Christina Ricci is known to us for his roles in movies "Casper," "Addams Family," "Sleepy Hollow", etc. In fact, filmography of the actress is much more extensive - far behind its shoulders a little less than a hundred roles. Christine began her career as a child, but in 16 years the directors have turned away from it - our heroine is much better and no longer meet their requirements.

During this period, and was born on "killer" Christina Ricci diet , took away 10 kg of weight and nearly ruined his creator. About her and we'll tell you.

Following the popularity of the recession, the remaining out of work, the young actress has lost faith in themselves. She became a avoiding mirrors, reflecting pogruznevshuyu shape, and nearly fell into a depression. Fortunately, in this period, she still managed to get a couple of roles in "nonstandard" films, and its companion on the set turned out to be none other than the eternal rebel Johnny Depp. Realizing that no movie she does not live, a girl obsessed with themselves and resorted to a rigid diet, almost completely eliminating fats. This step has brought to fruition - the actress has lost 10 kg. Unfortunately, there was also a kind of side effect - Christine learned by example, what is anorexia, and had almost become a "walking skeleton." Our heroine had to make a serious effort to get out of state when every morsel of food seems to malignant enemy of the figure. Today, the actress weighs 53 kg (with an increase in 155 cm) and no longer considers himself a bbw. It is easy to undress in front of cameras and does not have any complexes.

Sport in the life of Christina Ricci

To the body remained perfectly fit and slim, Christina Ricci is engaged in regular Pilates. This system of training strengthens the muscles that act as a kind of corset of the body. In addition, Pilates requires absolute control of breathing (as in yoga, you need to "breathe belly"). Training can be carried out on the floor (with special equipment) or at the gym.

Christina Ricci nearly became a victim of the diet. Do not repeat the mistakes of famous people - lose weight sensibly and love your body, even if it does not meet the generally accepted ideal.

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