How to quickly lose weight in 10 days?How Did Kim Kardashian Lose Weight? Know a popular actress Kim Kardashian.

Want to become leaner and get into a pair of jeans sizes smaller? Use the advice of a famous Hollywood actress Kim Kardashian, a friend, "socialite" Paris Hilton.Young star knows three very effective recipe:

A. Macrobiotic diet. To get rid of extra pounds, because of which Kim was embarrassed for some time, even go out, the actress sat down on a macrobiotic diet of Dr. Segal, a popular expert on the graceful figures in Hollywood.

According to the actress, macrobiotics does not prohibit, but merely recommends.For example, to lose weight, avoid frequent consumption of meat, fish, fruits, berries, sugar and cheese. In addition, macrobiotics recommends excluded from the Kim Kardashian diet product with dyes, food additives, E-shkami and other chemicals. And to enrich the diet of most natural food.

The "friends" in good shape dish of vegetables and whole grains.
In order to keep slim figure, Kim closely monitors calories, the amount of which from 1140 to 1340 a day, without exceeding the extreme limit.

Two. Fitness for everyone. In addition to diet, Kim Kardashian maintains the beauty of their shapes with your favorite workout in the gym. She is confident that the deal should be only in a good mood. A training session through the "do not want" to be useless and will not do anything good for the body.

In the struggle for slim form Kim Kardashian is so carried away that even came up with a set of exercises for weight loss, releasing it on DVD with a fun name, "climbed into my old jeans by Friday."

Three. Love your body! To have a beautiful figure, it is important not only to give up hamburgers and candy, but to love your body for what it is, I'm sure the actress Kim Kardashian.

Sexy brunette admits that it is hard to maintain their slim figures, because she is very fond of sweets. But still proudly declares: "Well, let my body is not perfect - I have cellulite. But I love my body for what it is. "

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