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December 6, 2014

The emphasis is not SEE

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The emphasis is not SEE
What did he eat? We do all the more interesting because the Borg advises patients to what he should. But if we simply list “allowed” foods, we get a regular diet, diet to be called by the Borg, but he just their opponent. In short, the list will not be, but it will be an episode about which my companion told an ulterior motive. And So …
“When I lecture in refresher courses doctors often ask the question:” What is the first thing to do to lose weight? “Most often I hear – move more and reduce the fat content of food. And no, as a rule, does not say to add to the diet of vegetables, and this is the correct answer. Vegetables – most important for weight loss. In grocery stores always see the same picture. people read the label and choose the most low-fat foods, and rightly so, but the same people are quick step pass vegetable shelves. pass and do not realize that just because they do not lose weight. “

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