. As shown by recent research, people generally tend to shock load in the evening, regardless of whether they have overweight or not. There are several reasons.
Firstly, instinct tells the body to make fat reserves in case of nuclear war, and they are most successfully postponed because of the evening meal. And when some are trying to resist nature and fast, others are happily on her over and eat.
Secondly, many of the morning can not push a single piece, but vengeance rather eat off the evening.
Third, the work schedule is often not conducive to “Nutrition Science”. In the morning, slept – there was no time to eat, worn around the office during the day, like a squirrel in a wheel – there was no time to eat, came home after work – and here it is, a simple female happiness. A cooler full of food.
In such a position in life has its pros and cons.

1. There is no hunger. No matter how much you say that man – it sounds good, but not worth the time to eat, how to awaken in us the most bad qualities of character – selfish ambition, impatience and irritability. Organism under stress and wants to replenish vital energy. Evening meal soothes and quenches the animal instincts. Excellent anti-depressant!
2. Dinner provides comfortable gaps between snacks, what the gastrointestinal tract and biliary system will be only too happy. They are known, can not stand to work in an emergency mode, or sit on a starvation diet for hours waiting for them to just settle even a small piece of recycling.
2. After eating at night, we sleep at night sweet.
3. The evening meal can be an effective tool to raise immunity. Nutritionists advise not to neglect a piece of bread with a real bacon and garlic. Salo provides a feeling of satiety and softens the expressiveness of garlic. He, in turn, provides an antibacterial effect, increases the body’s defenses and even lowers blood levels of “bad” cholesterol. Moreover, in one such sandwich (with the proviso that the thickness of a piece of fat – not more than 2 mm) – total 100 kcal.
4. Evening gatherings at the table, we provide psychological comfort. Unlike the morning, already will not have to rush. Have time to cook something interesting, but do not swallow conditionally edible food like sausages and instant noodles to eat. You can pay attention to and the notorious “aesthetics of everyday life” – to get out of the chest prababushkin table service of silver and crisp tablecloth – and pleasant communication with home, which we have lacked in the daily turmoil.

1. If a late dinner – your main meal of the day, be prepared for trouble like weight gain. Starved body will take its!
2. Fatty evening meal affects us paradoxically – like the lulls, but definitely does not sleep. Therefore, notably at night after eating fatty meats or fish, you can watch and avail considered plump sheep, crawling climb over the fence.
3. Abundant food at night – an additional burden on the body, which could spend the night in a simplified mode, thus resting and recovering.

As you can see, the question of “dining or not,” can not be answered unequivocally. If you go to bed early, late suppers you simply do not need. It is enough to snack about 6-7 pm. When nocturnal without dinner just can not do – and this will not affect the process of losing weight if you follow some simple rules.
Eat at least 2.5 hours before bedtime, then the body will have time to “shake” dialed calories. The best way to get rid of them – go for a walk, even with her husband, even though the dog. Evening romp with children also contributes to the loss of kilojoules, so there is no reason to drive away from the kids themselves formidable phrase “go do something – mommy after dinner waiting for an exercise bike.” Intellectual work – quite a energy-intensive. Here I write an article now and lose calories at a rate of about 100 calories per hour.
Nutritionists do not recommend to eat at night fat meat or fish, but also some vegetables and fruits do not advise. The first spur appetite, and secondly (especially in the grapes and so on. D.) Too much glucose, an excess of which is converted into fatty acids and stored as surplus at the waist. Best dinner – a piece of lean meat with vegetables and cheese, cheese cakes and other dishes made of protein and complex carbohydrates.

familiar stranger

familiar stranger
“Kefir? – Will wave his hand to you. – Well, who does not know the yogurt …” We dare to suggest that there are things that are unknown even to his longtime fans.

Did you know, for example, that the mass production of yogurt in Russia began as a love affair in the action, with the kidnapping and unrequited love? Or synthesize kefir starter scientists still have not managed, modern Kefir fungus – a direct descendant of the fact that, according to legend, was presented to mountaineers Mohammed? We collected the most interesting facts about the popular fermented milk drinks and once again convinced he deserves to be every day on our table.

