No one would dispute the benefits of massage in pohudatelnyh purposes. But not always we have the opportunity to get an appointment with a professional massage therapist, and is a pleasure to a lot of money. Manufacturers of Vibro say that buying their products, you can enjoy the massage at least every day. And not only fun but also a significant improvement in appearance. Many consider the use of such devices is just to lose weight.

It is known that various types of Vibro stimulates the nervous activity of the body and, depending on their purpose, have a stimulating or calming effect. Advertising texts are full of statements that Vibro, burning fat, reduce weight, but also eliminate cellulite and strengthen different muscle groups. Some truth in it, but we must be aware of the fact that girls and boys in fine form, advertising products, have reached the ideal parameters are not in this way, what you offer. Do you believe that long-legged blonde showing perfect form, is not involved in sports, wakes up at night and eats cakes, and in the morning, surrendering to thirty minutes of vibrating, to become a princess? I think now you smile. And rightly so. But let's not exaggerate and see what is useful (and perhaps even harmful?) Devices of this type.
What are the Vibro?

Before you buy such a device, learn what they are. First of all, you should know that there are Vibro general or local application, vary the cost, complication, different degrees of compactness and transportability.

Vibro of general application designed to influence various parts of the body and are available generally in the form of a device consisting of a floor platform on which to become a man stands with handrails, as well as the motor, which transmits a special strap on the body vibratory-massaging power. Tapes (Belts) of the device girded around the problem areas of human (abdomen, waist and hips), and are driven by electric motor.

Vibro Hand, acting on individual parts of the body, light and compact, which makes them even outside the home. Hand Vibro typically have multiple massaging heads with replaceable nozzles.

Usually Vibro different speeds and the number of zones. Last there are anti-cellulite, and special roller, for example, as "a thousand fingers."
The action and the effect of vibrating

There are two contradictory statements regarding the actions and the effect produced by them.

Manufacturers claim: massage using such devices on the principle of human exposure is identical to the usual massage, a running man. They promise a rapid burning of fat by improving blood circulation. Through massage, blood circulation increases and higher quality feeds fabric, supplies them with oxygen. With all of this more effectively remove toxins and waste products of cells. In addition, massage stimulates the lymphatic system, producing a flow of excess fluid. Also, according to supporters of the vibrating, during a session are utilized almost 100% of lean body mass.

Manufacturers emphasize the fact that in order to achieve the most efficient use of the device must be regular.

Skeptics, including many representatives from the sphere of fitness, agree that the vibrating vibrations can improve local blood circulation. Moreover, the use of vibrating to lose weight is useful for dealing with fitness, because it helps remove lactic acid from muscles, so do not feel pain after training. But they also say, that losing weight by fat splitting principle the impossible, because none of the existing Vibro is not capable of inducing the necessary variations. It is only by the sound wave, which is used in the process of cavitation. Thus, the adipose tissue itself is not reduced by vibration exposure, and the effect is observed due to the outflow of excess fluid.
Contraindications to the vibrating

Physicians, opponents of the use of these devices claim that every body is different, and his reaction to the vibration may be different. Fact: During this procedure, the vibration load subjected to all the organs, and sometimes it is dangerous. For example, for uterine fibroids, as well as menstrual irregularities, which can cause bleeding. Also, the vibration could trigger a shift of kidney stones or gall bladder. If a person weak and brittle vessels, he'll have to forget about vibrating. But the most dangerous, according to medical workers, vibrating to those who have the arteries of atherosclerotic plaques, part of one of them can break away from the artery walls and block blood vessel. Most prone to such smokers.

Remember: you can not use the vibrating those who suffer from hypertension III degree, cardiovascular collapse I and II degree, angina, thrombophlebitis, tuberculosis, severe forms of neurosis, peptic ulcer, and gallstone disease, abdominal aortic aneurysms, hernias, fibroids, infectious diseases, in exacerbations of gastrointestinal diseases. It is also contraindicated in pregnant women using tumblers.
When the use of vibrating justified?

Vibro really break up cellulite, but, unfortunately, do not pump up your muscles and does not break down fats. Alone is not enough for vibration. At the same time, the procedure vibromassage can be a good tool for losing weight, because it provides an improvement in the skin, making it more smooth and elastic. With significant weight loss saggy skin problem is in the first place, and vibrating in such a case would be a good assistant because of vibration provide blood flow to the skin and improve blood circulation in general. It is best to cope with this problem is not a mini-massager and belts, and "standing" model with ribbons and "ironing" the moving rollers.

And do not forget about the properties of the massage apparatus. With that, he will cope at 100%: to relax, relieve muscle tension and escape from everyday problems.

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