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December 6, 2014

sweet to lose weight

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SEPARATELY the sweet
Already finished nothing surprising, ask questions about sweet – can it be losing weight? Still surprised response. “A lot of sweets completely forbid themselves or allowed once a week. In my opinion, once a week – a little – confidently says Borg. – Moderately can feast every day. It’s a little influence on the rate of weight loss, but it will keep your attitude is normal for sweets . The refusal and restrictions will create an aura of forbidden fruit. and you begin to crave them more and more, and soon no longer be able to treat them properly.
Eat those sweets that you want. I do not believe that it makes sense to divide them into “more” and “less harmful”. Choose low-fat instead of chocolate and marmalade overeat it? I do not think it is a variant of proper nutrition. And more. Sweet temptations we must learn to live now, not later, when you lose weight. Then it will be too late, you can not hold the weight. Build a normal relationship with candies and chocolates will help you a good diet, enough food and permissive attitude toward delicacies. “

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