With a sense of humor, the author of secret anorexic diet seems to be no problem. Or vice versa - with a sense of reality? Whatever it was, but this name is very suitable diet and attracts many hudelschits with the experience.

anorexic diet secrets is quite simple: to cook anything at all will nothave except for one sandwich on the last day of the diet, and there are no rules - just exactly follow the diet menu, designed for 7 days.

At the end of the week on a typical anorexic diet can lose an average of 5 kg, but may well be less - we are all different, including outbound and our weight, because the more you anoreksichka, the harder and harder to lose weight even more.

Anorexic diet plan : menu

Day 1: Drink a glass of warm for breakfast or hot water with the juice of half a lemon. Throughout the day you can eat coffee and green tea without sugar, low-fat yogurt, and drink water. Molokochay also not allowed.

Day 2: Breakfast consists of a low-fat cottage cheese and coffee without sugar Lunch - a grapefruit and a slice of cheese, dinner - low-fat yogurt.

Day 3: breakfast drink a cup of coffee without sugar, apple sezhte lunch and dine on low-fat yogurt.

Day 4: a cup of coffee and three cubes of dark chocolate for breakfast, lunch pineapple, nonfat yogurt for dinner.

Day 5: Instead of breakfast drink a glass of water with lemon juice, banana, lunch and dinner, and yogurt can drink and eat an apple.

Day 6: Breakfast will be a cup of coffee without sugar, and one apple, a dinner - grapefruit, dinner - low-fat yogurt.

Day 7: Warm water with lemon juice to replace your breakfast, and lunch can be eaten sandwich of whole wheat bread with cheese. However, today, are not supposed to have dinner.

If you look at the menu, even nothing: then you and the breakfast and lunch, and dinner. But if the entire daily ration in any of the days together, then for many it may not be sufficient even for one meal. For example, a sandwich with a glass of water will saturate the far everyone, but anorexic nymph - could well be.

Typical anorexic diet: Reviews

What do they say about typical anorexic diet volunteers? Do not even doubt that they feel at such a diet is easy, airy and comfortable. Although that is not enough, without the side effects still can not do. Many girls say weakness, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, irritability, nervousness, depression ...

The hardest thing - to withstand the first day. And then the body gets used to a very meager flow of food and it is fun. To reduce the load on the body and soften the shock awaiting him a blow in and out of the diet should be gradually anorexic nymphs. It will also help to consolidate the achieved results.

Still, most people speak unflatteringly about diet. Most embarrassing lemon juice on an empty stomach, and the menu is not so hot, given the duration of the diet. In general, health dropped for the sake of a few pounds is definitely a pity. Yes, and the stability of the results of such a diet is very questionable.

However, it all depends how far you in the soul and the body of anorexic nymph. If you eat normally no longer included in your rules, then typical anorexic diet may not only effective, but also nutritious. And I'll stand on the sidelines is better - look, listen ...

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