Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamins A, B, C, mineral salts, tannic acid, and enzymes that break down proteins. Kiwi in one day is enough for daily requirement of vitamin C. Kiwis first officer to strengthen the immune system and has the ability to deliver us from stress and fatigue.

In addition to its beneficial properties, kiwi fruit helps to lose weight. A kiwi fruit diet will help get rid of extra pounds in a healthy way, without agonizing starvation.

A kiwi diet plans to lose weight very useful and effective. Dieting with kiwi can two weeks to lose weight 3-5 kg.

The diet is divided into two stages. The basic rule of kiwi fruit diet - you need to eat at least 10 pieces kiwi fruit a day.

Stage 1
For breakfast: three kiwi fruit, unsweetened tea, one boiled egg, butter sandwich without cheese.
For lunch: five kiwi cup cooked chicken, half cup of unsalted vegetable salad.
For dinner: two kiwi cup of cottage cheese, a glass of juice, water or unsweetened tea.
Before bed: one glass of low-fat yogurt or kefir.

Stage 2
For breakfast: three kiwi eggs from two eggs, a slice of bread, a glass of juice.
For lunch, four kiwi, three tomatoes, a half cup of cooked fish, toast and unsweetened tea.
For dinner: cooked chicken breast, one boiled egg, a half cup of fruit salad with kiwi, filled with orange juice or low-fat yogurt.
Before sleep, eat cheese and kiwi.