1. For centuries, the recipe of yogurt remained unchanged. Jar of milk and leaven carried on the road near the house, and every passerby had to kick his leg. Sun milk is heated and allowed to ferment occasional shaking to mix with milk and accelerated fermentation.

2. In Moscow kefir grains appeared only in 1908, and thanks to a lucky break. Deciding to set up production of yogurt, known molokozavodchik Nicholas Blandov sent to Kislovodsk beautiful young employee Irina Sakharova. She was supposed to charm the prince Bek-Mirza Boycharova, a provider of local dairies, and redeem his kefir grains. But the prince still could not decide, and the deal was postponed.
Hoping to get the locals fungi Sakharov together with a colleague went on aouls. During one of these trips at Irina attacked. Son of Prince, in love with a girl, kidnapped her and offered her hand and heart. She refused. Meanwhile, her colleague went to the police and the young prince was arrested.
At trial, the parties were invited to reconciliation. Sakharov agreed on one condition: the prince had to give her 10 pounds of kefir grains. The next day she was resourceful “grain of the Prophet”, together with a large bouquet of flowers. Upon her return to Moscow bottle with yogurt came to the Botkin Hospital: the first yogurt was intended exclusively for medical institutions …

3. Now this drink can be prepared at home by simply adding a pasteurized or boiled milk a few spoonfuls of store yogurt.

4. kefir grains are grown in the Research Institute of the dairy industry and then deliver to dairies. Synthesize it ferment scientists have failed. Modern Kefir fungus – a direct descendant of the fact that, according to legend, was presented to mountaineers Mohammed!

5. Due to the aggressive advertising of yoghurt yogurt consumption is reduced. Although beneficial microorganisms in it 4-5 times more than in the newfangled “brothers”! By the way, these dairy products – are fundamentally different. The structure includes yoghurt Streptococcus thermophilus and Bulgarian bacillus. And in the kefir – kefir grains.

6. Kefir helps to lose weight. He is well nourishes and improves digestion. Just choose losing weight is better to low-fat yogurt – 1-1.5% ethyl.

7. In the early 1980s, the Akademik Fyodorov Corners made to ban yogurt. He suggested that due to the alcohol content popular dairy drink can cause alcohol dependence. However, in the course of the examination, it was found that the alcohol in kefir very little – only 0.023% -0.043% and passion subsided a bit. Last abandon kefir – at least, motorists – offered the chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko. But it seems that his words were not taken seriously.

8. From yogurt, kefir or yogurt can be done …
dough for pies, pancakes, muffins, gingerbread, biscuits, cookies;
cottage cheese, yogurt;
salad dressing;
sauce (for example, just mix yogurt with herbs and spices);
cold soup (eg, cucumbers and herbs);
healthy drink with fresh or frozen berries;
marinade for barbecue;
desserts (e.g., gelatin);
mask for the face and hair.

9. A fresh yogurt has laxative properties, and two three-contrary attaches. More than three days to keep the drink is not: it becomes very acidic, and can be used only as baking powder or for making homemade pancakes and cakes.
10. The probiotics contained in yogurt, relax, soothe and reduce the level of anxiety – to the conclusion reached by Dr. Emeran Mayer of Los Angeles. A group of scientists under his leadership conducted a study. 60 volunteers for some time drinking milk products. All of them after a while said that become less anxious and restless, and computer diagnostics revealed positive changes in the relevant areas of the brain.

11. The principle of “the more you drink kefir, the better” is incorrect. His daily rate of consumption – 200-400 ml.

12. Kefir drink tastes like yogurt, but it does not have useful properties.
In the production of the first use of the dry lactic starter cultures. And, moreover, it may contain stabilizers, thickeners and vegetable fats. Carefully studied the label! As part of this yogurt – only milk (whole, skim, or normalized) and kefir grains.

