What did not offer in this age of computer genius! As long as people harass a diet, starvation and perpetual debilitating physical nagurzkami, programmers sat down and came up with a program through which you can lose weight just by sitting at the computer. Price question - from 5 to 10 kg. And this is just the first month.

The effect of weight loss program with Next frame is to use the effect of 25th frame. We all know how it works. While in general terms, then at 24 frames per second, 25 frames inserted. Visually, it is not seen and not seen, but perfectly embedded in the subconscious.

The program is installed on a computer who wants to lose weight - until he is sitting behind the monitor, proskhodit psychological impact on the subconscious. In a word - hypnosis, but it is much more efficient, since there is always a psychological impact.

In installations of the program a person chooses a number of pounds, which he wants to lose weight. Better not to put more than ten.

Reading the code, the subconscious mind begins to self-adjust the parameters, which lead to weight loss. Deliberate interference "losing weight" is not necessary. Influencing the program Next frame, people in the first place he does not fix a consequence, a reason for his excess weight, and therefore retain practitioners gained weight for a long time.

The method is suitable for everyone, but only after 14 years. How to use C14 to 18 - painted detail to the instructions attached to the program.

The program works this way: the longer the time on the computer - the less pounds. On average, only one to three hours. The initial results may appear in the first month. If you weigh a hundred pounds - it may lose in the first month from 10 to 15.

Next frame, developers are assured that the 25 frame or how many will not detract from the work, you can play games, read, print, view the photos. If you look closely, you frame 25 will be noticeable: noticeable flicker on the screen.

Developers and distributors of this program vying convincing: injury, they do not do. It is harmless, because the subconscious mind itself chooses to what weight it to come.

But is it really - it's only you, as a psychological impact on the subconscious mind - it is not entirely safe. Incidentally, the promotional use of the frame 25 has long been prohibited. And with such a program by the psychological impact can hardly be bought in any store: it is a dangerous thing, especially for the psyche. Although if you believe in her strength, and we can try.

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