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December 6, 2014

you will not only lose weight

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Eat as much as you want to avoid feeling hungry, choose foods wisely, and you will not only lose weight, but also hold the achieved weight. Doubt? In vain. This recommendation is tested in practice.

I was lucky: Patrick Borg was in the decree. Just on the days when I agreed to meet him, he took the position of each Finnish father leave to care for a newborn son. And bezvylazno sitting at home, enjoying the company of four baby. His weeping and mingled with the pope’s reply to my first question, but that’s Borg Jr. moved into his arms mother and we plunged into the paradoxes of the tactics of weight loss, which is offered by Patrick. And it is, frankly, amazing. Advice that my interlocutor gives people suffering from excess weight, is: “Yes, yes, and again there.”

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“Wait a minute – I am perplexed. – What does it mean? Is it to get rid of completeness, it is necessary first of all to eat?” Yes, it is to be understood. And it’s not the only thing that stunned me my companion. The second paradox of the Borg can be summarized as follows: almost every man sitting on a diet or comply with some system power can be regarded as suffering from an eating disorder.
Patrick treated patients with pronounced eating disorders, watching those who are sitting on a diet, compared with those and other ordinary people, and eventually came to the conclusion that excessive attention to food, all kinds of tricks, traps and tricks which we embark to lose weight, indicate that the person has a psychological problem.
Trying to argue: “Is the desire to take care of yourself, eat properly can equate to eating disorders?” And I hear in response: “Think about it: can we consider the norm, when a person always thinks about when he should eat the next time, allowing him to it or not. What good is a thought:” Oh! I ate a piece of cake, now we have to burn those calories in the fitness club or for a walk “?!

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