3 Days banana diet is very convenient because it does not need anything special to prepare. For three days we need to eat daily for 3 bananas and drink three glasses of skim milk or yogurt. Meals should be more: it is best to at least 1-2 more than you're used to, and ideally - six receptions.

To create the appearance of diversity, it is possible from the yogurt and banana make a cocktail (knocking together) or ice cream (frozen drink).

What are the bananas to choose?

For 3 days banana diet will not do any bananas. Must be chosen not too long, yellow, thin-skinned fruit. And no other!

The skin should be removed together with white threads, using only the pulp. It is strictly forbidden to replace fresh dried bananas - they are five times as high-calorie!

Useful properties of banana

Banana truly dietetic product! In addition, it contains very little fat, the composition of the fruit is incredibly rich. This fiber, starch, calcium, magnesium, zinc, sulfur, iron, pectin, phosphorous, vitamins A, C, E, B, as well as glucose, fructose and sucrose.

Bananas bring undeniable benefits to our body:

regulate the heart rhythm;
strengthen the walls of blood vessels and immune system;
normalize the bowels;
activate the metabolism;
improve the condition of the skin and hair;
detoxify the body of toxins;
can throw a few extra pounds;
help with edema;
help to reduce cholesterol levels;
maintain a good mood;
increased stress;
normalize sleep;
improve mental performance;
give energy.
All of the above facts, of course, are the benefits of the banana diet. Moreover, it is very fast, efficient enough, and it can be repeated monthly.

Disadvantages of the 3 days banana diet

Requires pre-treatment before the diet. The day before, allowed to eat salty, fried, fatty, smoked, flour, sweets, fizzy drinks.
Following the 3 days banana diet should also refrain from "junk food", since the lost pounds just as quickly returned. Instead, try to eat more vegetables and fruits, both fresh and in heat-treated form.
If you suffer from liver disease and kidney disease, biliary tract, stomach ulcers, as well as in obesity, heart failure and diabetes, should abandon the idea of ​​the banana diet.

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