Soda is probably in every household in each family. And even if you do not bake and do not use baking soda as a detergent or cleaner, you probably still have a roll of notes of baking soda on the safe side in case. And if you still do not know where to apply it, we'll show you: with a soda can to lose weight.

Just do not think that now you have to sit on a diet soda. And maybe you just smile, and yet there are those that use baking soda for weight loss. In particular, we know that baking soda prevents the absorption of fat - for good reason our grandmothers cleaned her pots. After ingestion soda can change the acidity of gastric juice, slow digestion and absorption of fats and reduce your appetite in such a way. However, to choose the correct dosage for this pretty easy.

I really do not know about appetite, and sore after such a diet is provided. And if you want it or not, and will already have to go on a diet, and a lifetime.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not lose weight using baking soda in this way. There is another way, a safer and more reasonable and at the same time very efficient - it's soda baths for weight loss.

To prepare a bath in water to dilute the 500 grams of sea salt and a packet of baking soda. In this case the water temperature should be 37-39 degrees: the higher the better, but very hot, too bad.

This recipe is designed for 150-200-litrovuyuyu bathroom. The whole course of 10 treatments at intervals through the day. Take soda bath should not exceed 20 minutes, then rinsed do not need - just wipe and go to rest. After the soda bath is recommended for weight loss bundle up warmly and lie down for an hour, relax.

Please note that for chronic and other diseases should consult a physician before embarking on the course pohudatelnomu soda baths.

If contraindications to this weight loss is not - feel free to start. Bath with baking soda for weight loss give a stunning effect. It is said that in one session you can lose up to 2 kg. But the main thing is not it. Sodium helps your body to relax and be clean during the procedure, it helps to activate the lymphatic system. In addition, in a soda bath you are cleared of slagging and other "rubbish", soda is very beneficial effect on the condition of your skin: it becomes softer, silky, tender and at the same time tightened, laxity disappears, and lethargy. If you have lost weight and the skin became terribly sag - soda bath will help you freshen up. It also allows you to get rid of rough skin on elbows and heels.

And if you add a bathroom to a more essential oils for weight loss, not only enhance the effect, but also improve your mood and health.

A bath with baking soda and essential oils for weight loss healthy relaxes, takes care of your skin and figure out or simply renew their strength.

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