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October 24, 2014

How to lose weight fast ?

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How to lose weight fast? Collect “emergency kits” snacking
It is a pity that Hollywood still has not removed the blockbuster “Tempted food”: this drama would have found the response in many hearts. Forbidden fruit is always sweet, and when hunger is on the verge of the stomach, the idea to chew up a packet of biscuits, it becomes incredibly powerful. And a further problem lies in the fact that harmful snacks, which would like to avoid, more than are available – they can be purchased at every step. Need to be a man with an iron will to run around the whole area in search of carrot sticks while waiting for a chocolate bar from the vending machine around the corner.
This problem is solved, and quite simple: if you’re on the way to having to lose weight fast, do not wait for a predictable occurrence of the problem, always carry a healthy snack. Apple, a handful of nuts with no additives (cedar contain pinolenic acid, one of the best natural remedies to suppress hunger), the notorious carrot sticks easily wait for the hour and a desk drawer, and in the bag.
An additional difficulty is the power “output”: many restaurants as a compliment for the expectation of the order brings to the table bread or snacks, calories which, with a small amount, often comparable to the energy value of the dinner. Be on your guard and ask the waiter not to tempt you with fresh biscuits. Better that bring water without gas.

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