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December 6, 2014

END OF CONTROL to lose weight

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The choice of profession Patrick influenced the love of two things: people and delicious food. First, he always wanted to help, and the second love is, and cook. At one time even thought to go in cooking, but then began to dream of the medical profession. As a result, the possibility of two found their “love” and began to combine the science of nutrition.
First, Patrick graduated from the Faculty of Food Technology, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine and then at the University of Kuopio, where he began to work with the athletes. However, quite quickly and on their own initiative switched from athletes at the holders of excess pounds. Whether he had a personal interest in this topic? Of excess weight Borg did not suffer, but the tendency to gain weight it has, loves to eat, so attention to your diet, it draws.
“Control yourself,” – a knowing nod. “No – objection Patrick – I can not control, I am against the word. But there is everything I can not.”

you will not only lose weight

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Eat as much as you want to avoid feeling hungry, choose foods wisely, and you will not only lose weight, but also hold the achieved weight. Doubt? In vain. This recommendation is tested in practice.

I was lucky: Patrick Borg was in the decree. Just on the days when I agreed to meet him, he took the position of each Finnish father leave to care for a newborn son. And bezvylazno sitting at home, enjoying the company of four baby. His weeping and mingled with the pope’s reply to my first question, but that’s Borg Jr. moved into his arms mother and we plunged into the paradoxes of the tactics of weight loss, which is offered by Patrick. And it is, frankly, amazing. Advice that my interlocutor gives people suffering from excess weight, is: “Yes, yes, and again there.”

WE ALL cure
“Wait a minute – I am perplexed. – What does it mean? Is it to get rid of completeness, it is necessary first of all to eat?” Yes, it is to be understood. And it’s not the only thing that stunned me my companion. The second paradox of the Borg can be summarized as follows: almost every man sitting on a diet or comply with some system power can be regarded as suffering from an eating disorder.
Patrick treated patients with pronounced eating disorders, watching those who are sitting on a diet, compared with those and other ordinary people, and eventually came to the conclusion that excessive attention to food, all kinds of tricks, traps and tricks which we embark to lose weight, indicate that the person has a psychological problem.
Trying to argue: “Is the desire to take care of yourself, eat properly can equate to eating disorders?” And I hear in response: “Think about it: can we consider the norm, when a person always thinks about when he should eat the next time, allowing him to it or not. What good is a thought:” Oh! I ate a piece of cake, now we have to burn those calories in the fitness club or for a walk “?!

October 24, 2014

How to lose weight fast? Meets Dr. Oz

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How to lose weight fast? Meets Dr. Oz!
Popular nutrition experts are always there to answer the question “How to lose weight fast?” – Probably because it asked them most often.
American of Turkish origin cardiologist Mehmet Oz was quite well-known specialist in thoracic surgery (surgery on the chest), but the real fame came to him after he appeared as a health expert on the legendary talk show host Oprah Winfrey. Charm and erudition of the doctor, as well as practical orientation to his advice quickly turned Oz into a crowd favorite, and in 2009 he received the “possession” of his 44-minute program, “Dr. Oz Show”, which has become the mouthpiece for the Americans present information about the topic of weight loss.
Dr. Oz is famous for the fact that their picks for the most urgent programs and issues. Guests his show arguing about genetically modified products, arsenic in apple juice and real benefit superfudov. And, of course, a constant theme of the show was “how to lose weight fast.”
Vigorous Mehmet Oz the delight of his fans do not skimp on the preparation of diets in its own name. One of the most famous was the “rapid diet Dr. Oz”: extremely low-calorie low-carb eating plan, which is recommended to stick to two weeks. Judging by the rave reviews from bloggers who lose weight quickly by using the “rapid diet,” manages to 5-7 kg.

Lose weight, and preferably quickly

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How to lose weight fast? Throw “fat” clothes
Lose weight, and preferably quickly, we want to look good, not only in the eyes of others, but also in their own. However, no one wakes up in a slender one day, even rapid weight loss – the process smooth and not abrupt.
Why wait until “this” of the day, if it can be approximated, while increasing self-esteem and giving yourself extra acceleration and motivation for weight loss? Emphasize the first, even the most timid advances audit wardrobe. Ruthlessly start up the rags car vague shapeless garments and change them on the bright, trendy, new. In order to emphasize the shape, not necessarily its strap a – a good cut does not require the model parameters. Recommendation applies including (or “especially on”) home clothes: among native carpets, it is important to look fresh, toned and prihoroshivsheysya.

How to lose weight fast? low-fat products

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How to lose weight fast? Ignore low-fat products
Low-fat food allows you to quickly lose weight? Debatable! Minimum fat does not always go hand in hand with low calorie. Marketers have turned “skimmed” into a synonym for “dietichnosti” exploiting images of health and harmony in advertising industrial products with reduced-fat. Because fat is a universal carrier of human perceptions of taste and satiety, as well as a natural means of preservation, in food, devoid of it, manufacturers add sweeteners, flavoring and starch thickeners. An exception may be considered only low-fat cow’s milk: According to nutritionists, it really turns eating fewer calories, because the production of low-fat milk feed is simply diluted with water to the required percentage.
How, then quickly lose weight, if you eat foods of normal fat content? Watch out for the portion size and the composition of fat, preferring natural, unsaturated, not modified by hydrogenation. The general recommendation for a healthy diet – 60 grams of animal and vegetable fats 30 g per day in order to lose weight fast, this figure should be cut back by 30% (in the stage of active weight loss). And at the same time do not forget that meat products contain neizymaemy hidden fat, so choose lean pieces of advice are not contradictory: meat without visible fat streaks is not the same thing as the industrial low-fat product.

