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December 6, 2014

familiar stranger

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familiar stranger
“Kefir? – Will wave his hand to you. – Well, who does not know the yogurt …” We dare to suggest that there are things that are unknown even to his longtime fans.

Did you know, for example, that the mass production of yogurt in Russia began as a love affair in the action, with the kidnapping and unrequited love? Or synthesize kefir starter scientists still have not managed, modern Kefir fungus – a direct descendant of the fact that, according to legend, was presented to mountaineers Mohammed? We collected the most interesting facts about the popular fermented milk drinks and once again convinced he deserves to be every day on our table.

1. For centuries, the recipe of yogurt remained unchanged. Jar of milk and leaven carried on the road near the house, and every passerby had to kick his leg. Sun milk is heated and allowed to ferment occasional shaking to mix with milk and accelerated fermentation.

2. In Moscow kefir grains appeared only in 1908, and thanks to a lucky break. Deciding to set up production of yogurt, known molokozavodchik Nicholas Blandov sent to Kislovodsk beautiful young employee Irina Sakharova. She was supposed to charm the prince Bek-Mirza Boycharova, a provider of local dairies, and redeem his kefir grains. But the prince still could not decide, and the deal was postponed.
Hoping to get the locals fungi Sakharov together with a colleague went on aouls. During one of these trips at Irina attacked. Son of Prince, in love with a girl, kidnapped her and offered her hand and heart. She refused. Meanwhile, her colleague went to the police and the young prince was arrested.
At trial, the parties were invited to reconciliation. Sakharov agreed on one condition: the prince had to give her 10 pounds of kefir grains. The next day she was resourceful “grain of the Prophet”, together with a large bouquet of flowers. Upon her return to Moscow bottle with yogurt came to the Botkin Hospital: the first yogurt was intended exclusively for medical institutions …

3. Now this drink can be prepared at home by simply adding a pasteurized or boiled milk a few spoonfuls of store yogurt.

4. kefir grains are grown in the Research Institute of the dairy industry and then deliver to dairies. Synthesize it ferment scientists have failed. Modern Kefir fungus – a direct descendant of the fact that, according to legend, was presented to mountaineers Mohammed!

5. Due to the aggressive advertising of yoghurt yogurt consumption is reduced. Although beneficial microorganisms in it 4-5 times more than in the newfangled “brothers”! By the way, these dairy products – are fundamentally different. The structure includes yoghurt Streptococcus thermophilus and Bulgarian bacillus. And in the kefir – kefir grains.

6. Kefir helps to lose weight. He is well nourishes and improves digestion. Just choose losing weight is better to low-fat yogurt – 1-1.5% ethyl.

7. In the early 1980s, the Akademik Fyodorov Corners made to ban yogurt. He suggested that due to the alcohol content popular dairy drink can cause alcohol dependence. However, in the course of the examination, it was found that the alcohol in kefir very little – only 0.023% -0.043% and passion subsided a bit. Last abandon kefir – at least, motorists – offered the chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko. But it seems that his words were not taken seriously.

8. From yogurt, kefir or yogurt can be done …
dough for pies, pancakes, muffins, gingerbread, biscuits, cookies;
cottage cheese, yogurt;
salad dressing;
sauce (for example, just mix yogurt with herbs and spices);
cold soup (eg, cucumbers and herbs);
healthy drink with fresh or frozen berries;
marinade for barbecue;
desserts (e.g., gelatin);
mask for the face and hair.

9. A fresh yogurt has laxative properties, and two three-contrary attaches. More than three days to keep the drink is not: it becomes very acidic, and can be used only as baking powder or for making homemade pancakes and cakes.
10. The probiotics contained in yogurt, relax, soothe and reduce the level of anxiety – to the conclusion reached by Dr. Emeran Mayer of Los Angeles. A group of scientists under his leadership conducted a study. 60 volunteers for some time drinking milk products. All of them after a while said that become less anxious and restless, and computer diagnostics revealed positive changes in the relevant areas of the brain.

11. The principle of “the more you drink kefir, the better” is incorrect. His daily rate of consumption – 200-400 ml.

12. Kefir drink tastes like yogurt, but it does not have useful properties.
In the production of the first use of the dry lactic starter cultures. And, moreover, it may contain stabilizers, thickeners and vegetable fats. Carefully studied the label! As part of this yogurt – only milk (whole, skim, or normalized) and kefir grains.

13. This yogurt can be found and by the fact that …
– It is not stored for more than 7 days
– The label indicates the number of lactic acid microorganisms (cfu 1h107 least 1 g), and yeast (CFU 1h104 least 1 g) at the end of shelf life,
– If you leave for a day with an open bottle of yogurt in the refrigerator, it will not mildew.

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