Strange, but when we have hurt any body or occur, annoying us in violation of the organism we call the doctor. However, in the fight against excess weight, we do not just fend for themselves professionals, and deliberately did not want to entrust them to his body, knowing that we will need a lot of effort in the war for a slender figure. Of course, it's easier to believe in the miraculous properties of the tablets and technology with a dubious reputation, rather than their own labor to keep fit. The mod is not just a fantastic pill, but the whole "revolutionary" impact of technology on the brain, which can certainly help us sitting on the couch to take the desired shape. Especially popular on the Internet has gained a sensational 25 fps. To date, there are plenty of offers to buy for cash or free example program from 25 overs, which supposedly help to lose weight because of its impact on the subconscious.

At one time, and, specifically, in 1957, the myth of the miraculous shot came up 25 and distributed American James Vaykeri. This is an unemployed market researcher said that after he conducted scientific tests, he discovered the property of the invisible image that can get people to buy anything, even against their will, acting on the unconscious man. That same year, the pseudo scientist invited to the New York studio reporters and showed them the very short film, saying that it concealed some information and then provided them with a press release, which described the likely results of their research on non-existent "subliminal advertising". Reporters believed Vaykeri, trumpeted a sensational news all over the country, causing mass hysteria and enriched by James at 22.5 million. However, in 1958, psychologists in conjunction with the Federal Communications Commission exposed the rogue, forcing him to hold a demonstration Vaykeri secret in Washington, which of course failed.

Actually, the idea of ​​frame 25 was the fact that the alleged human eye can distinguish no more than 24 frames per second. Therefore, the frame that you see less than 1/24 second, allegedly bypassing the mind, acts directly on the subconscious. However, this is only a myth, because, in fact, all the information reaching the brain, passes through the subconscious mind, and through the consciousness, and the duration of its perception can greatly exceed 1/25 second. An example of this is the usual television advertising. In addition, 25 frame is not hidden. Seeing a person picks up each playable frame, and note once is easy. To confirm that you are free to conduct a simple test using a home computer and editing program, setting the frame rate of 25 or higher.

As a result, repeated attempts to effect the advertising companies use 25 fps, and experiments of scientists, its psychological impact on people has been completely disproved. However, today there are scammers that promise with 25 frames to save people from obesity, alcoholism, smoking, and to help learn a foreign language, and even to give an orgasm. And no matter how ridiculous these statements are still among us gullible people willing to believe and to enrich the creators of the myths.

Maybe, if you want to play with subconscious, simply paste a photo on the fridge with a very fat man or a list with the sores, which leads to overeating, and every time to look at them before they get into a "delicious." Indeed, psychologists have quite successfully used a clear demonstration of the effects of smoking on cigarette packs. And even better, pull yourself together and go to the reception of a dietitian, and begin to finally serious about his health.

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