How to lose weight fast ?

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How to lose weight fast? Give yourself a break from food
Many diets suggest a certain “X hour”, after which there can not be. Often nutritionists recommend literally close the kitchen of the castle, for example, with eight in the evening until eight in the morning. Well, this idea is perfectly consistent with the idea to lose weight quickly: the rejection of the evening and night raids on the fridge “cuts” from 100 to 300 calories daily!
Guerrilla attacks to the refrigerator are dangerous not only themselves, but also as a cause of a string of fatal consequences. “Pulling tidbits” dramatically increases blood sugar, giving a “cheap” energy. To put it at night particularly nowhere, but the ability to go to sleep an extra food affects not the best way. The result: a constant lack of sleep leads to increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol (which, as we know, does not allow the body to consume fat reserves), and nocturnal emissions of insulin lead to morning truly ravenous hunger.

I want to lose weight fast ?

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How to lose weight fast? Become a princess of spices
Chili contains capsaicin enzyme, the effect of which in grateful actually proven science of fat oxidation. In addition, capsaicin has the property balance blood sugar (which allows to avoid famines) and naturally brings satiety during a meal. If you’re determined to lose weight quickly and revise your diet, using, as we recommended, shopping-list, add the hot pepper flakes or sauce Tabasco, allowing convenient for you to adjust the sharpness of acceptable food. But do not forget that red hot pepper is not recommended for those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
If the red pepper is appropriate in salads and main dishes, the fruit and dairy delicacies role spurring metabolism supplements useful for quick weight loss, copes cinnamon: tart perfect substitute powder sugar, giving the fruit salads and yogurts pleasant aroma and taste. By the way, cinnamon – a famous tool to improve digestion. In eastern countries popular Erfan, a decoction of cinnamon, the employee is not only natural digestif, but also a means to effectively suppress appetite and portion control.

Your dreeming to lose weight fast?

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How to lose weight fast? Go to the other end of town and wash something by hand
This advice is on the list of recommendations for those who want to lose weight quickly, would look ridiculous if it were not for the harsh realities of life – modern man by relying on modern machines, not only in the work, even in domestic affairs, not enough muscle effort and motion needed to waste calories. Sorry for time for training or money for a subscription? Resistant Hand wash, washing windows, or to bring in the divine form a running shower – surprise – will help to burn about 150 calories! Even in the well-kept home is always a “weak spots”, which does not get to the man’s hand, so the space for “therapy” is always there. A sense of satisfaction attending after you have given not only work your body, but did a little better the space around them is truly priceless.
By the way, just walking – a decent aerobic exercise for those who are not inspired by the gym. But be careful – at Duke University (USA) found that an increase in the duration of the walk with the standard recommended thirty to forty-five minutes a day allows you to quickly lose weight even without any significant change in the menu. Walk, in accordance with the wishes of the American experts, should be mutable rhythm, alternating with an energetic step slower. Walk before meals “cut off” calories twice, helping the body to use up energy supply and reducing appetite. The latter is not a mistake: the University of Glasgow partially refuted the stereotype of “nagulivanii appetite”, examining the behavior and feelings of a group of women undergoing treatment for obesity. Subjects unanimously reported that a 20-minute walk before meals allow them to feel full faster, and medical tests showed that adopted the food is better absorbed.

How to lose weight fast? Eat and drink more fluids

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How to lose weight fast? Eat and drink more fluids
Yes, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in very handy in the morning, and, perhaps, to abandon it is not necessary. But the rest of the day, make it a rule to drink only a simple non-carbonated water. According to some reports, about 300 “unaccounted for” calories we get every day with juices, soda, flavored drinks, sweet tea and coffee. It is easy to calculate that in a year, so “accumulates” almost 100 thousand calories! In addition, sugary drinks, especially cold, provoked a severe famine (which is why a fast food soda is always served with lots of ice) – despite the fact that the sweetness of the ice and the dull taste buds, sugar in the beverage composition leads to a sharp “splash” hormone insulin, which causes the body to think that it is on the verge of starvation.
But the use of plain water, not only in this: in order to lose weight quickly (or not so quickly, but still lose weight), will inevitably have to rethink lifestyle and diet that entails psychological and purely physiological changes. Clean water not only helps clean the intestines from food processing fats and proteins, but also necessary for the creation of new, healthy muscle cells. Therefore fully advice probably should be: to quickly lose weight, drink more water and less non-water.
And also do not forget about the help that is ready to provide, if necessary, to lose weight fast liquid-rich foods, which include and vegetables, “bloodshot” water by themselves, and all kinds of liquid dishes, including soups, smoothies and purees, giving a sense of quality satiety for a long time with a minimum of calories.

Want to lose weight fast?

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How to lose weight fast? Find a business
Want to lose weight fast? Make friends with the same interests! The study, conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Vermont (USA) showed that in the company of like-minded, real or virtual, people lose weight faster. Science explains this effect a number of factors: firstly, slimming respond positively to support and approval of concerned (and in pohudatelnye gallery indifferent entrance booked), secondly, the mechanism of competition, in the third, the presence of other slimming makes the whole process more structured, organized and allows you to share your experiences. Of course, there is always the risk of making the common mistakes and correct but their effects have together, and it’s much more fun.

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