The figure of 53-year-old pop queen Madonna is admirable, and all thanks to a special diet designed for her by her personal chef, Mayumi Nishimura.

The daily diet consists of whole grain singer cereals, vegetables, soybeans, algae and other plant products. All these components contribute to the development of intestinal flora, leading to improved metabolism.

Madonna has long been abandoned dairy products, meat and coffee. "It is necessary to give up meat, white sugar and coffee, and after 10 days you will feel better. I myself sat on a similar diet 10 years ago and never regretted it. I suddenly realized that my thoughts were clearer, and I wake up every morning fresh and relaxed, I just do not want to lie in bed! ", - Said Mayumi.

In addition, all products in the diet of Madonna's vegetarian, they also undergo minimal thermal processing. Fresh vegetables, miso soup, seaweed and oatmeal - this is your favorite singer's goodies.

A vegetarian diet helps Madonna peculiar "greening" of the intestine and does not allow it to grow "weeds", which impairs the metabolism and cause disease.Adhering to this diet should focus on plant foods that contain protein - because of the lack of meat your body should not suffer from a lack of necessary materials.