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October 24, 2014

How to lose weight fast? low-fat products

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How to lose weight fast? Ignore low-fat products
Low-fat food allows you to quickly lose weight? Debatable! Minimum fat does not always go hand in hand with low calorie. Marketers have turned “skimmed” into a synonym for “dietichnosti” exploiting images of health and harmony in advertising industrial products with reduced-fat. Because fat is a universal carrier of human perceptions of taste and satiety, as well as a natural means of preservation, in food, devoid of it, manufacturers add sweeteners, flavoring and starch thickeners. An exception may be considered only low-fat cow’s milk: According to nutritionists, it really turns eating fewer calories, because the production of low-fat milk feed is simply diluted with water to the required percentage.
How, then quickly lose weight, if you eat foods of normal fat content? Watch out for the portion size and the composition of fat, preferring natural, unsaturated, not modified by hydrogenation. The general recommendation for a healthy diet – 60 grams of animal and vegetable fats 30 g per day in order to lose weight fast, this figure should be cut back by 30% (in the stage of active weight loss). And at the same time do not forget that meat products contain neizymaemy hidden fat, so choose lean pieces of advice are not contradictory: meat without visible fat streaks is not the same thing as the industrial low-fat product.

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