Among a variety of different vegetable oils sesame - special. It has a unique composition and properties. And thanks to the featured special ingredient - sesamin - it is called sesame oil.It should be mentioned that in itself is very useful sesame and nutritious. It contains vitamins B1, C, E, calcium,phosphorus, zinc, and unique amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids.Sesame (or sesame) the most widely used in cooking. But it is also used successfully in nutrition and cosmetics - both externally and externally.

100 g of sesame seeds contains as many as 565 calories. And that is how much should be consumed daily to get a daily supply of its constituent nutrients. Sesame oil is more nutritious, but due to the fact that all of the nutrients contained in it in concentrated form, then a day is enough to eat a tablespoon of sesame oil, which is 90 kcal. That is why in order to lose weight is used for the most part sesame oil instead of sunflower seeds. But this is not the only reason.

Sesame oil - a valuable natural product. As with seeds, it is used in the treatment and prevention of many diseases: it helps the body fight onkokletok education, support at the level of glucose in the blood, makes up for shortage of materials for anemia and malnutrition, is used to treat liver, gallbladder, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and thyroid cancer, osteoporosis, cholesterol and helps to eliminate toxins from the body adjusts metabolism. Sesame oil is a member of multiple fat burners, primarily due to sesamin. It is sesamin, according to nutritionists, helps burn fat and prevent their formation and accumulation in the body.

In addition, sesame oil is known for its antioxidant properties. It will not only bring the figure back to normal, but also prolongs youth, keeping hair and skin in good condition. Especially recommended to use sesame oil in combination with other interventions aimed at weight loss. First, the result in this case will be more pronounced, and second, the oil will help to avoid the appearance of stretch marks and saggy skin. And last but not least: when using this product is likely to develop depression is significantly reduced, and resistance to stress the opposite - increases. And as we know, to losing weight is also highly relevant, because most of the ladies in case of emergency does not eat away the stress couple-three chocolates.

How can use sesame oil for weight loss? It's very simple. Eat just one tablespoon of oil each day, adding to his already prepared dishes. It should be said that under the influence of high temperatures the oil loses its beneficial properties, so it does not fry, and eat only raw.

Sesame oil goes well with almost all kinds of dishes: the first, and second, and snacks. And if you want to kill inappropriately increasing the appetite - just chew on a few sesame seeds. And if you still spend a massage and wrapping problem areas, you will certainly apply for this and sesame oil - the skin will be perfect!