Marine diet menu

The quest for beauty and harmony inherent in man, probably by nature. For centuries, people have different ideals of beauty conceived in different ways and tried to reach them.

Karl Lagerfeld owns an art gallery in Paris called Lagerfeld Gallery - Studio 7L, he creates more than a dozen collections a year. He sleeps in his own words, no more than four hours a day. And of course the man watching her appearance and takes care of your health. The most influential fashion maestro Karl Lagerfeld believes in the magic power of fresh vegetables and seafood, by which he was able to lose 40 pounds in 13 months. In autumn 2000 for Kzrla Lagerfeld designed a special principle of food - a diet "3 D" which stands for "designer. Doctor. Diet."

The essence of the marine diet menu
Doctor Doctor Udre Lagerfeld made a bet on a specific diet, which allowed for a lot of vegetables and everything that swims in the sea.In addition, a protein drink.

All permitted uses of food can be eaten in any quantity.

We have to take nutritional supplements, or the body can not get enough essential substances.

Here are the products that are recommended, as well as those to be avoided.
We recommend the Bread from wheat flour. Butter with a reduced amount of fat (margarine). Calf's liver. Bird. Seafood. Lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, asparagus, cauliflower, green beans, carrots, leeks, melons, raspberries, tangerines, peaches.
Restrict Beef, Anchovies. Tuna. Potatoes. Soft cheese.
Avoid Fig. Pasta. Fat is. Lamb. Pork meat. Peas, beans, lentils.Roquefort. Dried fruits. Plums, cherries, figs, bananas, alcohol.

Marine diet menu for the week
The basic rule is: Drink more water. Moreover, one should begin immediately after the morning awakening. Sugar substitute sweetener.
Breakfast 1 slice of bread from wheat flour, 1/2 tsp. bold butter, 2 low-fat yogurt.
Intermediate snack between meals you can not eat anything. You can only drink mineral water without gas, and herbal infusions, no sugar.
Lunch in a small amount of vegetables or salad, a light sauce to them, and a protein shake.
Dinner in unlimited quantities can have a salad or vegetables to them - braised sea bass, sole, chicken breast or grilled tuna. Sushi.Vegetable soup with shrimp and greens. Sometimes you can afford a glass of dry red wine, but within reasonable limits.

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