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December 6, 2014

WILL supper?

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WILL supper?
Another error desperate to lose weight, according to Patrick, is the belief that you can not have dinner. That’s not it. In fact, successful get rid of extra pounds are those who not only breakfast, but also lunch and dinner. The best option for a third meal on the Borg – hot main dish with vegetables. “It will be better for weight loss than if you poklyuete something a couple of times a night and go to bed with a rumbling stomach,” – he warns. And then he recalled that evening hunger can be controlled: “Ask yourself:” Is it hard to me to control myself in this time of day? How often do I have to overeat to ward off hunger? Do drop me performance in the second half of the day, there tends to sleep, whether drawn on the sweet? If yes, then eat more during the day. ”
Half of the daily amount of food should be eaten to 16-17 hours. The disappearance of breakfast, light lunch – a direct route to the evening gluttony. “Do not be afraid to eat during the day – said Patrick, and then in the evening you will have less pull to the refrigerator.”
As you know, food, in his opinion, do not be afraid. The feeling of satiety, achieved through the right amount of food – a guarantee of weight loss. What does “the right amount”? The one that gives the feeling of satiety. Many dieters are sitting on the bite – peck all the time, but little, if only to ward off hunger. And it should be, says Patrick, do the opposite – to the full load to hunger is not tormented by 4-5 hours.

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