The widespread use of ginger in the Eastern Cooking - is no accident. Meals besides giving specific aroma and unique taste, he is able to have an effect on our figure. After all, Ginger has been successfully used for Slimming slim beauty not only in the East.

Morning Many people around the world for nothing starts with a cup of Ginger Tea For Weight Loss .This beverage stimulates blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, increases metabolism in the body, and in addition helps the skin stay longer young.

There are many different drinks for Weight Loss With the participation of this root.Even Ginger tea has a few variations of preparations. Therefore we share themselves popular recipes.

Top 10 Recipes for ginger tea Weight Loss

Recipe 1. Fill a thermos with boiled water and in Him Add finely chopped ginger.This tea is recommended to drink during the day. If you follow the diet, drink ginger tea for weight loss can be in any desired time, and if you do not Eat a diet - for some time before the meal.

Recipe 2. Ginger root cut into small petals and fill with cold water. Then put on the capacity of fire and bring it to a boil, then boil on low heat for fifteen minutes. After cooking, ginger tea is allowed to cool to about Human body temperature, and then add in it honey and lemon to taste. No such a variety of flavors of Tea Can Help If you add to it various herbs: mint or cowberry leaves.

Recipe 3. This tea is recommended in the first place, those who need to lose more weight. To make it, you'll need garlic and ginger root in a 1:1 ratio. The main ingredients in a thermos filled twentieth of boiled water. Tea is recommended to infuse about fifteen minutes and then you can drink, Pre-Strain. Garlic will provide drinks not only piquant taste, but also significantly strengthen effect. This drug is necessary to eat a small cup on throughout the day.

Recipe 4. Ginger tea is prepared by the First Example recipe, but added to it more and Rosehip. This Tea Helps Excellent against many women's diseases.

Recipe 5. Need a little Brew Green Tea in thermos and add a small petals ginger root, a small amount of the Seine or buckthorn bark. This tea is recommended to take time in days of discharge, and preferably stay home on these days. Because during the Day of the organism actively avoids unnecessary him "dirt."

Recipe 6. ginger tea for weight loss brewed as in the first recipe. Each morning Drink tea, adding a pinch of pepper and ground cloves. This recipe Tea activates the metabolism, leading to rapid weight loss.

Recipe 7. Grate fresh ginger on a fine grater or Pour half a spoon dried ginger brew together with black or green tea. Tea is brewed in a teapot, but it is possible in a thermos. Insist 20-30 minutes, drain. A short heat treatment Stores Useful Properties of Ginger. This tea is very useful: it not only has a nice fresh taste and aroma, but also helps with coughing, Invigorates.

Recipe 8. At 0.5 liters of water you will need: Fresh ginger root (3-4 cm), Cardamom - 2 Pod, a pinch of cinnamon (optional), a teaspoon of green tea without additives, 3 teaspoons of Honey Flower (can be more), Carnation (optional) Half a lemon. Brew green tea as usual and insist five minutes, then filtered. Tea (no tea leaves) Pour in Stainless Pot, add cardamom, finely chopped ginger root, cinnamon, cloves. Bring to a boil. Cook on low heat for another 20 minutes. Then add honey and lemon (first squeezes out juice Him and throw in the pot remains Lemon Together with the skin).Cook for 5 minutes. Turn off the fire and insist Tea Minutes 15 - 20. Pour through a strainer and then tea from the pot into a comfortable capacity. Tea can be drunk both cold and hot. Optionally, you can add fresh chopped mint. Ginger tea is supposed to be amber-yellow color.

Recipe 9. For the recipe you need about 60 grams of fresh mint leaves, to be Thoroughly crush in a blender. They add half a ginger root, is also pre-shredded. In the mixture fill pinch Cardamom ground and pour boiling water. We give for 30 minutes. Then the mixture was filtered and top up a third cup of lemon juice and a quarter cup of Orange Juice. We drink a cold beverage.

Recipe 10 - A classic recipe from the book "Vedic Culinary Arts." You need to bring 5 cups (1.2 liters) of water, 3 tablespoons Finely grated fresh ginger 6 tbsp 5 tablespoons of sugar or Honey, pinch of ground black pepper, 4 tablespoonsLemon or orange juice, chopped mint leaves (optional).

Good advice

When you first decided to try Ginger Apply For Weight Loss, Tea Reception Begin With half a glass. In the future can drink tea with ginger Up to 2 liters a day.
By Ginger tea can be added, for example, Honey, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosehip, Cardamom.
If you drink with honey, honey What Breed Or in the warm infusion, Honey Or Eat with a spoon.
You do not need a lot of lemon, slices in one cup is enough.
If instead of fresh ginger You Are Running Dry, reduce the amount by half, and Cooking Time - Increase Twice.
Having made ginger tea for weight loss, sure his strained and other composition will be too saturated. In the evening Ginger Tea For Weight Loss Better not to drink, because it invigorates.
Drinking ginger tea before eating sensation of hunger. Although the Tibetan sages recommend drinking ginger tea for weight loss after meals.
Preparing tea for weight loss, Ginger Cut thin petals, for example with potato.
On the Scope Take a piece of Ginger size of a small plum on two liters of water.

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