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January 4, 2015

Fasting days for weight loss

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Fasting days for weight loss

If you are looking for an easy way to lose weight, then holding fasting days once a week – this is for you! The most important thing – to choose the option handling of the day that suits you.

Fasting days for weight loss

Apple fasting day

Pros apple fasting day. The British claim that eating an apple every day, you can save money on doctors. Can you imagine what the economy of the whole “apple” of the day! And all because a lot of apples stimulants metabolism – vitamins C, B1, B2, P, E, carotene, potassium, iron, organic acids and fiber, which cleanses the body.

Cons apple fasting day. In diseases of the digestive tract apples can cause aggravation. This is especially true of problems with high acidity of the stomach, in which absolutely contraindicated sour apples.

Menu for apple fasting day. You will need 1.5 kg of fresh or baked apples, divided into 5-6 receptions. One third of them is better to eat in the liver form during such processing apples produced more pectin – one of the best adsorbents. Still, experts advise drinking 5 cups of apple juice or compote without sugar.

Kefir discharge day

Pros kefir fasting day. Fasting day on kefir transferred quite easily, besides, you can see how you carry monodiets in case if you decide to spend them. Besides kefir inhibits putrefaction in the intestine, promotes the excretion of metabolic end products. It activates digestion, eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the stomach, improves the complexion and removes allergy. Kefir is almost completely absorbed by the body within an hour.

Cons kefir fasting day. There is a category of people who can not tolerate dairy products. For them, holding kefir day can turn into a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, and excessive flatulence.

Menu on the day of discharge. You will need 1.5 liters of nonfat yogurt (yogurt, acidophilus), which should be divided into 5-6 servings. It is very important to choose the “right” yogurt. It is not necessary to drink kefir today (see date of manufacture on the packaging), as in the first day after manufacturing it increases gassing and can cause diarrhea. Drink the same stand in the refrigerator for more than 3 days, contributes to constipation.

Fasting day with yogurt

Pros yogurt fasting day. Fasting day on yogurt has the same mass of positive qualities that kefir, but it is certainly more delicious. This makes yogurt fasting day one of the hits among similar methods of losing weight. Of course, you need to choose natural yogurt with a little shelf life and low fat content, but it is absolutely not a problem today in any store a wide selection of quality yogurt.

Cons yogurt fasting day. As yogurt, this product may be individual digestive problems. But if you buy a good natural yoghurt without flavor enhancers and other additives, the question comes off by itself.

Menu on the day of discharge. If you want to spend on this product fasting day, buy 3 cup of yogurt and 2 green apples. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will have yogurt, and in the intervals can eat apples. Thus, you’ll get from the discharge of the day not only lose weight, but also very pleasant taste emotions.

Curd discharge day

Pros curd discharge day. Judging by the reviews that come to our office, curd discharge day is one of the most popular in the world of weight loss. A large amount of protein, firstly eliminates the feeling of hunger, and secondly, it is burned fat rather than muscle. But remember – use during the unloading of the day completely fat-free product can not be, because it violates the metabolism, the best fat in fasting day – 1.5-1.8%.

Disadvantages of the day curd discharge such as in the case of yogurt – poor tolerance of dairy products, especially for women after 35 years. They’d better spend their fasting day on granulated cottage cheese or fruit to supplement his / dried fruit.

Menu on the day of discharge. 400 grams of cottage cheese divided into 5 parts, approximately 80 grams. each, and eat it every 2-3 hours with a quarter of an apple. For half an hour before a meal you should drink 2 glasses of pure water, so that the body actively cleared.

Meat discharge day

Pros meat fasting day. Such discharge day belongs to the category of “well-fed”, so there is no hunger, and the effect is the same. Improves metabolism, increases the activity of enzymes that break down fat. In addition, it is a good opportunity to replenish protein and iron, which are particularly well absorbed from meat in the absence of carbohydrates. Meat fasting day should be for those who eventually want to go on a diet such as protein or the Kremlin diet – basically they just built on the meat.

Cons meat fasting day. “Meat” fasting day is contraindicated in people with kidney disease. Also, care should be taken to choose the “meat” menu handling of the day for those who have liver problems and blood vessels.

Menu on the day of discharge. You will need 400 grams of lean boiled beef or chicken breast (without salt). Meat, divide into 5 equal portions and eat during the day with garnish: cucumbers, tomatoes and white cabbage (100 g).

Buckwheat or rice fasting day

Pros fasting day. Buckwheat provides nutritious meals and lots of minerals. See details in the material buckwheat diet, learn a lot. A combination of yogurt with buckwheat – a real brush for the intestines, which gently and at the same time effectively get rid of stagnant metabolic products that significantly improve peristalsis. Rice is perfectly bring the body of excess water, cleanse the lymphatic system, get rid of toxins.

Cons fasting day. With this menu, they are almost there. Only those who have the problem of constipation, it is better to prefer buckwheat instead of rice menu.

Menu on the day of discharge. 1 cup buckwheat fill the night 2 cups boiling water, wrap up and leave until morning (salt, spices and fat do not need to add!). Also prepare a liter of 1% yogurt. Buckwheat should be eaten in three stages, drinking yogurt.

Rice fasting day. Cup rice pour a glass of boiling water and boil for a minute, drain and cook the rice in 2 cups of water until tender. Eat in three steps.

Of course, that’s not all options are fasting day. Recently began actively promoted fasting days at various teas, such as fasting day on ginger tea or tea with milk. Thus, the range of applications is constantly increasing fasting days, and you can choose the system more closely match your body. Try also to change the fasting days, see which one will show the best results, coupled with the effect of weight loss.

Through fasting day for the stomach all the rules, you will not only lose weight, quickly lose excess weight, but also to improve health. And for people with poor health who want to lose weight properly, fasting days should be an alternative diets.

If a fasting day you particularly like, look in the diets with which this product can be combined for quick weight loss

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