The main filter of the body - liver, requires greater attention. Improper diet, bad habits and bad environment make a serious rift in the activity of this important body. Tubage considered to be one of the procedures that can help in cleansing the liver, and that it is dedicated to our article.

What tubage?

Tubage - a flushing and cleansing the liver and gall bladder and bile ducts. Fits this simple procedure for cleaning the kidneys (in the appendage to the whole, it is also an effective prevention of constipation).

To carry out the procedure by taking the inside of the established pattern of certain choleretic and diuretic compounds (200-500 ml of fasting). Before the procedure is recommended to drink any antispasmodic, because it is often accompanied by sharp pain and other discomfort. After the first morning of fluid intake to a "breakfast" start after 30 minutes. It should include only liquid foods with choleretic effect (it's grape juice, olive oil, honey, dissolved in a little water, etc.). Serving temperature - 38-40 ° C. After 1.5 hours, it is recommended to stay in bed, covered with a blanket. Becomes a catalyst for the right subcostal space heating hot water bottle. After this time, do a few deep breaths deliberately. The frequency of tubage determined individually. The average rate of purification involves 10 procedures carried out at intervals of 2 days.

It is necessary to know

The main indications for the dyskinesia is tubage urinary and biliary tract. If during the procedure, there is pain in the liver, it is interrupted until the next morning - this is neprekoslovnym condition. Doctors stress that the presence of stones is a serious contraindication for the tyubazha.

Preparing for tubage

3 days before moving to tubage plant food, which includes not only fresh or cooked fruits and vegetables, juices and one of them. On a day devoted to the procedure, drink plenty of warm or hot liquids.

Tubage  liver

Quite often tubage liver is carried out using vegetable oil to the below diagrams.

A. During the day drink a warm liquid in unlimited quantities. In the afternoon, put on warm clothes and put to a warmer region of the liver. In the evening on an empty stomach drink 100-200 ml of vegetable oil, heated to body temperature.

Two. Second, a rather controversial in terms of benefit to the organism tubage  course is designed for 5 weeks. In the morning on an empty stomach every day use butter, gradually increasing the single dose (oil can supplement a portion of lemon juice to enhance the effect):

Week number 1: 1 tsp.
Week number 2: 1 tsp.
Week number 3: 1 dec. l.
Week number 4: 1 tbsp. l.
Week number 5: 1 tbsp. l.

It is necessary to fill that vegetable oil - not the easiest product to the stomach, because it makes sense to clean mineral water - the effect is the same, but that harm the body composition of water does not cause any.

Tubage gallbladder (tubage with mineral water)

Tubage gallbladder eliminate bile stasis, and thus prevents the formation of stones. The procedure is carried out in the morning on an empty stomach taking 250-500 ml of mineral water without gas (Borjomi, Essentuki, etc.). Water temperature - 40 ° C. After taking this simple means lie in bed on the right side and right hypochondrium region applied a heating pad.

Other means for tubage

Tubage  with magnesium

One of the most popular compositions for the procedure is a mixture of mineral water and magnesium. 250-ml heated to high temperature liquid, take 1 tbsp magnesia and mix well (the composition is prepared in advance).

Tubage with sorbitol

No less popular tubage  with sorbitol. To prepare the solution in 150 ml of still mineral water (the temperature should be between 40-45 ° C) to throw a DL sorbitol. After receiving his money washed down with pure mineral water without gas. Mineral water can be replaced choleretic infusion of herbs.

Tubage with egg yolks

This method involves taking 2 egg yolks and 500 ml of mineral water without gas (drink water 15 minutes after the egg yolks). After 15-20 minutes, drink another 500 ml of mineral water.


Tubage  contraindicated in aggravation:

- Cholecystitis;
- Hepatitis B;
- Pancreatitis;
- Peptic ulcer disease;
- Erosive duodenitis.

The described procedure can not have that effect on which you expect, so before its implementation, consult a physician.