How to induce vomiting to lose weight:

* The most popular way - "two fingers in his mouth." Drink something and apply pressure to the root of the tongue.
* 4-6 glasses of plain water at room temperature to drink in one gulp, one after another.
* Get drunk with warm salt water - too much, and a volley.
* The easiest way - over the counter emetic drugs.
* Pour the soap water, brew and drink.
* Drink 1-2 liters of very dilute solution of potassium permanganate.
* Black tea with milk and salt cleans the stomach.
* Approximately 3 liters of warm water.
* Eat a teaspoon of toothpaste with a slide and then drink water.
* In general, any liquid causes vomiting, drunk in too large quantities.

Lose weight by vomiting - quite effectively. Kilograms go well. But only the first time. And later, the stomach expands and requires large portions for saturation. Practitioners of this method will certainly face serious health problems: stomach, heart, looks, well-being. Remember that regular forced vomiting or anorexia nervosa end, which is very difficult to be treated. Resorting to this method, be prepared to pay a high price for the extra pounds.

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