Benefits of hibiscus tea weight loss

Hibiscus tea for weight loss is called "a drink for all diseases." Its medicinal properties are staggering their versatility and flavor conquer the inhabitants of different countries and continents. Not so long ago appeared in our Hibiscus has become very popular on hot summer days as a tonic, and cold winter - like warming. Almost universal drink is equally delicious in any form. And the closer we get to know him, the more interesting things we learn about him.

Hibiscus tea for weight loss made from the petals Sudanese rose - hibiscus. From it turns red sour drink which is very pleasant to the taste. This tea is drunk in ancient Egypt. And today he has captivated the world.

Each component of the plant fulfills its unique recreational feature. Sudanese rose petals contain fruit acids, essential amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, including vitamin C, bioflavonoids, quercetin, rutin. Due to the high content of vitamins hibiscus has a bracing and antibacterial effect on the entire body, improving immunity and resistance to infectious diseases, and also has antispasmodic, diuretic, and antipyretic effects. The healing properties of hibiscus tea for weight loss can not be overestimated: it strengthens capillaries, helps lower blood pressure, adjusts the liver and pancreas, helps in the development of bile, improves vision, reduces eye fatigue, treats nervous disorders and heart failure, can be used as an anthelmintic, relieves muscle spasms . Broth from the petals of the hibiscus tea for weight loss for the prevention of varicose veins, diseases of the digestive tract and facilitate the flow of diabetes. Red tea is a good cleanse the body of alcohol intoxication, acting is even better known to all of cucumber or cabbage pickle. And Sudanese rose petals have anti-cancer effect.

This is not a complete list of healing properties of hibiscus. But in addition, it reduces the good cholesterol and helps clean the body. Regular consumption of this tea to gently get rid of toxins, and thus normalize the metabolism and digestion. We know that toxins are the cause of premature aging and weight loss. So, Hibiscus also helps to lose weight. To do this, you should take tea for 15-20 days, after which make a week-long break and go through another 10-day course. Only long-term use of hibiscus help to achieve sustainable impact in the fight against excess weight. It should be noted that assistance by the laxative effect is soft and gentle. Therefore, a decoction of hibiscus is used not only for weight loss, but also for atony of the colon and chronic constipation. It contains flavonoids and pectin can easily deduce from the intestines of toxins and heavy metals.

That is why such a popular hibiscus tea for weight loss among people around the world. It is perfectly quenches thirst, promotes weight loss, cures many diseases and serves as an excellent prevention of various diseases. And this is also very tasty! However, please note that due to the high acid content Hibiscus contraindicated suffering from gastritis with high acidity and peptic ulcer disease, as well as exacerbation of chronic kidney disease, gallstones and urolithiasis. It should also be cautious of hyper-and gipotonikam. It is believed that iced tea lowers blood pressure, and the hot - increases. However, it is believed that the stomach always gets a drink at the same temperature - the temperature of the body. In general, if you have any problems with pressure, better check it out individually. But even if no reason to be careful you do not, it will still have to do: nutritionists recommend drinking no more than three cups of red tea daily. And not to spoil the enamel with acid, it is advised after each tea rinse your mouth with water.

To Hibiscus brought only benefits, you must also know how to cook it properly. We used to pour any tea with boiling water. But under the influence of high temperatures petals lose their useful properties. Therefore, they should be brewed for less than 5 minutes. However, it is best to pour water at room temperature hibiscus and infuse for an hour. Such a cold brew is recognized by nutritionists the most useful.

And the last one. Choose a shop "right" Sudanese rose petals. Dried flowers should be large enough saturated pink and burgundy shades. Small or erased in a powder faded petals will not do you any harm, but also to benefit from them will not be. Hibiscus tea for weight loss need to brew tea in a glass, porcelain or ceramic ware, but in any case not in a metal: the metal affects the taste and color of the drink.

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