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October 24, 2014

How to lose weight fast ?

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How to lose weight fast? Give yourself a break from food
Many diets suggest a certain “X hour”, after which there can not be. Often nutritionists recommend literally close the kitchen of the castle, for example, with eight in the evening until eight in the morning. Well, this idea is perfectly consistent with the idea to lose weight quickly: the rejection of the evening and night raids on the fridge “cuts” from 100 to 300 calories daily!
Guerrilla attacks to the refrigerator are dangerous not only themselves, but also as a cause of a string of fatal consequences. “Pulling tidbits” dramatically increases blood sugar, giving a “cheap” energy. To put it at night particularly nowhere, but the ability to go to sleep an extra food affects not the best way. The result: a constant lack of sleep leads to increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol (which, as we know, does not allow the body to consume fat reserves), and nocturnal emissions of insulin lead to morning truly ravenous hunger.

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