13. This yogurt can be found and by the fact that …
– It is not stored for more than 7 days
– The label indicates the number of lactic acid microorganisms (cfu 1h107 least 1 g), and yeast (CFU 1h104 least 1 g) at the end of shelf life,
– If you leave for a day with an open bottle of yogurt in the refrigerator, it will not mildew.


Is it on this relaxed attitude to food and, in particular, to the sweet tooth can lose weight? You can! If you change the eating habits and lifestyle without stress. Patrick advises to make only those changes that you understand and enjoyable. Overpower himself his teeth, dump pounds on clear restrictions are not necessary. Willpower will be wasted. This convincing examples of people for whom the Borg observes. “Every meeting with a maximalist, overly restrictive yourself makes me sad thoughts and alarming for its future – sigh Patrik.- keep weight is possible only to those who during the process of losing weight does not suffer, but rather enjoys taking place in the life change. ”
And one more thing you need clarification. Stress-related to food, its weight, losing weight does not mean permissiveness. There should be a variety of foods should be eaten the right amount. You have saved yourself from unwanted restrictions and change? So, save some power, which would have spent on compliance. These savings, let’s force and direct the choice of food and its quantity.

sweet to lose weight

SEPARATELY the sweet
Already finished nothing surprising, ask questions about sweet – can it be losing weight? Still surprised response. “A lot of sweets completely forbid themselves or allowed once a week. In my opinion, once a week – a little – confidently says Borg. – Moderately can feast every day. It’s a little influence on the rate of weight loss, but it will keep your attitude is normal for sweets . The refusal and restrictions will create an aura of forbidden fruit. and you begin to crave them more and more, and soon no longer be able to treat them properly.
Eat those sweets that you want. I do not believe that it makes sense to divide them into “more” and “less harmful”. Choose low-fat instead of chocolate and marmalade overeat it? I do not think it is a variant of proper nutrition. And more. Sweet temptations we must learn to live now, not later, when you lose weight. Then it will be too late, you can not hold the weight. Build a normal relationship with candies and chocolates will help you a good diet, enough food and permissive attitude toward delicacies. “

WILL supper?

WILL supper?
Another error desperate to lose weight, according to Patrick, is the belief that you can not have dinner. That’s not it. In fact, successful get rid of extra pounds are those who not only breakfast, but also lunch and dinner. The best option for a third meal on the Borg – hot main dish with vegetables. “It will be better for weight loss than if you poklyuete something a couple of times a night and go to bed with a rumbling stomach,” – he warns. And then he recalled that evening hunger can be controlled: “Ask yourself:” Is it hard to me to control myself in this time of day? How often do I have to overeat to ward off hunger? Do drop me performance in the second half of the day, there tends to sleep, whether drawn on the sweet? If yes, then eat more during the day. ”
Half of the daily amount of food should be eaten to 16-17 hours. The disappearance of breakfast, light lunch – a direct route to the evening gluttony. “Do not be afraid to eat during the day – said Patrick, and then in the evening you will have less pull to the refrigerator.”
As you know, food, in his opinion, do not be afraid. The feeling of satiety, achieved through the right amount of food – a guarantee of weight loss. What does “the right amount”? The one that gives the feeling of satiety. Many dieters are sitting on the bite – peck all the time, but little, if only to ward off hunger. And it should be, says Patrick, do the opposite – to the full load to hunger is not tormented by 4-5 hours.

