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October 24, 2014

Your dreeming to lose weight fast?

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How to lose weight fast? Go to the other end of town and wash something by hand
This advice is on the list of recommendations for those who want to lose weight quickly, would look ridiculous if it were not for the harsh realities of life – modern man by relying on modern machines, not only in the work, even in domestic affairs, not enough muscle effort and motion needed to waste calories. Sorry for time for training or money for a subscription? Resistant Hand wash, washing windows, or to bring in the divine form a running shower – surprise – will help to burn about 150 calories! Even in the well-kept home is always a “weak spots”, which does not get to the man’s hand, so the space for “therapy” is always there. A sense of satisfaction attending after you have given not only work your body, but did a little better the space around them is truly priceless.
By the way, just walking – a decent aerobic exercise for those who are not inspired by the gym. But be careful – at Duke University (USA) found that an increase in the duration of the walk with the standard recommended thirty to forty-five minutes a day allows you to quickly lose weight even without any significant change in the menu. Walk, in accordance with the wishes of the American experts, should be mutable rhythm, alternating with an energetic step slower. Walk before meals “cut off” calories twice, helping the body to use up energy supply and reducing appetite. The latter is not a mistake: the University of Glasgow partially refuted the stereotype of “nagulivanii appetite”, examining the behavior and feelings of a group of women undergoing treatment for obesity. Subjects unanimously reported that a 20-minute walk before meals allow them to feel full faster, and medical tests showed that adopted the food is better absorbed.

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