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December 6, 2014

END OF CONTROL to lose weight

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The choice of profession Patrick influenced the love of two things: people and delicious food. First, he always wanted to help, and the second love is, and cook. At one time even thought to go in cooking, but then began to dream of the medical profession. As a result, the possibility of two found their “love” and began to combine the science of nutrition.
First, Patrick graduated from the Faculty of Food Technology, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine and then at the University of Kuopio, where he began to work with the athletes. However, quite quickly and on their own initiative switched from athletes at the holders of excess pounds. Whether he had a personal interest in this topic? Of excess weight Borg did not suffer, but the tendency to gain weight it has, loves to eat, so attention to your diet, it draws.
“Control yourself,” – a knowing nod. “No – objection Patrick – I can not control, I am against the word. But there is everything I can not.”

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