The emphasis is not SEE

The emphasis is not SEE
What did he eat? We do all the more interesting because the Borg advises patients to what he should. But if we simply list “allowed” foods, we get a regular diet, diet to be called by the Borg, but he just their opponent. In short, the list will not be, but it will be an episode about which my companion told an ulterior motive. And So …
“When I lecture in refresher courses doctors often ask the question:” What is the first thing to do to lose weight? “Most often I hear – move more and reduce the fat content of food. And no, as a rule, does not say to add to the diet of vegetables, and this is the correct answer. Vegetables – most important for weight loss. In grocery stores always see the same picture. people read the label and choose the most low-fat foods, and rightly so, but the same people are quick step pass vegetable shelves. pass and do not realize that just because they do not lose weight. “

END OF CONTROL to lose weight

The choice of profession Patrick influenced the love of two things: people and delicious food. First, he always wanted to help, and the second love is, and cook. At one time even thought to go in cooking, but then began to dream of the medical profession. As a result, the possibility of two found their “love” and began to combine the science of nutrition.
First, Patrick graduated from the Faculty of Food Technology, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine and then at the University of Kuopio, where he began to work with the athletes. However, quite quickly and on their own initiative switched from athletes at the holders of excess pounds. Whether he had a personal interest in this topic? Of excess weight Borg did not suffer, but the tendency to gain weight it has, loves to eat, so attention to your diet, it draws.
“Control yourself,” – a knowing nod. “No – objection Patrick – I can not control, I am against the word. But there is everything I can not.”

you will not only lose weight

Eat as much as you want to avoid feeling hungry, choose foods wisely, and you will not only lose weight, but also hold the achieved weight. Doubt? In vain. This recommendation is tested in practice.

I was lucky: Patrick Borg was in the decree. Just on the days when I agreed to meet him, he took the position of each Finnish father leave to care for a newborn son. And bezvylazno sitting at home, enjoying the company of four baby. His weeping and mingled with the pope’s reply to my first question, but that’s Borg Jr. moved into his arms mother and we plunged into the paradoxes of the tactics of weight loss, which is offered by Patrick. And it is, frankly, amazing. Advice that my interlocutor gives people suffering from excess weight, is: “Yes, yes, and again there.”

WE ALL cure
“Wait a minute – I am perplexed. – What does it mean? Is it to get rid of completeness, it is necessary first of all to eat?” Yes, it is to be understood. And it’s not the only thing that stunned me my companion. The second paradox of the Borg can be summarized as follows: almost every man sitting on a diet or comply with some system power can be regarded as suffering from an eating disorder.
Patrick treated patients with pronounced eating disorders, watching those who are sitting on a diet, compared with those and other ordinary people, and eventually came to the conclusion that excessive attention to food, all kinds of tricks, traps and tricks which we embark to lose weight, indicate that the person has a psychological problem.
Trying to argue: “Is the desire to take care of yourself, eat properly can equate to eating disorders?” And I hear in response: “Think about it: can we consider the norm, when a person always thinks about when he should eat the next time, allowing him to it or not. What good is a thought:” Oh! I ate a piece of cake, now we have to burn those calories in the fitness club or for a walk “?!

How to lose weight fast? Meets Dr. Oz

How to lose weight fast? Meets Dr. Oz!
Popular nutrition experts are always there to answer the question “How to lose weight fast?” – Probably because it asked them most often.
American of Turkish origin cardiologist Mehmet Oz was quite well-known specialist in thoracic surgery (surgery on the chest), but the real fame came to him after he appeared as a health expert on the legendary talk show host Oprah Winfrey. Charm and erudition of the doctor, as well as practical orientation to his advice quickly turned Oz into a crowd favorite, and in 2009 he received the “possession” of his 44-minute program, “Dr. Oz Show”, which has become the mouthpiece for the Americans present information about the topic of weight loss.
Dr. Oz is famous for the fact that their picks for the most urgent programs and issues. Guests his show arguing about genetically modified products, arsenic in apple juice and real benefit superfudov. And, of course, a constant theme of the show was “how to lose weight fast.”
Vigorous Mehmet Oz the delight of his fans do not skimp on the preparation of diets in its own name. One of the most famous was the “rapid diet Dr. Oz”: extremely low-calorie low-carb eating plan, which is recommended to stick to two weeks. Judging by the rave reviews from bloggers who lose weight quickly by using the “rapid diet,” manages to 5-7 kg.