Probably, weight loss diet has never lost its popularity. So we arranged that all the time, try something new and rarely remain satisfied with anything. And is it possible in modern conditions of life and eat a natural, and engage in regular physical, and that the most difficult - to guard against stress and environmental impact, causing a fatal blow to health in general, and the figure as a consequence.

Therefore, in the process of forming a harmonious and beautiful forever, we're looking for, it's something like a philosophy. By the way, about this. A particular philosophical thinking different ancient Eastern sages. They knew a lot of sense in anything. Known around the world oriental medicine - one of the most striking evidence. But it is based on the impact on certain points of the human body to cure diseases.

Thus, according to ancient Chinese teachings on the human body is biologically active 365 points. All of them are relatively united in the meridians, the body piercing. All meridians of 14 and it takes the life energy.

Acupressure is applied to the body called acupressure, which is translated: "pressure point". Each of them is responsible for certain organs and systems.Thus, by acting on these points, we can cure the disease. Including - to restore the disturbed metabolism, which causes the "wrong" weights.

Impact on the point for weight loss can be different ways: the introduction of medical needle (that is, producing acupuncture for weight loss) or by pressure (ie, performing acupressure to lose weight).

Most points are responsible for the metabolic processes in the ear. It is known here wear an earring to lose weight.

But there are other points to lose weight on our body. However, their presence is necessary to use a particular measure. Imagine that your body - a map and point - the objects on it. Distances on a map of the path defined by a special unit - Cun.Each person Cun - individual, so to find the desired point to learn how to measure distances. Thus, an individual is equal to the width of the Cun phalanx of the thumb.A wide oversight of each other four fingers (all but large) is equal to three personal tsunyam.

And now we will look for points on the body to lose weight.

Kuan-Yuan (or Chung Tzu) - a point on the bottom line of the abdomen, which is located below the navel to the distance of three tsuney down. It is considered the most effective point for weight loss. Influence it should be smooth rotating movement of medium strength in the supine position and always on an empty stomach. This will allow for a few hours to blunt hunger.

Beyond this point there are others who should be promoted in combination of acupressure for weight loss.

Tsu-san-li. If you put your hands on your knees so that the patella is fully located in the palm of your hand, then this point will be in recess for pad ring finger. Impact on this point every day (but not before bedtime) for 20 minutes, and you can lose 500 grams per week. But do not overdo it, or have any side effects in terms of lost energy.

Shao-shan - a point near the nail of the thumb. Located on the outside at a distance of 0.1 cun (this is approximately three millimeters) from the corner of the nail (the fact that at the base of the nail). Push this point with an average strength (2-3 minutes).

Low-gu - a point at the posterior edge of the tibia, which is at a distance of 6 tsuney up from the inner edge of the ankle. The impact on low-gu is the same as the previous point.

Shu-gu (or Qi-gu) and out the back of the head of the metatarsal bone V of the foot, back at the border and plantar surface of the skin of the foot, behind the head in the recess at the point of transition in the dorsum of the foot plantar.

Yes chzhuy - a point between the spinous processes - the first thoracic and seventh cervical vertebra, which need to work on for two minutes in a sitting position, slightly tilting your head forward.

E ne - one of the most effective. This point is located exactly halfway between the shoulder and elbow joints on the outer side of the arm. Pressing this point affects the nerves that are responsible for saturation. That is, when an appetite or hunger press on this point for 30 seconds alternately on both hands. Feelings will be slightly painful, but the effect will come soon.

Jian Jing - a point at the junction of the shoulder with the neck on the dorsal side.This point should be encouraged to lose weight for a minute.

Tian Shu - points on both sides of the umbilicus at a distance of two fingers on it.Effect on these points for one minute.

Acupressure for weight loss should be made the index finger pad, or any blunt object, such as Tetrakom massager.

To achieve the effect, stimulate points for losing weight every day for at least 25 days, which will allow you to lose weight by 2-5 pounds. At the symmetric point should act alternately. But in the event of discomfort, dizziness or nausea Acupressure for weight loss should be discontinued.

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