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January 4, 2015

6 petals as diet weight loss method

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Diet 6 petals

Diet 6 petals – the original and fun technique where you draw the flower will be a clear indicator of the success of your diet 6 petal.

Diet 6 petals

6 petals as diet weight loss method

Diet 6 petals – is the case when the main means of expression is not the content of the diet, namely form, because 6 petal diet is based on the long familiar to everyone losing weight the principle of alternation of different fasting days. Here is important visibility factor – you need to draw a flower with six petals and sign it six days a diet somewhere paste it (judging by the responses of women, the majority chooses fridge))), and when the day passes, you come off lepestochek, write on it their the results of these reviews 6 petal day diet. Turns and game time, and practical use.

But do not take diet 6 petals as funny jokes – six petal diet is under a quite serious dietary study. In terms of nutrition, diet 6 petals is a symbiosis of the six mono-diet for one day each. Their alternation also has a very important role because adheres to the principle of contrast, which does not allow the body to get used to certain products and thus reduce the quality and speed of weight loss. This is one of the biggest advantages of diet 6 petals. In addition, this approach allows virtually negate the problem of hunger – judging by your responses, the number of products allowed in the diet 6 petals, is enough to meet the food.

Well, let’s start – take a sheet of thick paper, pen or marker, draw a flower with six petals, cut out and pasted to the place where it will be permanently visible. And yet we tell you about the features of each day in the diet of six petals.

Diet menu 6 petals

Let’s look at the menu diet 6 petals – see how the process of losing weight is based on the 6 petal diet.

Diet 6 petals rybaPervy day diet 6 petals provides that in your menu will be boiled or baked fish, 300-500 grams. day. The salt should be used to a minimum, it is desirable to exclude, spices and herbs to add fish allowed. Drink the first day of the diet petals – green tea without sugar, mineral water without gas.

Vegetable diet on day 6 lepestkovVtoroy day menu 6 petal diet should be exclusively vegetable. The choice at your discretion, but especially recommended broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers. Can make salads and fill a small amount of vegetable oil. There blender – make vegetable juices.

Diet 6 petals chicken denTrety day in the diet 6 petals – chicken. In principle, you can use any part of the chicken, but it is better buy a pound of chicken breast, a day will suffice. It can braise, boil, bake, using spices and herbs. Drinks – as the first day.

Day 4 to 6 petals diet – porridge fourth day 6 petal diet we eat porridge cooked in water. Desirable options – oatmeal, buckwheat, rice. Do not add oil. Allowed as bran, germinated seeds. Drink water, green tea, can make kvass.

Cottage cheese diet lepestkovTvorog 6, which built the fifth day petal diet should compensate for the lack of calcium and other minerals. Fat content – up to 5%, the recommended amount – 400-500gr. If you wish, you can add natural yogurt (without sugar!), Low-fat milk, yogurt.

Fruits in the diet 6-petalled finally diet 6 petals on the last day to pamper yourself allows fruits, up to a kilogram a day. This is primarily grapefruit, apples and kiwi fruit, you can eat them separately, can be mixed in a blender and make fresh juice.

Six days have passed, all torn petals, six petals diet is over. How do you feel? If everything is in order, do yourself a little break, and then draw a new flower and forth to the heights of beauty and harmony.

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