Sauerkraut Diet
In the winter, and "postzimnee 'time, when the body requires for maximum vitamins and minerals, as well as possible as their source fit and ancient Slavic delicious product - sauerkraut. This product is incredibly rich in substances that are simply necessary for normal body functioning and fulfilling life. Another would be: after all, just something in the 150-200 grams of sauerkraut provides the daily dose of vitamin C! Is this product and fount of B vitamins, considered antistress factors that enhance the mood. There are even sauerkraut and vitamin K, which is impossible without the normal blood clotting. But not only rich in vitamins, sauerkraut - kept her in many and various minerals, including iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium ... It is hardly possible to speak of exaggeration, calling sauerkraut real "vitamin and mineral complex."

Besides the fact that sauerkraut is very useful for the health and well-being, it also has properties which can be used as a diet food. There is even a special sauerkraut diet, which uses the content in the cabbage very small amounts of carbohydrates, as well as the lack of fat in the product. Calories as sauerkraut is neither more nor less - only 24 calories per 100 grams, which allows it to use in food in any quantity. If we take into account the properties of sauerkraut to normalize digestion, improve intestinal function, break down the extra fat tissue (but not delivering the new fat), we can safely assert that sauerkraut diet is not only a chance to get rid of extra pounds in a fairly short time, but and is a useful and necessary in order to improve the diet of the organism.

Sauerkraut diet has two options: the first is designed for 3 days, the second - in 4 days diet. And that is another option would be to get rid of extra pounds in the amount of 3-4 units. It happens naturally and without any feelings of hunger: sauerkraut well saturates because of starvation and debilitating diet, however.

Sauerkraut diet for 3 days offers two power options, and you can alternate them every other day. The menu looks something like this:


Number 1. A serving of oatmeal, 250 grams of fruit, a cup of yogurt, low household per cent fat.

Number 2. A small piece of bread from wheat flour, a piece of meat and soybean leaf parsley, sauerkraut brine.


Number 1. Pancakes from sauerkraut (1 grated potato mixed with 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut, 1 egg and bake pancakes).

Number 2. Slabokopchenoy 40 grams of ham and a salad of pickled cabbage with carrots and apple.


Number 1. Sauerkraut, quenched with salmon and beetroot.

Number 2. Soup of sauerkraut, boiled potatoes with 2 and greens.

Between meals when feeling hungry can snack sauerkraut. You should also drink plenty of fluids - plain water, green or black with the addition of weak tea spoons of honey, fresh fruit and vegetable juice.

There is another option on the acidic cabbage diet, calculated at 4 days. Such a diet includes the consumption of food in sufficient variety of foods and dishes, and can be a real treat for the gourmet and admirer of sauerkraut. So, in the sour cabbage diet for 4 days to receive permits for food:

The first day.

Breakfast: 175 grams of fat-free cottage cheese mixed with carbonated water, black pepper and salt, add a mixture of chopped watercress and eaten with a slice of wholemeal bread.

Lunch: braised sauerkraut with onion and bay leaf to the broth and added to the cabbage for 5 minutes until cooked pear. To garnish of cabbage fed 100 grams of boiled pork.

Dinner: salad with radishes (4 pieces), white radish (half of the root), cucumber (half vegetable) and sauerkraut (150 grams). Salad season with yogurt and mix with milled nuts (1 teaspoon), you can season with black pepper.

Second day.

Breakfast: 1 banana, cut into slices with lemon juice and sprinkled with yogurt (150 ml), sprinkled with oatmeal.

Dinner: 200 grams stewed sauerkraut with pre-fried onions, adding a bay leaf, black peppercorns, apple juice (50 milliliters) in broth. For 5 minutes until cooked roast cabbage to it to add chopped Bulgarian peppers (2 pieces).

Dinner: a little fried fish fillet (150 grams), sprinkled with lemon juice, a salad of sauerkraut (200 grams) fresh pineapple (one ring) and green onions, seasoned with yogurt and lemon zest.

The third day.

Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese (150 grams), mixed with the juice of half a lemon and cut it into slices. Sweeten with honey, curd can add to the dish seeds (1 tablespoon).

Lunch: roast sauerkraut with roasted onions first, with the addition of bay leaf and semi-dry wine (50 ml). Fish fillet (150 grams) of flour to fry in olive oil and sprinkle with lemon juice, served with braised cabbage.

Dinner: potato pancakes out of 3 potatoes, 1 egg and a small amount of flour with a salad of sauerkraut (100 grams), green onions and a 4-grapes white grapes.

Fourth day:

Breakfast: bread with bran, sweet mustard smeared with a slice of cheese, a low percentage of fat and onion rings, for dessert - a few slices of green apple.

Lunch: beef (200 grams), cut into slices and grilled with bell peppers, stewed sauerkraut with slices of pineapple.

Dinner: Tomato (3 pieces), stuffed with a mixture of tomato pulp, mixed with sauerkraut and boiled pork slices (15 grams).

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