Oatmeal porridge diet is one of the most effective. Besides the fact that weight loss is fast enough, the system power is not something that is not harmful, but also brings him a favor. The fact that the oatmeal has the ability to cleanse the body from harmful toxins and impurities. Moreover, oatmeal helps reduce cholesterol and removes free radicals.

With regard to the digestive system, it also suffers from an excess of the product.Sometimes oatmeal porridge in the diet is recommended for those who have stomach problems. Some researchers even suggest that the barley rejuvenates the skin.

Oatmeal porridge diet is pretty strict. Comply with it within 7-10 days requires a lot of desire and effort. For the principles of the system power can eat only oatmeal and other oat products.

As for the oatmeal, it is best to cook it on the water. There are two ways of cooking this dish. First, you can cook it just before the reception. Secondly, try to just pour cereal with cold water for 12 hours before admission. Incidentally, the last option is most useful.

Allowed some fun taking oatmeal daily, adding to it a little bit of dried fruit.Nutritionists recommend choosing this prunes, it helps in the digestion of food.But that is strictly prohibited - Add to mush, salt, sugar and honey.

As we know, excessive intake of oatmeal can lead to constipation, so while on a oatmeal porridge diet needs a lot of drinking. Good to use green or black tea, water. Drink liquids only between meals.

The only thing that should not worry, it's about the feeling of hunger. There are no restrictions on portion size does not exist. You'll be fed for several hours.

Thus, observing all the prescription diet, you can lose a week from three to five pounds. Many nutritionists recommend for maximum effect prior to undergo the procedure of cleansing the body.

This will require a week to ten days. To start the night pour 4 tablespoons rice 1 liter of cold water. Next morning, boil the rice on low heat for an hour. He should be brought to a lily-livered. After the resulting jelly drink and eat and not drink for 5 hours. Then you can eat, but for five hours before bedtime, and will, do not eat, or drink. In principle, if tormented by a thirst very much, you can drink a glass of water.

Oatmeal porridge diet can safely and those who simply want to improve your body. This system is a good food strengthens the body as a whole and increases energy. In addition, oat diet will have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

After the oatmeal only diet can be repeated only six months and not before.

Healthy eating - healthy body. Stick to this rule and choose only useful for you to diet.

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