Chocolate Diet Plan

Among the variety of dietary schedules are the most popular menu based on a single product. The main reason - the ability to quickly adjust the weight, because almost all mono confirm significant weight loss. And although its hardness, none of them from the side effects are not insured, in other situations it may be the only acceptable solution. Another thing is the duration of the "fast"-better, experts say, focus on unloading days, held only once a week. This recommendation is especially important for the most seductive mono - chocolate.

We eat chocolate

Strictly speaking, in chocolate diet plan are two basic product - dark chocolate and organic coffee. The result of weight loss is achieved by stimulating the metabolism, and also because the body is getting a chocolate and coffee core set of cellular nutrition (carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins), nevertheless suffers from a lack of energy, who is forced to cover by burning stored fats.

Chocolate diet plan

Breakfast: 30 g dark chocolate, 1 cup unsweetened coffee
Lunch: 40 g dark chocolate, a cup of coffee.
Dinner: 30 grams of dark chocolate, coffee with skim milk.

Sample chocolate diet plan (options to choose from) in addition to the basic diet:

Breakfast: fresh fruit, fruit salad, wheat flakes with low-fat milk and strawberries (100 g).
Snack between meals: fruit.
Lunch: salad, pasta salad, spaghetti (150 g).
Snack between meals: mixed vegetables, fruit cocktail (