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October 24, 2014

How to lose weight fast? Meets Dr. Oz

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How to lose weight fast? Meets Dr. Oz!
Popular nutrition experts are always there to answer the question “How to lose weight fast?” – Probably because it asked them most often.
American of Turkish origin cardiologist Mehmet Oz was quite well-known specialist in thoracic surgery (surgery on the chest), but the real fame came to him after he appeared as a health expert on the legendary talk show host Oprah Winfrey. Charm and erudition of the doctor, as well as practical orientation to his advice quickly turned Oz into a crowd favorite, and in 2009 he received the “possession” of his 44-minute program, “Dr. Oz Show”, which has become the mouthpiece for the Americans present information about the topic of weight loss.
Dr. Oz is famous for the fact that their picks for the most urgent programs and issues. Guests his show arguing about genetically modified products, arsenic in apple juice and real benefit superfudov. And, of course, a constant theme of the show was “how to lose weight fast.”
Vigorous Mehmet Oz the delight of his fans do not skimp on the preparation of diets in its own name. One of the most famous was the “rapid diet Dr. Oz”: extremely low-calorie low-carb eating plan, which is recommended to stick to two weeks. Judging by the rave reviews from bloggers who lose weight quickly by using the “rapid diet,” manages to 5-7 kg.

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