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October 24, 2014

How to lose weight fast?

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How to lose weight fast? Break through the chaos to order!
Smart planning – the mother of success, whether it’s career aspirations, military operations or the need to lose weight quickly. A good start for thoughtful food – shopping list. After spending a little mental and creative work on the detailed menu for the week, you will not only save time, effort and money, but also save yourself from the temptation to chew bought “accidentally” bag of chips.
It would seem that the question “How to lose weight fast?” The most obvious answer would be “Stop there.” However, if you successfully lose weight you are going to live a long time, and, if possible, happily, will have to part with thoughts of starvation. There must be a man, this biological fact can not be changed in the interest of neither beauty nor in any other. Moreover, in order to lose weight, you need to eat regularly – only under this condition the body would agree to give up stockpiles. With a lack of supply included hormonal mechanisms, preserving body fat. But if you eat, not skipping meals and keeping approximately equal intervals between them, the weight of a dead letter. Of course, provided that you have made for themselves a balanced healthy menu, an exclusive “empty” calories fast food, pastries and sweets, and control the amount of servings.
Automate your diet assigning meals daily at the same time and give out for lunch or dinner at least 30-40 minutes: for good saturation and assimilation of food is required slow.

Kefir diet for lose weight fast

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Kefir diet for lose weight of 10 pounds in a week

Kefir diet not only promotes weight loss, but also helps to strengthen the nervous system, is good for the circulation and blood vessels. This diet should be followed a week, on the day you need to drink at least 500 ml of yogurt and eat a small amount of other foods:

Day 1 – 5p. boiled potatoes;

2nd day – 100 grams of boiled chicken fillet;

3rd day – 100 grams of boiled meat;

4th day – 100 grams of boiled fish;

5th day – any number of fruits and vegetables, you can not eat the grapes and bananas, it is recommended to give up potatoes;

6th day – you can only drink kefir;

7th day – will have to abandon even yogurt, drink only mineral water.

When kefir diet can not eat salt and sugar, you can not deviate from the above sequence of food intake. Repeat kefir diet to lose weight can be no earlier than 3 months.

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