One of the main causes of dangers, the fact that diet is properly chosen. When choosing a diet to take into account all the factors that contributed to the acquisition of extra pounds is almost impossible, because no one diet will not cope with so many reasons.

Women are willing to make any sacrifice for the sake of losing weight and achieving a rapid effect, but often are not prepared to change your lifestyle, habits, no effort to ensure that the right to choose a diet, it is appropriate for their body. Often, she selected a diet that has helped some friend, acquaintance, etc etc. In such cases you will find the 90% chosen so frustrating diet. You say, so are 10% of the diet will do. Try to just imagine that nine weeks, you afflict your body, restricting it to the intake of nutrients, and only a tenth week were small, short-term effect.

Not taking into account the capabilities of your body, you choose a very strict diet in order to get the maximum effect. resulting in a breakdown or a dieting or body obessilevayut so that you will not even be able to perform household chores. The dangers associated with dieting from such use of diets is obvious:

• Lack of flexibility in the diet. The life of the modern devices of man, and even more rarely allows women to adhere to the same menu every day throughout the diet, which creates discomfort, nervousness. Not all products that are offered a diet you can buy and replace them as stipulated creators of such mount diets, undesirable.Many of the power consumed by products that are generally used to try not to drink;
• The diet may include foods are not recommended for use in various diseases that a person has, or to which it has a predisposition;
• A strict diet does not give even the slightest concessions. Not all people have enough willpower to completely abandon the familiar and favorite foods;
• What a woman if her husband and children do not sit on a diet, it is necessary to prepare for each separately, and it takes a long time;
• Often, during the diet the body is not getting enough essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.) that often leads to disruption of metabolic processes of the body;
• Finally, the cost of products that are included in the diet, often disproportionate to their benefits.

In this case, I recommend:

A. Before you sit down to a particular diet, carefully examine it, if possible, adjust a little, or better still consult with a specialist - a registered dietitian.
Two. Remember, the best diet is not the celebrities, but the one after that dropped pounds in the blink is not typed back, and the health of the body, pay attention.

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